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What You Should Know About Surf Culture

Surfing is a sport that has been around for generations. Only recently has it been classified as a sport because the originators of surfing thought it was a way of life. Being one with the sea was more than just a feeling, it linked with your stance in society. Surfing has developed a lot since the origins and we now have competitions all over the world in the best areas to catch waves. A culture arose from surfing so strong it’s noticeable by near enough everyone. Here we take a look at a few things you should know about surfing and its culture. 

The Origins Of Surfing 

The exact origins of surfing aren’t clear. What we do know is that it was first observed by Europeans looking off a ship in Tahiti way back in 1767. Research suggests that we can date surfing back to the ancient traditions of Polynesian culture. It is said that the leader of the tribe was the one that could surf the best. This shows just how important surfing was to them. Their entire tribe was led by the man that could ride the waves. 

Surfing is a tradition. It was an integral part of ancient Hawaiian life that wasn’t seen as a hobby or a job, more a way of life, or an art form. It is said that the creation of a surfboard was spiritual and a lot of time and care was put into making the perfect board. The most skilled became loved and respected in the community, this created a society that revolved around the sport. 

The Clothing 

Something very recognizable about surf culture is their style. The way they dress speaks volumes and is easy to spot for any passer-by. Certain pieces of clothing were specifically developed for surfing, like the humble board short. A pair of shorts that allowed movement whilst standing on the board, all while looking groovy as ever. 


Along with surf staples such as board shorts, other forms of clothing became essential to wear for modern surf culture. The dudes over at https://www.southernman.com.au/rip-curl/ explain that surfers love wearing clothes that remind them of the freedom of the beach and riding the waves. Beach style is laid back, relaxed, and comfortable. Sea scaped hair and a perfect tan are common amongst surfers and for those looking in, it never seems as though they have tried too hard to achieve their look. 

The Global Phenomenon 

It was around 1950 where surfing began to grow in popularity across the globe. It was at this time that a few hotspots started popping up in different countries such as Hawaii, Australia, and California. It wasn’t until the 1960s that surfing hit the mainstream and then 1970s for any major competition to take place. 

It was soon after surfing hit the rest of the world that the major brands started forming. Quicksilver was founded in 1969 which developed into one of the most popular surf brands on the planet. They were one of the first and were initially known for their board shorts. They developed into much more than just a board short company and in 1992 they launched a women’s only brand. Roxy was a first of its kind and is still hugely popular today. 

In 1973, Billabong was created. They also became famous for their board shorts, but have more recently been expanding their offerings moving into the market for skating, snowboarding and even accessories such as watches. 

Surf Created Skate 

If you’ve ever seen the film “The Lords Of Dogtown” you’ll already know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, then it should be placed on your watchlist immediately. The groups of young surfers in California in the 1950s would surf whenever they could, but that didn’t mean that the surf was available all the time. Waves come and go and when the tide was out there wasn’t anything to do. One of the earliest skateboards was roller skate trucks split in two and stuck to a piece of wood. They could now ride the concrete wave or sidewalk surfing as it was often known. Skateboarding was created and has remained incredibly popular ever since. 

Surfing is an incredible sport and an amazing lifestyle. It’s effortless and stylish and now at a point where it’s so classic, it’s not going anywhere. From ancient Polynesians to modern surf culture in Australia, it’s more popular than ever. The culture is one worth learning more about, the slang that comes with it is addictive and the community is welcoming. Learn to surf and enjoy your time off more than you ever have. 

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What You Should Know About Surf Culture

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