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Slavic Woman

Why Dating A Slavic Woman Is A Good Option

What is so special about Slavic women? Why are they so attractive to men? What makes them unique? The answer is simple. They will always remember that they are women, despite the situation in which they currently are. Find out the two major reasons for their attractiveness.

1. Appearance

It is no secret to anyone that Slavic women are famous for their appearance. In any European or Asian country, there are beauties. However, walking along the streets, the chance to meet a beautiful lady in the CIS is much higher.

It is complicated to explain why they possess this gift. Probably, the reason for their attractive appearance was the influence of other populations (Mongols, Tatars, Fin-Hungarians, Turks) on their lives. On https://goldenbride.net/, you can get to know the most beautiful women from Ukraine and Russia. It is likely, that one of them will be the most attractive among all the women you know.

It is not difficult to single out in the crowd a lady from any eastern European country. She will be in a trendy, radiant dress, with her hair laid on. She is tall, wearing heels and with make-up on, even if it’s seven in the morning. Numerous large companies cooperated with Slavic ladies. Among them are:

  • Valentina Zelyaeva; 
  • Natalya Polenshchikova; 
  • Natalya Vodianova; 
  • Daria Strokous.

Western women appreciate comfort and put it first. Their usual look is a casual outfit or a formal suit, consisting of worn pants and shapeless shirts. They prefer wearing either low-heeled or sport shoes.

2. Attitude to Marriage

The perception of marriage between Slavs and Europeans is very different. For a European woman, marriage is not a reason for a hasty decision. They prefer to engage by the age of 30 when they can boast of certain achievements in their careers. Only being financially stable, a European girl decides to start a family. Moreover, she takes the choice of a partner as seriously as possible. She already knows what she wants and has a list of desirable and undesirable qualities for her partner.

The opinion of others is important for Slavic women. Their attitude towards marriage is similar to their opinion on appearance. In the CIS society, the success of a woman is contingent on the status of her husband or boyfriend and not on personal accomplishments. A Slav girl can be well-educated, successful in career, and interested in several hobbies. But she is not worth anything if she does not have a partner. Moreover, ideally, he should be beautiful, rich, and successful. 

Slavic Woman

What Else?

The main thing that is worth noting and why numerous men distinguish these women is that they are really housewifely. They can devote their time and effort to different activities and ideas. Though the family is always a top priority. Family ties are not an empty phrase for them. They devote themselves to the creation of relationships in marriage and in bringing their children up. A Slav wife is not just a beautiful package that you can brag to your friends. First of all, it is warmth, comfort, and understanding.

As you can see, Slavs and Europeans are really different from each other. And not so much in appearance but in relation to life. These countries have a completely different standard of living, which inevitably affects the worldview of the inhabitants. It does not mean that the worldview cannot be corrected by comparing different mentalities and choosing the right credo for yourself.

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Why Dating A Slavic Woman Is A Good Option

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