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Smart Circle’s Core Values Deconstructed

Smart Circle’s founders planted the seed for Smart Circle International four decades ago. Since then, Smart Circle has become a leader in the face-to-face marketing and in-person sales industry by leveraging its expertise, connections, and successful customer acquisition campaign strategies to drive client sales and increase brand recognition. Smart Circle utilizes its unmatched knowledge and experience to tailor its marketing campaigns to client needs. Its unique approach to customer acquisition and other direct marketing initiatives has earned its place as a leading broker of outsourced sales.

This lifelong marketing and sales professional team has created successful campaigns for nationally recognized brands and Fortune 500 companies. Client strategy at Smart Circle includes campaigns that reach across the globe while also investing time and energy in campaigns tailored to smaller local businesses and regional companies.

The question remains, how do these experts create campaign strategies to target a local consumer while simultaneously scaling a nationwide campaign for a Fortune 500 company planning to demo in hundreds of stores across the country? By curating customized face-to-face marketing and customer acquisition techniques for each of their clients. Smart Circle International leans on four core values that keep its team energized and focused with each client’s goal in the forefront.

First, Face-to-Face Marketing at Smart Circle

In contrast to most traditional sales and marketing companies, Smart Circle focuses on face-to-face marketing to strengthen its clients’ campaigns. While others may be realizing this now during the COVID-19 pandemic, Smart Circle has known all along that people crave personal contact. Face-to-face brand interactions are the only method of consumer marketing and sales that will calm that craving for people, and Smart Circle is ready to capitalize.

Customers are growing frustrated by brands that only utilize impersonal digital channels to interact with audiences. Smart Circle’s strategy of including face-to-face interactions, all conducted safely during the pandemic, humanized its clients’ brands, and helped to ensure that customers remained loyal and customized campaigns attracted new customers.

Face-to-face marketing can involve a range of activities, such as:

  • Door-to-door sales
  • In-store demos in retail outlets
  • Trade show booths
  • Promotional activities in a mall

All these activities live under the face-to-face marketing umbrella. Each activity has the unique power to build customer relationships and grant businesses the opportunity to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Smart Circle’s Core Values

To ensure that Smart Circle’s efforts consistently resonate with their clients’ target markets, its team members draw from four core values that sit at the heart of every client campaign. These four core values – entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, teamwork, and citizenship – resonate through every face-to-face customer acquisition initiative. These core values connect Smart Circle’s clients quickly and efficiently to their target consumers through in-person sales initiatives.

Let’s explore these core values. These core values are the glue that holds this outsourced sales process in its perfect place, from creating the customized face-to-face marketing and sales strategy to every moment of engagement between the brand and its potential client.

So how did these four core values become the very foundation from which Smart Circle climbs and reaches the highest heights of success nationally and internationally?

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Founded by a leading entrepreneur, Smart Circle is, of course, driven from its core by a spirit of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship, at its essence, is all about innovation and turning problems into opportunities. This core value begins with an attitude and an approach to thinking that never waits to adapt to change but instead embraces change and seeks it out to grow. When people find their entrepreneurial spirit inside, they discover increased productivity, fresh ideas, and improved problem-solving skills.

Entrepreneurial spirit involves continuously improving, critically questioning business choices and developing unmatched customer service efforts around your brand. In addition, Smart Circles’ clients want to utilize this team’s unique entrepreneurial spirit to assist in driving their businesses towards improved sales and brand growth.


Integrity is vital to the success of any business. For clients to have faith in an outsourced sales broker, they need to trust in its integrity. Smart Circle continues to build a reputation characterized by its integrity.

Integrity in the context of marketing and sales means:

  • Always maintaining a client’s best interests. That means putting the client at the forefront and always working to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Developing good relationships. Establishing trust within a business relationship requires personal touch.  Smart Circle is known for adding a personalized touch to all their client’s face-to-face marketing campaigns.
  • Brand authenticity. Messaging and marketing initiatives must be consistent to build trust and a reputation for integrity.

A major contributing factor to Smart Circle International‘s reputation for integrity is that it uses a pay-for-performance model. As a result, Smart Circle’s clients pay primarily according to the performance of their campaigns.


Despite its frequent use in business circles, few businesses take teamwork as seriously as Smart Circle International. Connectivity is central to Smart Circle’s business model, and teamwork is essential. Each team member relies upon colleagues and trusts their abilities are up to the task at hand.

The same applies to client networks. Clients need to trust that their marketing partners are part of their team and implicitly trust they will accomplish the set goals.


Each business has a responsibility towards the broader community. This responsibility includes cultural, environmental, and ethical initiatives that are important and impactful to their employees and community. Smart Circle employees commit to positively impacting the communities in which they live and work.

The Dollars for Doers initiative at Smart Circle illustrates this by recognizing employee volunteer efforts with a particular charity by matching volunteer hours with monetary donations to the same charity.  These grants might also be called Volunteer Grants or Matching Time Programs.

Employees at Smart Circle are eager to support charitable efforts, whether it’s packaging toys for children living with cancer, or helping fight food insecurity in their local communities. The spirit of citizenship is contagious.

 The Smart Circle Mission

With the four core values at the core of Smart Circle’s business model, everyone achieves its mission: to provide meaningful growth opportunities for clients by creating fully customized marketing campaigns.

Smart Circle International’s commitment is to provide the best in-person sales and face-to-face marketing service and strive for excellence in the years to come.

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Smart Circle’s Core Values Deconstructed


  1. I spent a year of my life working in an in-person sales gig, canvassing homes and working endless hours to make the money I needed. I found that it was all about how prepared I was with product knowledge and possible ways to bring my potential buyer back from a NO.

    Smart Circle sounds like they have great knowledge and their preparation of their consumer-facing partners is thorough. I wish i had had a little of that when I was selling lawnmowers.

  2. Smart Circle’s mission statement in invaluable to businesses, they will strive to help their clients reach new levels of success and growth during any circumstances.

  3. Smart Circle can scale campaigns to work in small towns for local businesses all the way up to nationwide campaign ms for Fortune 500 companies… and everything in between

  4. Smart Circle leads the new wave of the most traditional marketing initiatives. It’s very true that you have to remember where we all came from and face-to-face marketing and in-person sales strategies are the beginning of every type of marketing, even digital, that we have today. Smart Circle honors those traditions and taps into a market that most of us have probably left behind. They do it well too.

  5. Smart Circle does excellent work. Their in-store events and promotions are unbeatable and any brand would be lucky to have Smart Circle creating theirs.

  6. Smart circle has amazing in-store promotions.

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