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Eye on the Valley

Eye On The Valley – Remote Learning Year-Round – March 23, 2020

Host: Matt Watson

Co-Host: Amber Raskin, Founder & Executive Director of iLEAD Schools

Topic: Remote Learning Year-Round

Guest: Kendra Bailey, Homeschool Guide & Leader; Kristina de Bree, EMDR

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Remote Learning Year-Round — March 23, 2020

On this episode of Eye On The Valley presented by SCVi & iLEAD Schools, Kendra Bailey, Homeschool Guide & Leader, joins the show to talk about remote learning year-round. Prior to the cancellation of on-site schooling, online or remote learning took place on a regular basis. Kendra works to provide a remote learning system year-round to learners who respond better to this style of learning. This style of learning combines online schooling and in-person meetings to get a blend of all aspects of learning. Kendra also provides information on how parents can provide the most effective at-home learning experience. Kendra recommends being patient with the lessons because some kids respond better to choosing what they want to learn. It can also help them reset and be more ready to learn that one tough subject after they learn about something they got to choose. Listen in to hear a number of other suggestions about how to create the best at-home learning experience possible.

Later in the show, Matt and Amber are joined by Kristina de Bree, EMDR. Kristina has overcome so much in her life, and has been told she would have a shortened lifespan since she was 6-weeks-old. As each decade passed, her life expectancy continued to grow bit by bit, but there was always a constant limit presented by doctors on how long she would live. She has persevered through it all, and today has been able to eliminate 90% of her medical struggles. She is happily married and 34-years-old, and has a passion for life she has fought so hard to have. Kristina provides excellent advice about to handle outside challenges while trying to effectively maintain a healthy learning atmosphere.

Listen in as Matt Watson, Amber Raskin, Kendra Bailey, and Kristina de Bree talk about remote learning year-round.

About SCVi & iLEAD Schools:

“At iLEAD we’ve built a model based on what we believe to be the best of all that is out there. We believe passionately in project-based learning not because it’s a fad but because it goes to the heart of how kids learn. We’ve incorporated technology not as a spiffy add-on but as an organic part of the learning process in the 21st century.

We value and encourage leadership not just as a part of a career track but by instilling in each learner the confidence and character that inspire others.

It’s not unusual that we want our learners to think for themselves. But to do this requires a grounding in the arts, in design and in humanities, and the need to feel at home in the world. For us, “thinking for themselves” is not just about solving problems but about an organic vision of the world they live in and one they will inherit.

Finally, we value the social and emotional development of our learners. We believe there is an implicit, as well as an explicit, curriculum to teach. Our goal is nothing short of learning, to change the world.” Read More…

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Eye On The Valley – Remote Learning Year-Round – March 23, 2020

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