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Wealth Switch Reviews – Personal Meditation for Success

What is Wealth Switch?

Wealth Switch is a programme that is supposed to help you achieve a change in wealth. What is that, you ask? Wealth Switch is the change from a life of money worries to a life with sufficient financial resources, even wealth.

When you buy Wealth Switch, you get an audio programme that the provider wants you to listen to for seven consecutive evenings. Of course, you can also do the programme for longer. Every evening when you start Wealth Switch, affirmations are played that are supposed to influence your subconscious and manifest themselves. More specifically, Wealth Switch is designed to change your mindset from constantly thinking about money worries to a deep-seated knowledge that your financial problems will be solved and that you can achieve wealth. This mental transformation alone is supposed to help you feel better financially within a very short time – according to the provider, almost without any active intervention. Your mental transformation is supposed to lead to opportunities opening up to you that would not have opened up to you without the manifestation with Wealth Switch or that you would at least not have recognised without it.

Wealth Switch thus works specifically with the change of beliefs and with positive manifestation, with which you should be able to automatically attract positive financial opportunities and changes. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)

Why do I need this prosperity ritual?

Hardly anyone can claim to be truly happy even without certain financial means, without fulfilling their basic needs or even despite financial and existential fears. In our world, money and the wealth associated with it are important aspects of being able to lead a carefree life. Therefore, wealth therapy is aimed at every person who wants to tackle their financial situation, but does not yet know exactly where to start. Visit the product website here to find the discounted prices!

Wealth Switch rating and recommendation

Die Vermögenstherapie Wealth Switch ist ein sehr interessantes Programm, da es neben der The first step is to make the decision to buy and listen to the affirmations, but no further active decisions are required to experience the first successes. Of course, this is accompanied by a certain insecurity for some people, as they would like to hold the reins in their own hands and decide on their own happiness. However, if Wealth Switch is actually able to do what the provider advertises, you don’t have to hand over control of your financial situation to anyone – quite the opposite. You yourself decide if and when you will put the Wealth Switch into action, which opportunities you will use and which paths you will choose to achieve wealth and prosperity. However, no one can promise you whether the affirmations will actually contribute to an improvement of your financial situation. Click here to discover the current discount!

Wealth Switch Programme Facts

  • Asset therapy
  • Affirmations for financial opportunity and wealth
  • use seven days in a row
  • listen once a day (in the evening)
  • Six additional pieces of content: Prosperity Now, Extreme Success Mantras, Wealth Triggers, Supernatural Luck, Instant Manifestor, Evil Eye Shield

General Wealth Switch Opinions

So far, apart from individual advertorials, there are unfortunately no ratings and reviews of Wealth Switch to be found online.

Where can I buy Wealth Switch?

If you would like to buy Wealth Switch, you can currently only do so via the official supplier’s website at Digistore24. In the order process, you will first be shown the total costs. Then you have to enter your contact details, i.e. your first and last name, your email address and your postcode. You can then choose between the payment methods PayPal and credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover) and pay. Once this is done, the provider will send you your access to the Wealth Switch wealth therapy by email and you can start immediately.

Is there an extra bonus gift with purchase?

If you buy Wealth Switch, you will not only receive the Wealth Switch programme. Currently, the provider is also giving you bonus material consisting of six additional programmes:

  • Prosperity Now: “I am rich” affirmations designed to go straight to your subconscious.
  • Extreme Success Mantras: seven money mantras that are supposed to work quickly
  • Wealth Triggers: luxurious images that you can look at anytime to raise your vibrations
  • Supernatural Luck: subliminal audios to help you achieve extreme happiness
  • Instant Manifestor: mystical money symbol that you can store on your computer, smartphone or tablet to manifest money instantly
  • Evil Eye Shield: audio to protect you from jealous friends and neighbours

— Visit the product website here! —

Is there a free registration?

Asset therapy is a programme that must be purchased once in order to use it. Registration is not necessary, nor is the conclusion of a subscription. Therefore, there is no free registration.

Who is the provider of the product?

