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Students And Academic Pressure – Managing The Stress Of Studying

As every student knows, academic pressure is all too real. Whether it comes from external factors – parents with high expectations, teachers pushing you to work harder and who don’t accept anything less than perfect scores, friends who are more competent than you at certain subjects – or is generated by your own desire to perform better at school and achieve great results, academic pressure can take a toll on your physical and mental health. It can ruin your plans and become a serious obstacle in your path to success.

A student’s life revolves around study, so it’s normal for you to feel stressed when you are overwhelmed by assignments, tasks and deadlines. The workload just keeps piling up and you sometimes wonder when you’re going to get everything done. Needles to say, things get even worse when exams approach and anxiety levels go through the roof.

Therefore it’s important to learn how to cope with all this stress to make your academic journey smoother. Not only it will help you stay sane while studying, but you’ll also be able to navigate challenges effectively and reach your objectives easier. 

Organize your time

Time management is crucial when you have a lot on your plate. Most students have no idea how to plan their time and simply put off studying to the last minute. Then they wake up the day before the exam, they start panicking and stress takes control of the situation. That’s the worst way to approach studying. You should always start with a schedule to help you manage assignments and organize your time efficiently. It’s good to prepare things well in advance, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. That will give you the chance to cover everything and finish your tasks in due time. But remember, if you want things to go as planned, you must stick to your schedule and play by the rules you’ve set. 

Take things one step at a time

At the opposite end there are those who try to tackle everything at once. That’s not going to help you feel less stressed either. On the contrary, taking on too much work will only put more pressure on you and make you less productive. Ideally, you should break down the workload into smaller more manageable parts, so you don’t exhaust yourself trying to climb the mountain in one go. You can also avoid cramming by being consistent throughout the school year and keeping up with your tasks as you go. That way, if some difficult task comes up, you’ll be able to handle it easier and you won’t stress about not having enough time.

Ask for help

You can work like a Swiss watch, respect all deadlines, finish all your assignments and stick to your schedule, but sometimes stress can still creep in and make you feel miserable. There’s no point in beating yourself up about it. Maybe you have some questions that you can’t find answer for, you need some help with your chemistry classes or you have an assignment that you didn’t fully understand and that stresses you out. You shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. 

Talk to your friends and colleagues about your problems. Chances are they’re going through the same situation and you’ll feel much better knowing that you’re not alone. The simple act of sharing your burden with someone else can help you relieve stress. And together you can also find solutions. You can study together, join a study group or ask one of your teachers to help you out.  

Don’t let peer pressure get the best of you

Peers can influence you in many ways, and that influence is not always positive. Sometimes it can steer you away in the wrong direction and keep you from pursuing your dreams. Most students experience peer pressure in one form or another. You might feel it when your colleagues push you to do something you don’t really want to do or when they try to make you adopt their behavior and way of thinking and completely reject your ideas or desires. Whatever the case might be, you must learn to stand up for yourself and don’t let anyone influence your values and beliefs. It’s important to socialize and make friends, but you must surround yourself with the right kind of people. True friends will always have your back and support you.

Stay fit and healthy 

A great way to keep stress at bay is to get out and get moving. Exercising, going outside, spending time with friends are all effective methods to stay calm and carry on, even when the most important exam of your life is right around the corner. It’s no news that physical activity is great for your body and your mind, but not many students realize how much it can help them de-stress. Just as you should be consistent with your studying sessions, you should also have a regular workout routine. 

Eating a balanced diet is also of great importance if you want to stay healthy and do well at school. Self-care should come as a priority, no matter how much you have to study and how busy you are. If you are sleep deprived, all your efforts will lead nowhere, so don’t try to cut back on sleep, thinking you’ll win a few extra hours to study. Take regular breaks, find time to relax and do things that make you happy.

Manage your expectations 

Getting good grades and pushing yourself to become better is something you should be proud of. But remember that you’re human and you can’t be perfect all the time. Sometimes, when you set your goals too high, the fear of not being good enough can get a hold of you and make you fail. You shouldn’t set impossible goals only to be disappointed after. Instead, try to have realistic expectations to help you reduce stress and pressure. That way you’ll be able to evolve and achieve better results in your academic pursuits.  

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Students And Academic Pressure – Managing The Stress Of Studying

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