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Countywide 6 P.M. Curfew In Place For All Of Los Angeles County Sunday

A countywide 6 p.m. curfew is in place for all of Los Angeles County, including Santa Clarita, on Sunday after unrest across the Southland, officials said.

The curfew from 6 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday was put in place for the entire Los Angeles County area after a similar curfew was put in place for just the City of Los Angeles on Saturday.

Supervisor Kathryn Barger, who represents the fifth district including Santa Clarita, has declared a state of emergency after looting and other crime has been reported in the county.

“This emergency comes as we are in the midst of battling another emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This taxes our resources, but not our resolve,” Barger said. “We will do everything in our power to keep our communities safe and protect lives and property. I continue to call on our residents to maintain calm and seek solutions productively, not destructively.”

Hundreds of demonstrators in Santa Clarita gathered to protest Saturday.

At the time, the Watch Commander on duty at the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Lt. Ethan Marquez, addressed the crowd of protesters outside the station just before noon, stating that there were “peaceful” protesters.

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The L.A. County state of emergency would allow the County to “mobilize local resources, coordinate interagency response, accelerate procurement of vital supplies, use of mutual aid, and allow for future reimbursement by the state and federal governments will be critical in successfully responding to this emergency.”

The state of emergency is set to last up to seven days, but it can be extended if ratified by the full County Board of Supervisors.

“This is a time for us to come together to stand against injustice in ways that will make us stronger as a County and as a nation,” Barger said. “If you are assembling to protest, please do so peacefully and with respect for all those who are suffering.

To read the full declaration of L.A. County’s state of emergency, visit here.

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Countywide 6 P.M. Curfew In Place For All Of Los Angeles County Sunday


  1. Thank you, you bunch of losers who think you have the right to destroy and steal others property and hold people hostage, who had nothing to do with the sad act a bad cop did, buy yourself a ticket to his home town and loot the police station that caused harm leave this town and all others alone. if you want to protest do it right.. Now my grocery’s have to wait till tomorrow because they wont let me pick them up, no who has to pay for this, me why because you people do not know how to behave… this country has gone to hell and a hand basket, technology and social media has killed this country.

    • I’d have to agree with you on social media. It started out as a good idea to keep in touch then it turned into a way to spread hate, anger and odd ideology of life. Even our president is addicted to it. Parents say no to unmonitored internet for kids they don’t need it without you present and the sure don’t need social media. #deletesocialmedia

    • The media has taken over our country and now Antifa is terrorizing our country.

  2. So first they lock us in our homes for months on end, destroying businesses, jobs, and lives, for COVID-19. Now, they’ve decided to lock us in our homes because of protests. This is just plain house arrest and I’ve committed no crime. I was never charged or tried or given any opportunity to defend myself- they went straight to sentencing: House arrest. When can I leave my home? When they SAY I can, that’s when. Meanwhile, looters and arsonists are left to run free, and violent criminals are let out of prison by fiat.

    Kathryn Barger has shown herself to be a power-mad tyrant. Please join me in turning her out of office this November. We surely cannot do any worse than her.

  3. My heart goes on to the man who lost his life by one evil racist cop. That was very hard to watch but what else is very hard to watch is our streets being flooded by disgusting looters and rioters that think they are helping black lives matters. These people probably don’t even care about what took place there just lowlife thugs that have know morals or self respect. They are born idiots!

  4. It’s disgusting that these thugs are taking something very sad and using it as an excuse to steal. They don’t give a damn about George Floyd, they only care about causing mayhem and hurting people that had nothing to do with his death.

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