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Peter C. “Brien Johnson” Bronstein – Ask Brien Radio Show Host

Originally from Albertson, New York in Nassau county a suburb of New York City (“Long Island”). Attended University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island for two years before transferring and graduating from the SUNY/University of Buffalo in Buffalo, New York with a degree in Management specializing in accounting.

In two years at the University of Rhode Island was the Advertising manager of the School newspaper with a 4 day circulation over 5000 as a Freshman, served on the Inter-Greek Counsel for fraternities and Sororities, School Senate, a member of the Alpha Epsilon Fraternity where he served as the treasurer and was elected by the School Senate to be Treasurer of the School after his second year.Peter "Brien Johnson" Bronstein - Ask Brien - AskBrien.com

Attended California Western School of Law in San Diego, California, one of two American Bar Association law schools in San Diego, California. Upon graduation with a Juris Doctorate became an in-house attorney at Mail Boxes Etc., a franchisor that was the predecessor to “The UPS Store” of the United Parcel Services.

Working with franchisees since 1989 dealing with lease issues, customer problems, franchisee financial issues including workouts, securing equipment leases, handling supplier and vendor negotiations and agreements with Fortune 100 companies, setting up a subdivision to handle income taxes and more was a good foundation for dealing with everyday business issues and answering business questions daily from entrepreneurs and business owners.

Beginning in 1994, the Law Office of Peter C Bronstein was created that represented startups and entrepreneurs from everything from forming the correct legal entity after discussing the pros and cons for each option, registering trademarks, creating employee handbooks, reviewing real property leases, drafting buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, business licenses, alcohol beverage control licenses, franchise agreements, agreements of all soughts, business plans, private placement memorandums all of these experiences dealt with business owners and business problems on a daily basis.

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Beginning in 1994 the internet was just getting traction and based upon the background in trademark, copyrights, contracts there were a great many business owners and entrepreneurs requesting legal advice. From 2004 to 2009 as a General Counsel for Globat.com a web hosting company, there were daily issues involving technology, copyright laws and contracts unique to internet companies but business problems that needed to be resolved. After Globat.com was sold, the owners created MaxCDN a content delivery network that also had a multitude of similar internet and business issues.

Over the years representing over 1000 businesses of every sought from startup to $30 Million revenue businesses has dealt with almost every business question and has had to answer business questions in almost every capacity.

Currently owns an interest in a hamburger franchise, a 20% interest in an online education computer business, owns 50% of a travel blog and travel business, a merchant account reseller, web hosting and domain reseller, iPhone and android app reseller. The metamorphous to owning AskBrien.com and “The Ask Brien Radio Show” is a simple transfer as asking business questions and answering business questions for over 25 years is a natural transgression. Giving back to the community and wanting to help others start a business and see it succeed is a passion.

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Peter C. “Brien Johnson” Bronstein – Ask Brien Radio Show Host


  1. I’ve been watching some older episodes of his show as well as the more recent ones. I’m a big fan of Coach Tunick and found that he used to help with this show. As a listener of this station and a fan of Coach, this show is awful.
    The host has no personality. He is a bore from start to finish and anything he does say is whiney and pathetic. I don’t particularly like the way he treats some guests, especially Coach. It sounds like he thinks he’s better than everyone and the show is just hard to listen to, i turn the channel off every time this Sniveling little worm is on the airwaves. Very boring and sad.

    • Sorry you feel that way. Coach Tunick hasnt been on show since June 2017. I have many fans. If you dont like the show than fo not watch it. What do you do for a living?

      • What I do for a living is none of your f’n Business. I can’t believe you’d even ask.

      • Peter Bronstein. Your the Lawyer that Defended Krissy Schuh and her lover Sally Kushner. They were charged with investment Fraud.

        The Lawyer they had before Michael Gulden was Disbarred in 2019. He lied to the Judge and the court falsifying facts aboyt his clients and thier Barseen/ Vestigate Business.

        I last heard they been indicated. Which was a few years ago.

    • This guy in 2026 Represented The Barseen App. Krissy Schuh and her Lesbian lover use to Own it until 2020. The Cout shut them down because of Fraud. The stealing from thier Investors. And Peter Bronstein Defended them in Court when they Sued for Fraud.

      • I think you meant 2016. And ya. I read comments saying this guy Represented two Woman that were shady.

        Then they hired another Lawyer. I guess they needed two. And that Lawyer got Disbarred He lied in the Court.

        Those Ladies are no longer in Business.

        • Yes it’s true. Thir nanes are Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner. They had an app Business called the Barseen App. And Peter Bronstein was their first Lawyer. Then they got a different one naned Michael J Gulden. Michael Gulden lied in Court defending those lady’s and he was Disbarred. He falsified paperwork and lied to the Court about thier bank accounts nit having any money.

          PMGI Financial is suing those lady’s for over 200k.