HR Publishing

40 Water Lilies Alley

Union 31240


Email: support@wealthswitch.co

General information on the subject of the prosperity ritual

Of course: magic is something you have to believe in first of all. If the thought of magical rituals, spells, ritual candles and amulets makes your hair stand on end, let me tell you that magic and working with mysterious energies are still part of everyday human life everywhere: Most of our holidays are Christian holidays – a religion where most things simply have to be believed, much is speculative and nothing can be proven. The Christmas tree with its candles is just as much a “magical ritual” as the hiding of Easter eggs or the Advent wreath, the lighting of Easter fires or the blessing of cars. Viewed soberly, the Christmas tree would simply be a fir tree cut down, the Easter egg a reproductive product of chickens and the Advent wreath simply a pile of brushwood with candles on it. It is what we want or are supposed to see in them that gives these rituals a certain effect – rituals that all go back to much older, pagan ritual acts that have simply been “reinterpreted” in the Christian sense.

Magic works through the spiritual energy that one puts into simple actions: It is the same with every other kind of magic: rituals that seem banal at first glance only gain their meaning through the intentions, wishes and energy that are put into them – and thus unfold their effect. Christmas works in exactly the same way: no one can conclusively prove that Jesus, or anyone for that matter, was born exactly on 24 December – in ancient times, every nation used its own time calculations, which can no longer be reconstructed exactly and which were also highly inaccurate and unreliable and can hardly be reconstructed today. Nevertheless, the celebration of Christmas on this arbitrarily fixed day is a very important day for almost everyone in Central Europe, associated with an enormous amount of positive energy, joy and a sense of well-being. It is not the day itself, but solely what people put into it.

In addition, Christmas falls at the time of the winter solstice, a time of year that has been considered a special time, a sacred time, by people for many millennia and is especially celebrated because around this time the days start to get longer again and winter promises to give way again, giving hope that spring will come once more.

Magic always influences. We like to think of ourselves as acting completely rationally and reasonably all the time, being realistic and sticking only to facts. This statement would make any psychologist, doctor, anthropologist or historian burst out laughing. As humans, we almost never behave in a remotely rational manner, and we simply ignore facts that don’t suit us. That has always been the case – and nothing has changed to this day.

Our subconscious plays an important role in all of this. What we think, assume and believe subconsciously determines our lives many times more than rational thoughts. Since subconscious thought processes constantly run over and over again in the “background” of our thinking, they strengthen over time and almost completely elude our grasp. You can easily check the effect yourself.

If someone were to tell you that you can naturally become an important personality that the whole country looks up to, this statement is unquestionably true. Nevertheless, your first reaction will always be rejection: “I can’t do it, not me, I’m too old, too small, not smart enough, not assertive enough, too unimpressive…”.

This reaction is just not reasonable. They can, of course, become a respected person that the whole country looks up to if they just do what it takes. But their limiting thinking stops them from even trying. This is negative self-influence at its best – or in the language of traditional magic, a curse you have put on yourself. That’s how it works – and as you can see, curses seem to work very well.

Our unconscious attitudes also always influence which side we choose in a decision – and which decisions we make at all. What decisions we make, however, very largely determines what our lives look like.

Money and wealth magically? Besides love spells, with which one wants to win a certain person over, wealth spells and wealth rituals are the most frequently requested magical rituals.

This is hardly surprising – in today’s world, money usually solves most of the problems that trouble us. Wealth makes life very pleasant and relatively trouble-free – at least when it comes to the common everyday problems.

What we don’t realise is that whether you are rich or poor, whether you live in abundance or just about make ends meet every month, depends solely on your own choices. They have had a choice all their lives – the fact that they have ended up where they are now is solely the product of their choices. And essentially the product of our attitude and mindset and our unconscious thinking. Those who secretly believe that they don’t deserve anything anyway or will never really get ahead – will experience exactly that. Conversely, those who do not impose unconscious limitations on themselves will be able to achieve amazing things.

Magical rituals help to penetrate and somewhat override such unconscious, limiting programming. To some extent, they change our unconscious attitudes and thought processes so that we can make better decisions. They give us a little bit of confidence that maybe we do deserve a little bit more than we have – and thus allow us to make different, better decisions by freeing our intuition from the limiting blocks of our own thoughts. 

Is it immoral to desire wealth? There is an important difference between “wealth” and “prosperity”. Wealth has a lot to do with well-being. If you just want to get richer and richer, even if it is at the expense of others, you run the risk of releasing a lot of negative energy and causing harm to other people. That would indeed be morally problematic. Those who sow harm will inevitably reap harm at some point – that is unavoidable.

