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Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian With Ways To Maximize Instagram Video Strategy

Ronn Torossian is a New York based public relations executive who notes that for the social media marketing of a business to live up to its potential, it has to leverage Instagram. Instagram is no longer a platform that just shares photos. It has new features that allow users to post short videos, both as posts and as stories. Reels has become an intrinsic part of Instagram since it first made its appearance in August 2020.Given below are practices that should be followed while using Instagram videos for marketing.

Focus on content variety

Video content on Instagram can work in different formats. From short videos in Stories to longer videos on IGTV, there are many opportunities to explore. The most popular types of video content are interviews, how-to tutorials, creative inspiration videos, and motivational posts. The video type that a brand should select depends on its goals and audience, but it is still useful to experiment with various types in order to find out what works best for a brand’s account. For instance, the brand Cheese By Numbers shares simple how-to videos and soothing ASMR-charcuterie board videos, while Mala the Brand, a soy candle company, educates its target audience- whether it’s on how to trim a candle wick or on removing wax from a jar.

The suitable length for videos

As Ronn Torossian notes, an important factor to consider while creating a video is the length of it. Deciding on the suitable length for a video may not be easy, the essential rule is to consider the time it would take to effectively convey the message. Instagram has different ways to display videos, and hence choosing the appropriate platform for the content is important. According to a study by Hubspot, as far as engagement is concerned, Instagram videos that received the maximum number of comments were approximately 26 seconds in length.

Consider details

The default position for playing Instagram videos is silent. The user has to tap the screen to enable sound. Brands should focus on visuals because that’s the nature of the feature. Companies can consider complimenting Instagram videos with bold animations and text rather than audio cues. Videos with such graphics are also a great way to communicate a branded statement or CTA, and to ensure that it lands. Slick visuals and bold captions fare better than dialogue-heavy Instagram videos.

Have an outreach strategy

To gain traction on Instagram, brands should find influencers who will share their videos. Social listening tools like Awario can be used to find influencers on Instagram. Tools like Voila Norbert can also be used to find the email addresses of influencers. A good email outreach strategy can also be effective.


A thumbnail is a  preview still  image of videos.  Thumbnails can also be called gateway to content. They should be expected to contain everything that would entice a viewer to watch the video. For live videos, it is not possible to edit thumbnails. Enough time should be allotted to create thumbnails beforehand. Text overlays can be used. Adding text to a video is called adding text overlay. For Instagram posts and IGTV videos, it is advisable to use text overlays with the help of tools like Snappa. Bold and contrasting colors for texts stand out in feeds and attract attention.

Ronn Torossian With Ways To Maximize Instagram Video Strategy

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