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375-Home Bouquet Canyon Project To Be Discussed By Santa Clarita Planning Commission 

The proposed 375-home Bouquet Canyon Project, aiming to develop a residential community on acres of undeveloped land, is on the agenda to be considered in a Planning Commission meeting.

A seccond public hearing originally set for July 7 was later moved to Aug. 18, for commissioners to discuss the project located on the east side of Bouquet Canyon Road, between Plum Canyon Road and Copper Hill Drive, according to the agenda. 

The hearing was moved to August  “to allow staff and the applicant additional time to address and respond to both the project and draft EIR comments,” according to Hai Nguyen associate planner for the City.

The construction project entails the build of 375 attached and detached, two-story housing units with related infrastructure, dedicated open space areas, trails, recreational areas and landscape elements on approximately 74.66 acres of undeveloped land, according to the City of Santa Clarita Planning Commission.


The proposed plan for the Bouquet Canyon Project “will include extensive alterations to the existing landscape and topography, with substantial site improvements to support a residential community,” the agenda states. 

Through this project, approximately two million cubic yards of earthwork would be required to adequately balance the site, a section of the current floodplain would need to be channelized, a significant ridgeline must be altered and the encroachment of 27 non-heritage-sized oak trees will be removed, according to the City. 

Additionally, a portion of Bouquet Canyon Road between Pam Court and Hob Court would close and construction would change the alignment of Bouquet Canyon Road, in accordance with the City of Santa Clarita’s Circulation Element objectives. 

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At the Planning Commission meeting on June 2, the Bouquet Canyon Project and Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) were presented for comments from the Planning Commission to be considered.

The Planning Committee had recommended that the item be revisited on August 18, 2020 to allot more time to address comments of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife who were asked to aid in adequately identifying and mitigating the Project’s potentially significant impacts on fish and wildlife resources, according to the City of Santa Clarita Planning Commission.

The proposed project has yielded a mixed reaction from local homeowners showcased by about two dozen emails in equal support and opposition of the build. 

The Santa Clarita City Planning Commission meeting is set for Tuesday, Aug. 18 at 6 p.m.

Ed. Note: This story has been updated to reflect the public hearing being continued to a later date by the City of Santa Clarita. 

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375-Home Bouquet Canyon Project To Be Discussed By Santa Clarita Planning Commission 


  1. I am strongly against building anymore housing units in the SCV. The area is over developed and the roads, local population and infrastructure don’t need anymore development. The SCV is slowly becoming a place for criminals to come and prey on the innocent who have enjoyed this safe community. Please, no more building!

  2. wow, more homes, there is already to many now. This house track will look into my back yard, so much for my beautiful view of that hill side and privacy in my backyard.. it already takes me 20 minutes to get to bestbuy from plum.. more houses more casr= more people, so we will be over 300,000 in a 50square mile city

    • bobbyg,

      “wow, more homes, there is already to many now.”

      Have you ever thought that maybe that’s what people were saying when your home was built.

  3. If they have the MONEY the city will approve it! Damn those oak trees and sidelines! Full speed ahead.
    So this is good for city officials? What about good for citizens?

  4. Not a fan of more traffic on the 14fwy…stop the greedy people

  5. This is the final nail in the coffin for any ability to get around in this town. Not to mention the sad impact on wildlife, open space and a little nature in the area. We may have to relocate after all.

  6. Shame on the city. Greed just pure greed and lack of consideration for residents. The streets are FULL of traffic!! Do you guys even think of anything more than just the money in your pockets?!! STOP BUILDING leave well enough alone! STOP. POLLUTING. OUR. STREETS.

  7. More and more traffic. Welcome to the next San Fernando Valley

    • At least in the San Fernando valley the streets run north-south or east-west. There are many routes to get from one side to the other. Out here is mass confusion!!

  8. Bouquet canyon is already a nightmare with the amount of people that use it from Palmdale and Lancaster to get to and from work. That single lane road is going to be a parking lot. And who the hell wants to live right on top of a juvenile hall !

  9. And the water is coming from……

    I will not be reading any conserve water brochures…Let’s conserve some water now..stop the new homes.

  10. Please, can SCV building/planning people just stop already? Our roads can’t handle the current traffic. Allowing this project is just plain greed and stupidity. Stop building until we get infrastructure to support it. Or how about just stop!

  11. The picture of the map in the article is very poor quality. Looking on the city web site for the documentation for the project also has the same poor quality map. They mentioned coming in to see the map, but nobody was there one time, and the office was closed another time.