A “change of prosperity”, on the other hand, means that we are aware of the abundance that is available to us, that we get out of the eternal feeling of lack for once and we always experience that we have enough of everything we desire. This feeling seems very distant to most people – but in fact exactly such a change of prosperity is what we need. Of course, a certain amount of worldly possessions and money are necessary for this, but they flow to us without any problems if we override our unconscious programming and henceforth make better decisions. The result of these better decisions is then the change of prosperity. This is anything but immoral – because those who are happy and satisfied with their own lives pass on their own positive energy to a whole range of other people – often many more than they are aware of – and thus help them considerably. Positivity always rubs off.

Magic has worked for many millennia – by giving people confidence and thus releasing positive energy. Just as an ordinary day in December suddenly becomes a bright, positively charged festive day for so many people. For more information and a discounted price, visit the product website here!

Rituals, candles, amulets or incantations:

What is used to release the positive energy is ultimately secondary. However, some things work better and more effectively than others. Amulets or gemstones, which are supposed to attract abundance and prosperity, make it necessary that you yourself muster a lot of positive energy and also occupy yourself again and again with your object of protection. Many people can no longer muster this energy – too much hopelessness has spread in their lives and the limiting thought processes have already hardened to such an extent that it is difficult to develop positive energy.

More elaborate rituals, for which one really has to take time and concentrate (usually during a waning moon), have a much greater effect because they “fall out” of the usual daily routine:

Delegating the rituals to someone who is intensively involved with magic and magical rituals can be even more helpful. In this way, the ritual is certainly performed correctly and the released positive energy can unfold its full effect. It also remains largely protected from one’s own limiting thought processes, as they cannot reach it. Even though hardly anyone admits to believing in magic, feedback from professional witches and magicians shows time and again that the positive energy unfolds significant effects in the lives of those seeking help and leads to a steadily improving situation.

Even better, unconscious negative programming can be changed directly. Magic and magical rituals make our negative blockages permeable and thus make it easier for us to make better decisions.

However, how much more effective would it be if one could directly change the negative blockages in the subconscious mind that constantly make us make the wrong decisions and get us nowhere financially? In other words, if one could simply replace these subconscious thought patterns directly with better ones?

That is indeed possible. Imagine that your negative thoughts regarding wealth, prosperity and money in general are running like a tape on continuous loop in the back of your mind. As soon as you come into contact with the subject of money or wealth, the tape starts again and runs on continuous loop for hours. Through the many hours in your life in which this tape with the unconscious negative programming runs, it reinforces itself more and more – that’s why we believe in it quite automatically without even questioning our attitude. We already think this “fully automatically” and are consciously no longer able to change it.

To change this negative tape loop, you have to counteract it with positive programming. To do this, however, you first need access to your subconscious – this only exists during sleep, when the conscious mind is switched off. Everything that your subconscious perceives while you are asleep becomes very firmly anchored (this is why bad dreams are still so stressful after waking up).

If you play affirmations, i.e. positive programming sentences, into your subconscious mind during the time of your sleep, these positive programmings replace your negative thought patterns and limiting thoughts over time – you gain much more positive energy and no longer set yourself any barriers in what you think you can achieve. With this you can easily get where you want to go. Just think of it as a kind of “wealth therapy”, something that slowly transforms your negative and limiting thoughts about finances, money and wealth into a healthier attitude that allows you to “magically” and intuitively make better choices. Decisions that lead you to more prosperity and abundance and allow you to fundamentally and sustainably improve your situation by making the right choices. Such “wealth therapy” reprograms your subconscious mind so that your attitude and mindset will no longer stand in the way of your prosperity in the future.

If you stop limiting yourself, you can make better decisions that lead to more prosperity. Sometimes, however, you need outside help to dissolve your own negative thought patterns if you can’t muster enough positive energy yourself. And this often proves to be surprisingly effective.

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Known FAQ about this product
  • Q: Does wealth therapy really work?
  • A: According to the provider, Wealth Switch works so well that you start manifesting immediately.
  • Q: Is there a guarantee for Wealth Switch?
  • A: According to the provider, if you don’t like Wealth Switch, you get the option to return it within 60 days of ordering and get your money back.
  • Q: Why is Wealth Switch so cheap?
  • A: According to the provider, Wealth Switch is so cheap because it aims to make the programme accessible to everyone. However, at the same time, the provider does not want to make the wealth therapy content free of charge in order to give access only to those people who are actually serious about manifesting.
  • Q: When will I have access to Wealth Switch?
  • A: According to the provider, you will get access to the Wealth Switch immediately after completing your order. This will be sent to you by email.

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Wealth Switch Reviews – Personal Meditation for Success

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