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Photo Courtesy of The Patios Connection

Westfield Valencia Town Center Costco, Luxury Cinema Details Outlined By Planning Commission

Plans for the new Costco and cinema at the Westfield Valencia Town Center have been released by the Santa Clarita Planning Commission.

The proposed layout for “The Patios Connection” project at the Valencia mall — which includes a “luxury” cinema, gym and Costco, as well as a 30-pump gas station — were released as part of the agenda for the Santa Clarita Planning Commission’s meeting Tuesday.

The layout proposes a 2,138 square-foot expansion to The Canyon Santa Clarita, which would meet with a 34,185 square-foot gym. Additionally, a new 32,000 square-foot luxury cinema would be built facing the east end of The Patios, according to City documents.

The development would result in the addition of 101,129 square feet of new commercial space, according to officials.

The proposed Costco would include a 275-space rooftop parking lot, and would also encompass the northeast and southeast sides of the cinema, with the ramp to the rooftop parking at the southern side of the property, according to a layout provided by the Planning Commision.

Additionally, 65 of the parking spots are set to be pre-wired as electronic vehicle charging stations, according to documents from the Planning Commission.

The project is also set to include 42 bicycle lockers.

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The expansion to the Westfield Valencia Town Center is expected to have an impact on traffic and parking in the nearby area.

“The proposed project would generate 3,716 new daily trips and create significant traffic impacts at six intersections within the community,” reads the official release. “The proposed project includes an off-site parking agreement to provide additional parking supply on weekends during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

These improvements to surrounding intersections include:

  • The westbound side of Newhall Ranch Road at the intersection of McBean Parkway and Newhall Ranch Road is set to be reconfigured to add an additional left-turn lane, resulting in a total of three left-turn lanes.
  • The northbound side of McBean Parkway at the intersection of McBean Parkway and Creekside Road is set to be reconfigured to add an additional left-turn lane, resulting in a total of two left-turn lanes.
  • The existing right-turn lane on the northbound side of Bouquet Canyon Road at the intersection of Valencia Boulevard and Bouquet Canyon Road is set to be extended.
  • The eastbound side for the intersection of Valencia Boulevard and Magic Mountain Parkway is set to have an additional left-turn lane added for a total of three.
  • The westbound side for the intersection of McBean Parkway and Valencia Boulevard is set to add an additional left-turn lane for a total of three.

A proposed 30-pump gas station would also be located between the two mall entrances on Citrus Street, and feature a solar roof, according to officials.


The Patios Connection project is expected to complete construction by late 2022 upon approval.

A public hearing regarding the project is set for 6 p.m. Jan. 21 in the Santa Clarita City Hall Council Chambers.

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Westfield Valencia Town Center Costco, Luxury Cinema Details Outlined By Planning Commission


  1. I refuse to go to that mall because it is already too hard to park and get to the store I need. Now they are going to throw in a theater, Costco + gas station, and park on its roof. This is insane. It is already too dense.
    I want another Costco, but one where I can park near the entrance without using a GPS to find my car again.
    I do not have time to go anywhere near that mall.

    • I agree 💯! If you think parking and traffic is bad now wait till this project is finished. I’m not going anywhere near this debacle of city planning. It’s already crazy enough to park to go to the existing movie theater there, in fact some millennial almost hit me with her car speeding in the parking structure. No thanks!!

    • And so when was the last time that you parked in the section of the mall where the proposed CostCo is supposed to go? That parking area between JC Penney and the old Sears is always mostly deserted and underutilized. This change will serve to provide additional parking for the existing outdoor portion of the mall, and will reduce traffic going to the existing CostCo on the east side of the valley.

  2. I think is ridiculous to put another Costco with gas station in the mall when is already hard to park what we need a lot different kind stores like other malls have. One Costco is enough in Santa clarita the city is not that big.

  3. I always find parking at this beautiful center. Good job, City. What about getting out of cars and using our incredible transit system. Let’s keep moving forward to think about others, and get with it.

  4. None of you have been to the mall lately. Never more than 5 minutes to park. Chick Fil A generates the most traffic there. The place is dead and this is needed.