    Please City Planning Department, DON’T TRY TO SCAM THE PUBLIC.
    Please put readable documentation on the city web site, and have a link to it in the community news in the paper. There are many questions about the traffic management of the project. Please don’t have anymore dead-end roads. The article mentions a single lane on Bouquet. REALLY! How much is traffic going to back up? All the new homes here, and the thousands more on Plum Canyon with totally backup Bouquet Cyn in the morning.

    • The newly built Skyline Community has Skyline Ranch Road linking to Sierra Hwy. Looks to open later this summer. It will help with some traffic from The Plum Canyon area to outside the SCV as it will allow access to the 14frwy at Via Princessa. However that does load more onto the 14frwy. Another note, if people from Plum and Skyline want to go into Valencia for the mall or central SCV, Golden Valley is quicker than Bouquet. Then again with more people on the road it won’t matter, no way will be quicker. That may be why they want to put a mall there in Sand Canyon. Looks like they want to split the city basically. They keep pushing into Bouquet Canyon. Eventually we will meet up with Palmdale/Lancaster.

      On another note can they not keep the Oaks where they are, which would be better or replanted in the new community somewhere? They are beautiful part of this valley and are being lost to this councils greed. The wildlife depend on these trees. We keep pushing them further and further into the Canyon.

  12. Concrete flood control channel, level the hills, build attached homes for high density and possibly low income. How is this going to increase the adjacent neighborhoods property values? I’m Audi 5000 outta here……

    • Jason, they are elected city officials. Vote them out. What demographic or area for the grannies represent? Term Limits exist for a reason, except in this old chronny city. They have their One Valley, One Vision. In other words Citizens need to get out of the One Valley’$ way.

  13. Has anybody ever counted the number of lanes of traffic at the corner of bouquet and new hall ranch. It unbelievable that people can deal with that now. This will add another 1000 cars😳. When I lived in Saugus it took me 20 minutes to get to the frwy at 5am. Good luck people😭😭

    • With Newhall Ranch going in at 2200homes the 5 and14 will be one big parking lot. Some new people need to run for office, it is our own fault leaving the existing people in office.

  14. It’s important we turn the 14 and 5 freeways into parking lots. Now it will take 3 hours to get to the valley rather than 2. Why isn’t traffic and over crowdedness be taken into consideration? It’s all about lining pockets with money. Never mind the impact it makes on the lives who live here. 375 homes. Unbelievable. 😡

  15. The water will come from Agua Dulce. Toilet to tap! Effluent is “treated” and then released into the Santa Clara River bed. It seeps into aquifers and is pumped out again by the water company. They call that well water. Then in Piru, Fillmore, etc. The process repeats itself over and over picking up salt. You do have hard water. I installed a Reverse Osmosis filter. I drink that!

  16. Just ridiculous! Exactly what we (don’t) need! More housing! Exactly HOW does that help homelessness?! Move your young family here, and basically there’s nothing to do anymore, since everything is going bye-bye! What’s the point? “Oh, but we have wonderful bike trails”! Nice, so your wife and kids can get mugged or worse there by some homeless losers! Not happy until vehicles don’t move at all on our local streets and freeways anymore?! Million dollar houses and crime is already out of hand, and now, with the Sheriffs taking such a hit financially, it’s only gonna get worse! Folks who think the SCV is SO safe, (regardless of what they tell ya), are sadly mistaken and live in a bubble or have their heads safely underground! 🙄 You live in SFV ll and if you can’t see that, you’re blind, or you never leave your cave! We’re going in the wrong direction, like the rest of our country! We need to take action quickly or face losing all the reasons why we moved here in the first place!

  17. This is exactly why we moved out of Santa Clarita.

  18. It’s time to move out again. I guess at one time that it was okay to express yourself, but as you well know and I am already considered a racist, biggot. Back in the day, it used to be called white flight from the killing and crime zones. Move further out of the city. In the meantime the environmentalists will keep it tied up for years, and years. I will learn to put up with the traffic and, increased home values.

  19. Enough building. The traffic already is beyond capacity for goodness sakes! NO ONE who currently lives in Saugus wants more traffic, more density with the loss of precious open land and beautiful oaks. STOP the insanity!

  20. This is truth there are way to Damn many built all over our valley already all you city people want is more money and do not care about the people who live here now leave it up to the people who live here now we say no more building period

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