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Santa Clarita Diamond Princess Cornovirus
KHTS Radio Owner Carl Goldman aboard the Diamond Princess during a quarantine after the coronavirus outbreak.

Santa Clarita Resident Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Returning To United States

One of the two Santa Clarita residents who were quarantined on the Diamond Princess has been confirmed to have tested positive for the coronavirus after arriving in the United States Monday.

Carl Goldman and Jeri Seratti-Goldman, owners and operators of KHTS Radio, flew in to Omaha, Nebraska from Travis Air Force Base.

Once they arrived, Carl was taken to the hospital after he came down with a fever. He has since tested positive for the coronavirus, according to Jeri.

“Even though I have a cough, still no temperature,” Jeri said. “Carl’s temperature had gone down on the last flight from Travis Air Force base to Nebraska.”

As of Monday night, Carl’s fever had broken and he was walking around, and Jeri had tested negative, according to officials.

The Santa Clarita residents are being housed in quarantine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, according to officials.

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There are three patients, including Carl, being held in the University of Nebraska Medical Center hospital and their spouses are in separate rooms, according to Jeri Seratti-Goldman.

“It’s going to be difficult to be all by myself here for 14 days,” Jeri said. “No clothes, no toothbrush, no brush, no nothing… They said maybe they would provide sweats and a toothbrush. Some shampoo would be nice. Just some general stuff to clean up. This is my life for the next 14 days, by myself. 

The Goldmans were two of the hundreds of United States citizens quarantined on the Diamond Princess, along with their traveling companion who had tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).

Thirteen of the “high risk” patients were transported to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where one patient is being monitored in the biocontainment area.

Regardless of individuals testing positive for COVID-19, all will be held for 14 days, according to University of Nebraska Medical Center officials.

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Santa Clarita Resident Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Returning To United States


  1. I knew that all people returning from infected parasitic China ?? shouldn’t have ever ever return to the United States..without being throughly examined and tested before returning ? China should be limiting any contact with us until this disease gets controlled and investigated RIGHT NOW. I want respect each person as a person not be stereotyping Chinese, Philippines, Koreans , Japanese, fearing if they are infected and thinking that they are lucky to be here in America ?

  2. I hate to say I told you so.


    I TOLD YOU SO …….

  3. Westridge/Souther Oaks/Stevenson Ranch

    Weird how channel 7 broke the news before your own station???

  4. Dear Carl and Jeri, So sad to learn that Carl has been tested positive for the virus. I hope Carl makes a speedy recovery and Jeri remains negative.
    I was pleased to hear that your friend, Mark, is at Travis. I hope his wife, Jerri, makes a good recovery in Japan.
    Thank you both for sharing your experiences of being confined in your cabin on Diamond Princess.
    You will be in the thoughts and prayers of the many people who followed your informative reports.

  5. Our Love and Prayers ??? are with you both,,,my Psalm 91 Protect you both and may a strength and courage embrace and Comfort you and Miracles be a daily occurrence, you are Great, people,, the Angel’s are with you, have Peace, soon This will be behind you, Love and Hug’s Miranda Cunha ??

  6. Such a horrible situation to find themselves in. Hopefully this is resolved quickly. Let’s hope whomever developed this virus also developed a treatment and “discovers” it soon.

  7. I watched an interview on Fox News with Jeri in which she admitted to having lied about about not having the Corona Virus to be able to come home? I hope that is not the case for if it is true she could have infected all of the people on the flight and of course potentially scores of people in SCV.

    • I think you misinterpreted what she said.

      I understood, she was saying that “they told themselves – in their minds, they were ok.” She was not saying they told the officials.

      The officials know the results, not the passengers. All decisions of test results and who gets to travel are made the the officials.

    • They were hanging out with their friends and she was hauled off before they left. They knew!!!!

    • People with money & entitlements will & don’t care about other people other than themselves. They’ll never understand that coming back to SCV, it’s going to be bad for everyone in town. Get better, stay positive but DON’T come back unless you’re 110% cured of the virus. I’m not even going to say please either.

      • You misinterpreted what she said. She said “they tested us and had not given us the results, so we made a story that we were ok. “made up a story” is another way of saying we assumed. Go rewatch the interview with new perspective and you should hear it correctly.

    • Jennifer B, they came from the quarantine on the ship, directly to the quarantine center in Nebraska. They have not been in SCV since their return.

  8. Prayers for both of you. Strength and recovery. Santa Clarita needs you.


  10. Our prayers are with you both and all those affected by this COVID-19 virus. Speedy recovery and get back to our little town!

    Mark and Ginger

  11. God speed to you both as you recover and come back soon.

  12. What miserable people. They KNEW they had been socializing with their next cabin mates as recently as Monday. When one of those folks got the disease, these selfish people came back to the US rather than telling the infection control folks that they had been frequently socializing with someone who became ill, exposing who knows how many other people through their selfishness.

    • They are good people who are caught in an nightmare of a situation. The officials knew that the husband of their friend was traveling, so that is not the issue.

