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Santa Clarita Woman ID’ed As Victim In Fatal Collision

Medical examiners identified Tuesday the victim in a fatal head-on crash that took place Friday.

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Lori Lopez, of Santa Clarita, who would have turned 51 today, was killed after her silver sedan collided with a truck at the intersection of Haskell Canyon Road and Bob White Circle.

The collision happened shortly after 5 p.m. Friday. Lopez was transported to a local hospital where she died from her injuries.

Officials blocked off northbound traffic while they investigated the crash.

A memorial service for Lopez will be held at Grace Baptist Church located at 22833 Copper Hill Drive, on Saturday, June 3, at 10:00 a.m, according to a Facebook post from a family member.

Following the memorial service will be a reception hosted by friends of the family.

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Santa Clarita Woman ID’ed As Victim In Fatal Collision


  1. I use to live right there on Bobwhite circle. There was always a problem with cars speeding. I called many times and asked the city for them to put a stop light with no success. I am so sorry that she died. I hope the city will re think this and take a look at the ongoing problem.

    • Amen! Prayers to all family a friends while they are coping with their loss

    • Thanks for sharing and reaching out to the city for a solution. I believe there are a lot of insane fast drivers who commute through Santa Clarita and not enough police patrolling for the safety of those who actually live here. I can’t even get out of my house at times on Sand Canyon. Drivers also pass other drivers by double yellow lines and they are careless.
      Sending peace and comfort to those who lost their loved ones this past months.. I have seen a lot of fatal crashes lately. Very sad… Please be safe and aware of your surroundings.

  2. Always sorry to hear of losing one of our own. Heartfelt sympathy to the family.

  3. iI visited my daughter and son in law 9 yrs. ago from the central Ore. Coast and was appalled at the speed
    driven down the main thoroughfares–mostly young adults and mid range teenagers. I consider myself a pretty good driver never been in an accident in my aging years but I vowed if I got out of th Los Cerritos Valencia area alive I would not come back and I haven’t. I worry for my two young teenage great grandsons.

  4. Unfortunately, too many times like this someone needs to actually die before they finally decide to take any action on something that others have known for a long time, and that’s really sad. So many other situations like this are all over the place and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing that other people will have to lose their lives before things get the changes they really need down the line. My condolences to all the folks involved in this one! Guess it’s more important to waste money on center-dividers, putting up flags for every holiday, and whatnot instead of public safety. ????

  5. Wow, remembering Memorial Day is what those flags represent. It appears you lost the meaning of the symbol. I’m sure you never served in the military, and can show no respect for that DEAD that did. Semper Fi

  6. Rest on peace, Lori!

  7. I am so sorry for the family and my prayers will be with them. The last thing this city needs is another stop light, instead it needs traffic enforcement. Speeding is an issue and so it the running of stop lights. I stopped counting the times people “U-turn” where it is clearly marked NO U-turn.

    Traffic enforcement…

  8. I live on one of the Santa Clarita roads that is used as a race track on evenings and weekends. I’m talking about high-performance cars that give it full throttle from the stop light about a block away, passing my place at well over the limit. Two years ago I asked a sheriff deputy about getting a radar car here on occasion, at least enough to deter speeders due to sheriff’s presence. I’m still annoyed with his answer: He said that it is useless because they speeding tickets are too often challenged in court and the drivers get off. I just don’t buy off on that. I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t be able to pay for an additional car with tickets issued for racing, at least on my road. I often see CHP radar cars along the 5 and 14 freeways. The SCV sheriffs have been so lax that speeders have no apprehension about doing it. A friend tells me that there are just a few sheriff cars on duty evenings and weekends. In any case, at least an occasional radar car is needed along racing roads. Some months ago I was nearly T-boned by a car that must have been doing close to 80 on a residential street!

    • I try to never speed but I got a ticket late to work one day. I was wrong but 10 miles over and with the flow of traffic, yet it seems they never catch these guys speeding at 80 mph in & out of traffic. It’s frustrating and so sad.

  9. That street has always been dangerous! Year’s ago a young girl crossing with a fiend was hit by a car & died
    Although they were crossing in the wrong area, it should have not happened ! Another time My son was with friends in a Toyota truck that hit the Brick wall, (Many people have hit that wall) now I see the home owner has put up another retaining wall. (good idea) So with all that said, the street looks so safe, but it is not. I agree they should have a sheriff out there & start ticketing people !) They have the new Motor cycle’s !!
    So get out there and watch !!!!!!

  10. Try backing up to Bouquet. Between Urbandale and Plum, cars, trucks, motorcycles and other “hot” vehicles will floor it from Urbandale, try to make the light at Wellston and then hit it again going to Plum. The noise is horrendous. Whatever happened to “Pursuit of Happiness” in the Constitution. The Sheriff’s Department needs to step up and stop this before we have a major tragedy. New Captain of the Sheriff’s Department. How about doing something about this?

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