  5. Will we have diesel at this costco at least

  6. This is a much needed addition and something to be excited about in the near future. For people having a problem with parking stay home or take uber so you can hop off infront of the entrance. I think this comments are just pure laziness. This city needs a positive criticism rather than negative feedbacks. Keep it up SCV

  7. This is a brilliant idea! The city keeps building new homes and needs to focus on entertainment and the commercial accept of the city. It’s a growing city if the traffic bothers you than move further North…

  8. Fantastic, Now I won’t have to drive far for my $1.50 Hotdog and coke. Great use for this dead space.

  9. From what I have read previously, this will not be a regular Costco. It’s some kind of furniture Costco or something like that. I assume it won’t have nearly the traffic impact that many people are picturing from a regular Costco.

  10. I’m very happy to hear they’re putting in so many charging stations. Way to go Santa Carita!

  11. Why do people refer this place as “Valencia Mall” instead of saying Valencia Town Center” or just “Westfield” or the VTC? Why not just call it Santa Clarita Mall?

  12. Don’t waste your time complaining. It will be built.and you can protest and protest all day long. It won’t make a difference.

    One extra turn lane at various intersections will not make a difference in the traffic.

    Most of these businesses are probably given concessions to build here. The mall owner Loves it.

    Oh, we will be paying for all the road constructions. Wait until we get a turn lane $ assessment notice next month.

    PS. If you think Costco is going to create hundreds of jobs you are wrong. They work with a small staff, pay them well and will bring people in from other stores.

  13. Valencia/Magic Mountain/McBean intersections will become insanely congested, which they already are.

  14. Costco at the Valencia Mall. Good idea! It will relieve some of the already stressed and traffic at the Canyon Country store. Ok rooftop parking? Elevators to get my purchases to my car, or do I park in the fire lane and create further congestion. Build a six story parking structure with an acre of parking on each floor. Parking anywhere in Santa Clarita needs to be ten times what the zoning requirements require. We are not getting smaller anytime soon. Maybe the Costco should be located in the industrial center if there is any room left. Think BIG Council!

  15. I think Costco should be placed at Westfield plaza by 5FRW (Valencia &Old Road). Let Valencia Town Center have only restaurants and shops, improve parking

  16. The one issue that nobody is talking about is the ambulance transportation to Henry Mayo Hospital.
    All the traffic from Canyon Country and Saugus arrive at the hospital from Soledad and Bouquet to Valencia and then south on McBean.
    All the traffic from Valencia drives south on McBean to the hospital.
    This is not an issue with Newhall and the city council members from there.

  17. This mega development will have a negative impact on the OTN art and theater district

  18. I didn’t like the Costco idea at first but the fact that they’re adding a gas station is ridiculous we don’t need a gas station at any random place at the mall to cause traffic and back up. Bad bad idea. Put a Costco somewhere else.

  19. Got a brainstorm. Make a mega Costo off the 126. Last time I checked there is still room. This would serve the residents of Castiac, Hasley Canyon, Filmore/Santa Paula, the new housing tract, Valencia and Stevenson Ranch. This would leave local residents traveling in different directions to access the store. Reduce traffic. Everybody is happy. As far as ambulances stopped in route to the hospital, have the wizzards at the traffic department start removing the medians so emergency traffic can travel on the opposite side of the road.

  20. I think it’s a wonderful plan to build a Costco on the property of the mall.
    It’s such a pain driving from Valencia to Canyon Country.
    Let’s have some common sense…..
    If you don’t like it, don’t shop there.
    Believe me Costco does not need YOUR business……

    • Don’t be lazy lady, I live in Castaic and I don’t complain about driving to canyon country, thats an extra 10 miles than Valencia. Costco wont need our business but they will put other stores in valencia out of business in already struggling market especially around our mall. Thats common sense. Now use yours.

  21. Costco is great, but they don’t teach manners, etiquette and respect for others while shopping—experience the selfish fools who block walkways, pull carts from side(taking up 2 spaces), leave their carts sideways blocking walkways while feeding their pie-hole with free handouts, etc.!! Then with these ignorant slobs get back on the roads, they’ll continue their Slovene behavior!!

  22. Welcome to its all about me.

  23. What’s the name and type of gym going in at the mall? Forgive me if someone answers this already I didn’t see it:

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