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Bicyclist Killed In Head-On Collision Near Sand Canyon Identified 

The bicyclist that was killed in a head-on crash with a car near Santa Clarita Saturday has been identified. 

John Hermoso, 37, from Los Angeles, was killed in the crash, said Sarah Ardalani, spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. 

Around 12:40 p.m. Saturday, first responders received reports of a traffic collision involving a bicycle on Santa Clara Truck Trail near Sand Canyon Road in the National Forest near Santa Clarita, said Officer Josh Greengard, spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Newhall Area Office. 

“A blue BMW 323CI was traveling southbound on Santa Clara Truck Trail, south of Sand Canyon Road, in the southbound lane, and at approximately 15 mph,” the CHP report read.  

Hermoso was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of Santa Clara Truck Trail, south of Sand Canyon Road, according to the CHP report.    

As the BMW and Hermoso were traveling around a blind curve in the roadway, the BMW and bicyclist were involved in a head-on collision.  

As a result of the collision, Hermoso succumbed to his injuries while on-scene.  

“The driver and solo-occupant of the BMW did not sustain any injuries,” the CHP statement read.

Any witnesses are encouraged to contact the CHP’s Newhall Office at (661) 600-1600.   Officer  Enriquez, ID 21349, is handling the investigation. 

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Bicyclist Killed In Head-On Collision Near Sand Canyon Identified 


  1. Not a bright idea to ride a bicycle northbound in the southbound lane. but I see this maneuver quite frequently.

    • I think the idea is that you’ll be able to see traffic coming at you and can avoid it. But going with the flow of traffic actually gives road traffic more time to react to you, and it is in fact against California law to ride against traffic on a bike. What a sad, avoidable accident!

  2. The arrogant way these bikey boys ride by riding side-by-side, blowing through stop signs, etc is insane & it’s a wonder this doesn’t happen more often!

  3. Yeah, but it was a GREAT THRILL.

  4. Organ donor.
    Can I buy you a bike?

  5. It’s a terribly sad tragedy that Panda lost his life in a city known for a lack of cycling infrastructure, unbelievable car traffic, pollution, and minimal alternative forms of transportation. The risks inherent to cycling are known to cyclists, the lack of empathy from drivers only exacerbates those risks.

    • Bicyclists have an extremely annoying idea that the roads belong to them, and ride blocking traffic lanes, or worse. If you need cycling infrastructure STAY IN BIKE LANES. And no, we will not have bike lanes on every road. Build your own Bike-ways. And stay off the sidewalks too.

      • Hi Ben, one day you’ll grow up and find out about cars! Imagine the cyclists who ride those 15-20 lbs bicycles that typically go 10-25 mph have grown up and now drive cars that weigh 4,000+ lbs and typically go 55-120 mph! NOW here’s the fun part: Multiply it by a million! And they all have the same type of rage you have built up in your post – it’s so common that they have a name for it: Road Rage!

        And you think it’s hard to keep cyclists in the bike lane??? Try keeping cars OFF the bike lanes. Actually, you’ll have a blast trying to keep cars on the road! Every week you’ll see hundreds of headlines, from all over America, about stupid drivers killing someone. Yet hardly ever a story about a cyclist killing someone.

        But don’t let me stop your irrational rage, please continue telling us about those annoying cyclists!

  6. Often times the arrogant bikey boys with their skin tight, slippery, shiny, leotards ride double file, blow through stop signs, ride in the middle until it’s too late, etc. & wonder why tragedy happens, even San Francisco riders have more manners/sense!

  7. It’s apparently very easy to blame the cyclists for getting hit by cars, and very hard to have any empathy for a man that lost his life.

  8. I understand that some of you will never know the thrill of climbing and descending a mountain road on a bicycle.Your lives are less full for that joy . John Hermoso aka Panda was well loved by his friends and well spoken of. I did not know him but some of my friends rode with him.Yesterday on May 7th more than a hundred people rode to the top of Griffith park to celebrate his life. . I doubt anyone will go to that effort when the pathetic trolls on this site meet their fate.

  9. It’s a tragedy to both families, one lost their beloved family member and the driver will live haunted by this tragedy along with his family. Two families forever changed by this freak accident. RIP John Hermoso.

  10. It is awful and shocking that the publisher allows several of the wildly inappropriate comments to remain on this website, but removes my responses to these trolls.

    The bicyclist who was killed was a friend of mine.

    It’s a shame, and frankly too bad, that the brain tumor lost to you. Hopefully it comes back soon. Now do you see? Oh, my bad…

    Now leave that post up now, prick, I dare you! But you are a () so you won’t.

    RIP John.

  11. I guess my next step is to reach out to the sponsors of this website and let them know how awful the lack of compassion in moderation will ensure myself and several hundred of Panda’s friends WILL BOYCOTT THEIR PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

    Nice going, Jim Veam, et.al

  12. Trolls should have been on that bicycle instead of the victim.

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