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Hundreds Of Protestors Gather Throughout Valencia Thursday

Protestors gathered in several locations throughout Valencia on Thursday to protest the death of George Floyd, with hundreds of people gathered at the intersection of Valencia Boulevard and McBean Parkway as well as Bridgeport Park.

PROTEST IN VALENCIA: A large group of peaceful protesters have gathered in Valencia. KHTS Reporter Michael Brown is live on scene.

Posted by KHTS Radio on Thursday, June 4, 2020

The protest began at about 12:00 p.m. Thursday, June 3, where the groups of protestors were largely described as “peaceful” by officials on-scene during the initial event. One group of protestors first gathered at Bridgeport Park in Valencia, before walking to join the main congregation at the intersection of McBean and Valencia.

PROTEST AT BRIDGEPORT: Over 100 have gathered for separate peaceful Black Lives Matter protest is underway at Bridgeport Park in Valencia.

Posted by KHTS Radio on Thursday, June 4, 2020

Much like last Saturday, protestors filled all four corners of the intersection of Valencia Boulevard and McBean Parkway in Valencia on Saturday over the death of George Floyd, 47, a 47-year-old African American man who was arrested in Minneapolis for allegedly passing a $20 counterfeit bill and subsequently died in police custody on May 25.

In response, protests have broken out in all 50 states over Floyd’s death. Since that time, Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis Police officer who was videoed kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes, has been charged with second-degree murder, and the other three officers who were involved in holding down Floyd were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder.

In preparation for the potential looting and rioting that has taken place during protests throughout Los Angeles County and the nation at large, on Wednesday, the Santa Clarita City Council unanimously passed a local emergency and 6 p.m. curfew ahead of a possible large protest in Valencia.

PROTESTERS AT SCV SHERIFF’S STATION: Protesters in Valencia have now gathered outside of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station to continue their peaceful demonstration. KHTS Reporter Michael Brown is live on scene.

Posted by KHTS Radio on Thursday, June 4, 2020


The countywide curfew is not expected to be enforced for areas outside the City limits, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

In addition, the National Guard was dispatched to the Santa Clarita Valley in preparation for potential unrest that could arise from those taking advantage of the large gathering.  The National Guard arrived in Valencia at about 12:30 p.m. Thursday.

National Guard in Newhall.

The protestors at Bridgeport Park were heard cautioning other members of the crowd to comply with public safety laws by staying on sidewalks and not blocking roadways.

“We want our voices to be heard, but we also want to be respectful,” said one organizer over a loudspeaker.

See Related: Former Volunteer Coach Causes Concern With ‘Target Practice’ Social Media Comment 

The protests have caused controversy in recent days, and have even caused worries of potential violent retaliation from local residents.

A former volunteer football coach for Saugus High School has caused concern on social media after a comment saying “I can use some target practice” in reference to a planned protest in Valencia.

In response to a friend’s post about the planned protests Thursday, Tony Moore made a comment of “If the protesters get stupid and violent, that we should give them a place to congregate as I could use some target practice.”

See Related: ‘Suspicious Device’ Found At Shell Station Near Valencia Protest

Around 1 p.m. deputies were notified that a “suspicious device” was found in a planter near the Shell Gas Station on McBean Parkway near Valencia Boulevard, where nearly 600 individuals protested against the killing of George Floyd, said Shirley Miller, spokesperson with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.

Sheriff’s deputies as well as CHP officers worked together to clear the corner to investigate if there was any threat, according to officials on-scene.

As of 2:10 p.m., protesters are still able to protest in the general area, according to LASD officals.

Officials from the Arson and Explosive Bureau had not yet arrived on-scene as of 2:10 p.m. Thursday.

By 3:00 p.m. Thursday, the item had been declared safe by LASD bomb squad officials.

See Related: Local Santa Clarita Democratic Groups Not Involved With Planning Of Thursday Protest

Local Santa Clarita Democratic groups released a statement on Wednesday saying they were not involved in organizing the planned Black Lives Matter Protest in Valencia on Thursday.