          And their Investors are also suing them. Those Lady’s stole thier money. And both Peter Bronstein and Michael Gulden new it.

          Krissy Schuh has a history of deceiving people and coning them. Abd has a past of theft. Both Lawyers new.

        • Yes it’s true James Bronsstein defended Kristin Schuh and Sally Kushner. He knew they were stealing money from thier investors…
          James Bronstein is a very sleazy Lawyer.

          And If you Google his name and Vestigate Barseen App fraud…
          You will see his name mentioned representing 2 Woman involved in Fraud

  2. I respect your opinion but this is more of a personal attack and your bias towards “Coach”. Being a listener since the first broadcast the host though not perfect has always provided informative shows and a variety of guests that provide valuable information for business owners.

    Your review is based on looks and with a mean spirit. I will continue to listen and use this show as a resource. 

    • Who cares anout all that Shyt. You guys should Google this and read about the Baeseen App Fraud.

    • Luis C Banda. That is my opinion. And I have a right to express how I feel about Coach. 1st Amendment Freedom of Speach. And looks to ne lime Peter Bronstein has represented some very sleazy people. I read the other comments.

    • Yeah those lady’s are bad news. Luis Bander. You are right.

    • Luis Banda…
      Those ladies are fraudsters. And if you invested money in thier fraudulent ponzi scheme. I think you would be pretty pissed. If they stole your money… So Bytch shut the Fujc up… I know Mark a friend of mine. Who knew them. They stole 50k dollars from him. They never put the money he invested into thier business. They spent it on trips clothing. Krissy bought a vehicle. And paid her back rent on her apartment she was renting…
      And in 2019… Krissy Schuh n Sally G Kushner the Business they so called had call City Seen failed… The Court shut the Business down. Froze thier Bank Accounts and they were Indicted on Fraud Charges.

      both were Indicted for Fraud…

    • Luis Banda

      Google thier names do so fact finding.

      Once you do. You will see James Bronstein represented 2 scam artists.

      And they been sued by all 48 of thier investors including PGMI Financial . PGMI Financial sued Kristin Schuh and they have a 250 thousand Judgement against her.

      The Court in 2019 froze thier assets and forced Kristin Schuh and Sally Kushner to shut down thier App Business Vestigate Barseen LLC immediately.

    • Luis C Banda

      If you hire James Bronstien you are hiring the same Lawyer as Jimmy in the show…… Better Call Saul.


    • Sorry I meant Peter Bronstien not James Bronstien

  3. Peter Bronstein Represented Kristin M Schuh and Sally Kushner of the Barseen App…. Formally known as the Vestigate App.

    Schuh and Kushner were sued for Investment Fraud. They were stealing money fron all their Investors. They had over 40 Investors.

    The Barseen App Business App since 2020 been shut down. The Court forced them to close and froze all of their Assets. Including their Bank Accounts.

    They Been Indicted on Fraud and Money Laundering.

  4. Peter Bronstein…. Aka….Brien Johnson. Yeah this guy Ngoli is right. I Googled his name. And I read things. Nothing good. And one blog had 68 comments from people all saying he Represented some really shady people. So Luis Banda. Read those Blogs. There’s like 8. All with comments saying this guys is a sleazy Lawyer.

  5. I Googgled those ladies names and the business they had. You know how many blogs their are about them. About over 30. Or naybe even more. I read a few. And the comments made. All saying they stoke money and was alot. And yes. Peter Bronstein and the other Lawyer did represent them. They represented criminals. Those Wonan are nothing but Criminals.

  6. This Lawyer is very sleazy. And he representedctwo Woman a few years back that committed Investment Fraud. Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner. They stole the money fron over 50 of thier Invetors and were sued by them. In 2019 the Court put an injuction on thier Business The Barseen App. And they were made to close thier Business. Thier assets and bank accounts were frozen and the other Lawyer they had before James Bronstein was Disbarred that Lawyers name Micheal Joseph Gulden. He lied to the Court and Falsified Information that the Court requested on Krissy Schuh and Sally Kushner. And they hired James on. And still they lost and forced to pay back every Dollar they stole or face jail time.

  7. I remember The Vestigate App. I was at a bar and heard her talking to people about it. Wow. So it all was money making con. Wow.

    • I heard Kristin is locked up for what’s done. And I am glad… She still owes me and my Fiancée over 10k.

      • No she’s not. I’m surprised no one has shot her dead.

        A bar owner in West Hollywood did a tell all to the District Attorney in Los Angeles.

        He made a deal to get a lighter sentence. And in March 2024 he sold his Bar to pay fines and other huge legal fees. A couple of Judgments too.

        And Rumor has it. Krissy Schuh is passed. Well Krissy you weren’t missed with him in 2017 when he Laundered the stolen money you gave him to hide for you.

        And now look he had to sell his bar to pay money the Court ordered him to pay to stay out of jail.

        Krissy… You Better Call Saul. Lol

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