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Eye on the Valley

Eye On The Valley – More Than Just Books – April 9, 2020

Host: Matt Watson

Co-Host: Amber Raskin, Founder & Executive Director of iLEAD Schools

Topic: More Than Just Books

Guests: Kathleen Fredette, Director of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) at iLEAD & SCVi Schools; Shannon Vonnegut, City Librarian; Kristina de Bree, MA, LMFT, EMDR

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More Than Just Books — April 9, 2020

On this episode of Eye On The Valley presented by SCVi & iLEAD Schools, Amber is out, and Matt Watson drives the show today.

Our first guest on the show is Kathleen Fredette, Director of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) at iLEAD & SCVi Schools, and she calls in to talk about the various projects she has been involved in recently. Kathleen has been performing experiments with teams of learners at SCVi & iLEAD Schools across the valley that have led to incredible research and scientific insights for these learners. All of the experiments done are critical to the future of life continuing beyond our current planet, and are very in-depth research endeavors that inspire these learners for their entire life. Kathleen shares her passion for the sciences, and talks about how the learners at SCVi & iLEAD Schools are given regular opportunities to perform projects that teach them lessons that last a lifetime. Kathleen finishes the hour by talking about what parents can do to harness the energy and curiosity of their kids to keep them engaged in the sciences and arts while they are at home.

Our next guest is Shannon Vonnegut, City Librarian, calls in to talk about the services the libraries in Santa Clarita continue to provide for the valley. Shannon oversees large portions of the operations of the city’s libraries, and she talks about how many changes and transitions our libraries have made over the last few years and especially in the last few weeks. Shannon also talks about how the library has adapted to the challenges imposed on everyone by Covid-19, and how the city’s libraries have an online service with books, streamable movies and music, blogs, and even free downloads for a lot of these services. The library is doing everything they can to provide as much information as possible, including having tutors available online five days a week from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. The library has always been, and continues to be, one of the most important resources for everyone in the community. To get connected to any of these services, visit the Santa Clarita Public Library’s website by clicking here, and also visit their eLibrary at this link to get even more access to everything the library has to offer. They live stream on Facebook, hold regular events online (and in-person when not under quarantine orders), and provide so much interaction for kids and adults of all ages.

About SCVi & iLEAD Schools:

“At iLEAD we’ve built a model based on what we believe to be the best of all that is out there. We believe passionately in project-based learning not because it’s a fad but because it goes to the heart of how kids learn. We’ve incorporated technology not as a spiffy add-on but as an organic part of the learning process in the 21st century.

We value and encourage leadership not just as a part of a career track but by instilling in each learner the confidence and character that inspire others.

It’s not unusual that we want our learners to think for themselves. But to do this requires a grounding in the arts, in design and in humanities, and the need to feel at home in the world. For us, “thinking for themselves” is not just about solving problems but about an organic vision of the world they live in and one they will inherit.

Finally, we value the social and emotional development of our learners. We believe there is an implicit, as well as an explicit, curriculum to teach. Our goal is nothing short of learning, to change the world.” Read More…

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Eye On The Valley – More Than Just Books – April 9, 2020

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