    • Absolutely selfish!!!! They just want to come back to SCV & infect people. They DON’T care about other people, they just want to come back to their mansion in Sand Canyon & stay sick around us. Infecting people around them & not caring for anyone’s health other their own. On top of that; they don’t even care about their own health, mind you. They LIED about NOT having it!!!!

      • David stop projecting your own fear into this community, you make yourself look weak and pathetic, stop trolling, it’s not your best self.

      • You seem to be very jealous of the Goldmans.
        I don’t know them but I am quite sure they didn’t want to infect even one person in SCV.

      • I am amazed at the responses on here. Do you honestly think that they feel entitled? You obviously have never been confined to a cruise room for an extended time. They are small, the tv and wifi service stinks, and there is nothing to do.
        Unless you have more information about the virus than the WHO, I don’t think you should say a thing about it. No one knows at this point how it is transmitted and can’t diagnose without blood tests.
        Personally I’m in debt to them for keeping all of us informed. I’m currently on a cruise that will end in Singapore, and am hoping we will able to disembark in Singapore. No one on our ship has been exposed at this point, but there are always crew changes., so no guarantees.
        Hoping Jerri and Carl are able to return soon.

  13. Thank you Carl for writing and sharing your quarantine journey aboard the Diamond Princess with us. There were moments reading your daily journals when I laughed so hard and moments filled with heart break learning about your friend Jerri and later yourself. I loved your frontier metaphor when referring to cleaning your laundry in the bathtub. The section about your your wife’s estrogen packs were hysterical, along with your battle with the Japanese toilet. Reading your posts shed an honest light on what was happening and was much needed. Best of all, all 4 of you stayed positive during an experience that could easily be seen from the outside as hell on water. Keep that positivity while you heal Carl. It will be what gives you strength as it has during your first 14 days of quarantine.

  14. Our prayers are with you both Carl and Jeri, as well as all those dealing with this terrible disease.
    Hoping for a quick recovery and sending lots of love your way.
    Lauren and Steve

  15. They were hanging out with their friends and she was hauled off before they left. They knew!!!!

    • No, they didn’t. Further, if you’ve been watching the news you’d know there were 14 people who’d tested positive for the virus who were allowed on the flight back. The officials knew and and didn’t inform the others beforehand.

  16. After everything this couple has endured, the negativity is absolutely unnecessary.

  17. We continue to send you best wishes and prayers. Carl, rest and get well soon. Jeri, stay well and don’t worry. Want you both back in the SCV safe and sound soon!

  18. Im a good friend of Carl and Jeri. They absolutely did not know they had the virus. The Japanese officials never gave them word on their test results so they went under the impression they were negative. Carl and Jeri would never risk anyone’s health ever! Jeri misspoke during her interview. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

    • They KNEW they had been closely socializing with their friends in the neighboring cabin, one of whom had definitively tested positive, and thus they had likely been exposed just as if they had been sharing a cabin with them. They are selfish and inconsiderate. They sat with unsuspecting evacuees for hours on a bus, exposing who knows how many more to this disease. With friends like Carl & Jeri, you don’t need enemies.

      • Barb (and David elsewhere), I pray the Lord or whatever power you defer to grants you the empathy and strength of character to rise above all that hate in your heart. These people let us into what has to be one of most stressful periods of their lives, and all you can do is defensively clutch your pearls. That’s the devil (or however you perceive evil) whispering to your heart, and I hope you gain the clarity of mind to drive him out.

  19. Carl, so sorry you tested positive for COVID-19. Hopefully, everyone is healthy enough to not get really sick! I find it interesting the fear it instills us in its own way. Our people are much safer here than in China. The government of China says everything is under control when it isn’t. Just like trump tells us here about various issues when it’s not!!! There are 712 people in WA quarantined, because they’ve tested positive or were in brief contact with a positive person. That’s America taking care of the people. China isn’t telling us near what’s going on, so we need to take care of our own. In fact, many Chinese people left Wuhan in fear, so no telling what is really happening in China. The best advice: Wash your hands often, use sanitizer when out, wipe things down, don’t touch your face, eyes, nose, wipe your carts when in the grocery store. It’s better to be safe.
    As for those who have it, kicking them when they are down is something trump teaches! It’s better to pray for them & everyone that has it.

    • “…kicking them when they are down is something trump teaches!”
      Don’t agree with you, but you just had to take this opp to slip in a political jab. This makes you no different than anyone else who’s kicking someone when their down.
      Let’s be respectful on all levels, thank you very much.

  20. Carl,
    Praying for your return to great health and sorry you have to spend your birthday in quarantine.

  21. I agree with all the previous emails and praying for good health, but now they know how the little kids locked up in the cages in Texas are feeling.

  22. “We were tested in Japan, and… never got the results back, so… we made up the story that we were clear.”

    “And then, on the flight, overnight, we came down with the fever…”.

    Thanks for admitting you knowingly lied, on national TV, and furthered creating a global pandemic endangering countless American citizens’ lives, all because being away from home and quarantined on a cruise ship for everyones safety was such an inconvenience. You’re the selfish jerk character in every horror movie who gets everyone else killed. You deserve arrested.

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