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Influence Of Mold In Your Apartment On The Human Body

The term “mold” is common to many kinds of fungal microorganisms that surround us everywhere. Sometimes they are invisible to the eye, hiding under the wallpaper in the apartment, water and soil. Their spores are present in the air and strike the wood from the inside. The development of a fungal colony requires a suitable temperature and humidity level. Then they multiply quickly, forming colored spots on any surface and poisoning the environment with toxins. Small concentrations of microorganisms in a certain area do not cause significant harm to health, but with prolonged contact with mold and increasing its volume, there is a deterioration in health, and there are symptoms of allergies and other diseases.

Groups of microorganisms in mold

The microorganisms in the mold are divided into the following groups;

The first group includes mold fungus. They affect building materials (concrete, stone) and surfaces treated with paint, plaster, wallpaper. They have different colour shades, including black. They are clearly visible in contaminated areas, including on the walls of housing. At first they are dotted, and then they form spots from dots, gradually increasing in size. Some fungi from this group can glow in the dark.

The second group consists of blue fungi. They have a devastating effect on wood species, especially pine trees. Owners of wooden buildings should pay attention to this type of mold, protecting the buildings with preventive treatments.

The third group is rotten fungi. They are a brown coloured microorganism that destroys all wood without exception. The rotten changes appear in black (or other color) stripes on wooden surfaces.

It belongs to the first group of microorganisms and has a harmful effect on the human body. It is especially dangerous for older and younger age categories, persons with weakened immune system and expectant mothers.

Harmful influence of mold on the human organism

All organisms on the planet have their purpose and, despite the importance of the presence of black mold in the ecosystem, its presence in human life leads to harmful effects of the organism; toxins released by microorganisms poison the respiratory tract and organs. Black mold feeds on dead organic matter and multiplies through spores. Its growth rate cannot be controlled.

Influence on health through air contact and direct contact is equally dangerous. If you do not give up all efforts to destroy it, the consequences of fungal wall damage to the tenants can be:

  • allergies;
  • asthma;
  • dermatitis;
  • rhinitis;
  • bronchitis.
  • conjunctivitis.

How do we protect the human body from mold?

To protect the human body from mold, regularly carry out a thorough inspection of the room for mold stains. Ask Tornado Roofing to inspect the roof. If you hint of mold, take immediate action. Many recipes from available household products are offered by antifungal sites.

The most common types of diseases acquired as a result of systematic presence in mold-contaminated premises: frequent flu infections, bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, allergies – are provoked by spores of fungus and mold, which, once in the human body, suppress his immunity, destroy useful microflora and actively reproduce in a favorable environment. Rheumatism – a disease resulting from constant contact with raw clothing, bed linen, upholstered furniture and other items that are in the room. The risk of exacerbations of these diseases is particularly increased in autumn, winter and spring.

Mildew appears indoors, paint starts to fall behind on the walls, plaster falls off, and traces of salt appear.

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Influence Of Mold In Your Apartment On The Human Body

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  1. Whether you’re mold-allergic or non-allergic, mold exposure can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, lungs, and skin. Inhaling mold rarely produces symptoms other than the allergic or irritant type. However, with a serious mold allergy, you may have a more severe reaction such as fever and shortness of breath.


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