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The Most Popular And Highest-Paid Professions In IT In 2022

At the beginning of 2022, programmers and business analysts dominated the highest-paid IT jobs list.

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The demand for programmers is on the rise

The actual median salary of an employee engaged in programming and software development has steadily increased in the first quarter of 2021.

The benefits of working in IT:

  • In April 2021, more than 500 thousand vacancies in the IT field were presented on candidate search portals.
  • For IT professionals, relocation to work in another country during April 2021 was mainly offered by companies from Cyprus, Latvia, and Germany. Although the highest demand among foreign employers is for specialists in programming and development, there are also many offers for web engineers and web admins.
  • Millions of people around the world have discovered jobs in IT, which is very lucrative and rapidly gaining popularity.

We advise you to familiarize yourself with the most paid IT jobs on the world market.

Analyst Team Leader

International companies are now frequently looking for full-time analysts with three years or more experience as Quantitative Researcher team lead. In this position, the applicant will deal with analyzing large amounts of data, searching for statistical patterns, constructing models to predict market behavior, quantitative research, and developing infrastructure for trading in financial markets.

The candidate must have experience in leading a trading team of more than four people, experience in writing profitable high-frequency strategies, in-depth knowledge of probability theory and statistics. In addition, experience in programming in C ++, working with CodeForces 2000+, mathematical analysis and data analysis skills, and the experience of victories in international Olympiads in mathematics and programming will not hurt.

Lead C ++ Engineer for Computational Algorithms

For the position of Senior / Principle C ++ engineer – computation algorithms with a salary in the range of $ 6-10 thousand before taxes, a strong C ++ engineer with 1-3 years of experience is looking for, who will be engaged in the development and improvement of a computation engine that supports optimal multithreaded computations on massive graphs that do not necessarily fit in RAM.

The applicant must have a deep understanding and experience working with modern C ++, a good knowledge of the basic primitives of multithreading, the ability to solve algorithmically complex problems with an emphasis on performance. Previous applied experience in developing database engines, analytics, search engines, JIT compilers, complex parsers, 2D / 3D / CAD rendering engines, and similar projects are encouraged. It is assumed that the applicant for the position will work in the same team with people from Google, Stanford, Spotify, Microsoft, and others.

Senior Search Engine Software Developer

Behavox, a Canadian company specializing in working with petabytes of big data using AI / ML algorithms, is looking for a Senior Software Developer – Search with more than six years of specialized experience. Expected salary – from $ 10 thousand per month before taxes.

The applicant must have experience building and operating enterprise-level fintech systems, experience building support for L1, L2, and L3 levels, and experience building and ensuring SLA for working with B2B clients of high-load systems operating 24/7/365. Experience in passing certifications and audits will be a plus.

Chief Technology Officer

Increasingly, offices of international companies are looking for a B2B and B2G SaaS developer on the staff for open data solutions and investigations (OSINT), looking for a full-time chief technical officer with a specialized work experience of three years or more, Scrum skills, experience working with a stack of Python, OrientDB, Docker, Rancher, and RabbitMQ.

In this position, the applicant will have to create and implement a part of the company’s IT strategy, take over the leadership and development of a team of 20 or more people, prepare the infrastructure for constant scaling, and also carry out operational management of three product Dev teams, as well as R&D, DevOps teams and technical support. In addition, in the position of CTO, the applicant will be responsible for preparing for certification and maintaining the budget of the IT department.

Additional advantages of the position include:

  • An option.
  • An annual bonus.
  • Total autonomy in decision-making.
  • The prospect of relocation to the Netherlands.

Analyst Team Leader

The head of the team of analysts with international experience in B2B SaaS and web analytics, who understands ML concepts, is wanted in the office, specializing in developing a platform for creating bots for Facebook Messenger. The monthly salary is at the level of $ 4-7 thousand per hand.

The main task of the applicant for the position will be the organization of research and engineering processes in the field of working with data, the development of the main product, marketing, and business dashboards, the introduction of the practice of AB tests, and the improvement of the work of the company’s analytical team. The applicant is required to have experience in building analytical processes from the data collection stage to the end-user, experience in building ETL pipelines, working with Python, Google Cloud, MongoDB, Apache Airflow, or similar products, as well as an understanding of unit product economics and product metrics, analytical technology stacks, the ability to choose the most optimal solutions within the current constraints.

Full-stack C # developer

Many companies are looking for a Full-stack C # Developer “to the office by the sea” with more than six years of specialized experience, ready for relocation to Cyprus. The salary level is from 5 thousand euros per month. The vacancy is available to applicants with disabilities; a one-time bonus of 5,000 euros is paid for relocation and compensation for rental costs in Cyprus’s first month of residence.

The work implies advanced knowledge in the field of web programming. It would be best if you had a good understanding of web forms, HTML, CSS, as well as skills in developing server and client solutions using ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, knowledge, and experience in setting up Microsoft IIS, a good understanding of the SQL query language and relational DBMS, the principles of the Internet and protocols: TCP / IP.

Advantages will also be related knowledge, such as experience in C / C ++ development, general knowledge or experience in SEO, knowledge of internet marketing, and the operation of advertising platforms and project portfolios.


Software Architect

Product IT companies are looking for a software architects staff – a technical director with a remote work mode.

An applicant with at least three years of experience as a software architect or CTO, a deep understanding of the architectural features of Net C #, expert-level knowledge of C #, JS, TCP / IP stack, high-level networking will work in a SaaS product development team, engage in the selection of technologies and tools that are most suitable for solving problems, build application architectures, conduct a technical audit of existing solutions, write code for critical areas of applications, take part in code reviews, and also engage in the technological development of the team. Knowledge of C ++, Python, ASP.Net, the experience of using Docker / Kubernetes in a production environment, experience with Prometheus, Grafana, AppMetrics, NewRelic, Graylog will also be a plus.

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The Most Popular And Highest-Paid Professions In IT In 2022

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