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What Does Being A Homeowner In Santa Clarita Feel Like?

If you live in Santa Clarita, you will already be aware of how great the place is. But if you are not overly familiar with the city and you are considering moving there, you will want to know what being a homeowner in Santa Clarita feels like. Here is an insightful overview so you can find out!

What is the average cost of owning property in Santa Clarita?

Looking at several trusted real estate sites, the average cost of a home in Santa Clarita is around $640,000. One-bedroom houses can sell for around $530,000, while the most expensive properties are on the market for millions. The average home in Santa Clarita costs a lot more than those in some other cities in California, but it also costs a lot less than homes in other Californian cities. For example, in Bakersfield, the average sale price for residential property is $254,430, while in the sought-after city of Santa Monica, the median sale price is $4,154,000. With high-end housing that is more affordable than many places in California, Santa Clarita is the ideal place for many people looking for homes in the Golden State. Also, you can get a lower mortgage rate by shopping around. You can find mortgage rate comparisons online with excellent platforms such as Moneywise.

What is the climate like in Santa Clarita?

Because it is situated near the Mojave Desert and the Pacific Ocean, and the city has a wide range of elevations, Santa Clarita has very hot, dry summers and cool winters with only moderate precipitation. So, if you enjoy soaking up the sunshine, Santa Clarita could be your ideal location.

How safe does Santa Clarita feel?

As homeowners in the city will tell you, Santa Clarita feels very safe compared to other cities in California. In fact, the online home security platform Safety ranked Santa Clarita as the seventh-safest city in California in 2020. And according to official statistics, Santa Clarita’s violent crime rate is about a third of the national average.

What does it feel like to be a homeowner in Santa Clarita?

Santa Clarita is home to many parks, sports facilities, public libraries, health services, shopping centers, bicycle paths, and attractions. But lists of the great things in Santa Clarita do not give you a personal idea of what it is like to live in the city. Therefore, it is better to look at online postings by people who actually live in Santa Clarita to get a really good idea of what it is like to live there.

Most homeowners agree that while there is not a huge amount of nightlife entertainment, Santa Clarita does have plenty of attractions for both adults and children, including numerous trails, lakes, and parks, as well as indoor go-karting, swimming, and bowling. There are also some fantastic places to eat and shop and there are several lively festivals in the spring and summer months. Homeowners in Santa Clarita also often mention how privileged they feel to live in such a well-kept community with beautiful surroundings. But above all, people who live in Santa Clarita mention how friendly the place is. While young adults may prefer the bright lights of Los Angeles, if you are looking to settle down in a beautiful area with plenty of amenities and attractions, you should certainly consider becoming a homeowner in Santa Clarita.

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What Does Being A Homeowner In Santa Clarita Feel Like?

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  1. It felt great to be a homeowner in Santa Clarita until the City Council decided we needed to be packed packed in like sardines and announced a plan to increase the population by 25,000+ by building huge housing tracts all over. Since no new freeways are being built, count on this doubling your commute time.
    I remember a time you could actually see the stars in Santa Clarita at night. Now with all the light pollution from the thousands of new houses, you can barely see the Big Dipper.

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