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SCVi/iLead Charter School in Santa Clarita
Photo courtesy of SCVi/iLead Charter School in Santa Clarita.

Freshman From SCVi Charter School In Santa Clarita Joins “Eye On The Valley” To Discuss Art, School And Her Future

Gabby Ismail, a freshman at SCVi Charter School in Santa Clarita, was recently interviewed on SCVi’s “Eye On The Valley” to discuss her artistic accomplishments, experiences at SCVi and plans for the future.

“Gabby was born right here in Santa Clarita and has developed a real passion and talent for art,” said show host Matt Watson.

Watson continued to say that Gabby Ismail has received several awards and recognitions for her artwork. Recently her artwork was published in a children’s book titled “A Bug Needs Love.”

Cover art for the children's book "A Bug Needs Love"

Cover art for the children’s book “A Bug Needs Love.” Illustrated by Gabrielle Ismail.

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When asked about how long Ismail had attended SCVi and iLEAD schools she responded “I’ve been there for three years now.”

“I love SCVi,” Ismail said.

SCVi is a project-based learning school where students learn primarily through completing projects.

Drawing of a young girl by Gabrielle Ismail. The girl is wearing a purple sweater, a brown purse, a black skirt and black boots.

Artwork by Gabrielle Ismail.

When asked about her favorite project Ismail responded “probably the aeronautics project.”

Watson and Ismail went on to discuss the aeronautics project that eighth graders at SCVi Charter School experience. According to Watson, students at SCVi start off learning about airplanes and eventually get to fly in the cockpit of a glider with a certified pilot.

When asked about when Ismail discovered her passion for art she responded: “I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid.”

“I’ve loved art all my life,” Ismail added.

Ismail’s art takes on many forms including drawing, painting and sculpting.

“Favorite? Probably paint,” she said.

Watson and Ismail went on to discuss how Ismail found the opportunity to illustrate a children’s book. They explained that there was a contest at school to design the front cover of the book. The winning student would be awarded the opportunity to illustrate the entire book. Ismail explained that she won the competition after completing her submission the night before it was due.

“It’s crazy having that feeling of moving forward … it was just really exciting,” Ismail said about her experience illustrating the children’s book “A Bug Needs Love.”

Ismail talked about how she had always wanted to try acting so she enrolled in the theatre class at the SCVi charter school in Santa Clarita, which like other schools in Santa Clarita is being taught remotely.

In addition to her other work, Ismail has branched out and has worked with her older brother to create artwork for skateboard company Thrash-N-Raid.

"Punk" skeleton doing a trick on a Thrash-N-Raid skateboard.

Artwork by Gabrielle Ismail.

Ismail hopes to take college level art classes and hopes to eventually attend Cal-Arts here in Santa Clarita. Currently, Ismail would like to pursue a career as an animator at Disney Animation Studios.

For information on Gabby Imsael and her artwork check out her Instagram.

Ed. Note: This article is a KHTS Community Spotlight for SCVi/iLEAD Charter School in Santa Clarita.

SCVi/iLEAD is a tuition free charter school in Santa Clarita that uses project-based and social-emotional learning concepts to inspire and motivate lifelong learners with the skills they need to lead in the 21st century. Technology is incorporated into all components of the curriculum, and learners are given a firm grounding in the arts, humanities and sciences. School officials value and encourage development of leadership skills by inspiring character and confidence in learners. SCVi/iLEAD offers transitional kindergarten (TK) through 12th grade, providing a unique learning opportunity for those in need of a kindergarten in Santa Clarita, elementary school in Santa Clarita, jr high in Santa Clarita, middle school in Santa Clarita or high school in Santa Clarita. 


28060 Hasley Canyon Rd.
Castaic, CA 91384

Lower School: (661) 705-4820
Upper School: (661) 705-8420

SCVi/iLEAD – Santa Clarita

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Freshman From SCVi Charter School In Santa Clarita Joins “Eye On The Valley” To Discuss Art, School And Her Future

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