CA-25 United for Progress and the Democratic Alliance for Action (DAA), Santa Clarita responded to the City of Santa Clarita’s proposed emergency declaration and curfew for Thursday.

“It has come to our attention that there is a rumor circulating of a planned protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on Thursday,” the statement said. “As local leaders of progressive organizations, we are not aware of, or in contact with, any organizers of either local or out of town groups planning such an event.”

Out of an abundance of caution, the Democratic groups recommend to their members and supporters that they not attend or participate in any action in the City of Santa Clarita on Thursday, June 4.

Ed. Note: This is a breaking news story, more information will be added when it becomes available.

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Hundreds Of Protestors Gather Throughout Valencia Thursday


  1. I support any legitimate, peaceful support for those demonstrating against police brutality . whatever its form and for Black Lives Matter. Barbara Cogswell

  2. These people need to stop this nonsense and go home all they are doing is making fools of themselves

    • How? How are they making fools of themselves? Looks like they’re just asking for equality. Do you want racism? Do you like oppression?

      • Oh please what is happening now is reverse racism. Making white
        People by the hundreds to kneel and lay in the street and chant things
        To appease these Antifa rioters and looters is sickening. We should be
        Proud of our race no matter what the color of our skin. weak police
        Officers kneeling in The street facing these thugs is sickening to watch
        Drew Bree’s forced to denounce loving his country and flag
        Defunding the police. This is all insane

        • MAKING THEM? What planet do you live on? No one is making them do this. They want to. That must be shocking to you, as you clearly don’t give a f*** about anyone but yourself, but sometimes, people like to help each other! What a stupid, pathetic comment. Be embarassed Jolene- I am for you.

          • I’m embarrassed for you David how sad of a life you must have walking around thinking people look at black people different than any other race lol this ain’t the sixties get that out of your head we are all hated equally in America now but black people seem to blame their miserable lives on others. I don’t think Obama ever had that problem he dressed respectable talked respectable and was respected he even became the President.

          • David, you are a sad joke if this how you really feel. Get a life and stop blaming citizens for supporting our police. Next time you need help, call a thug.

        • If Obama never experienced racism in the same way those protesting did, then why is he backing all those protesting peacefully? Your argument falls apart when you use obama, a man who has acknowledged black peoples plight, as an example. Racism is based on oppression in our times and white people are NOT oppressed. Do actual research into the statistics in which black people vs other survive common hospital procedures, the time spent incarcerated for the same crime, these numbers show the micro-aggression white people and even all other poc harbor towards black people based on an inherit bias in a large amount of people in the US. You’re right. this isnt the sixties, so the numbers we see today in 2020, are ridiculous. Black Lives Matter.

        • I totally agree with you. All what you are saying is what I was talking with my family yesterday. And we should not allow anybody to destroy our city. If they want to protest, they should stay in their community to do it and they can destroy there all whatever they want. I am pretty sick of listening every single day all this crap. The family of the guy who died did not want the protests. We should support our Law Enforcement. If we do not protect them, who is going to be there for us when we need them? Now there are Civil Rights Activists asking to decrease the number of police officers. Right, so they can continue conducting criminal activity and to not get accountable. More white people die at hands of the police than black people. And I am not racist. I have had black co-workers and they were really nice, but I do not like when people are crying all the time. Many people have a hard life and they are not complaining all the time. At this pace the economy is never going to recover.

          • “I am not A racist. I have had black co-workers and they were very nice”

            The fact that you need to share that you are not a racist is telling enough. I am white and I don’t tell people I’m not racist… because if you know me, you know my truth. Never been suspected, accused of it. Just because you worked with them does not change the closeted behavior. Sick of listening to this crap? Cool, it’s like you’ve heard the same message since the 1960’s, so I’d hope you’re sick of listening and you get up and do something about it. I will not let my brothers and sisters be in pain, alone. We the people, not white people the people. First 3 words of the constitution. You should give it a read sometime in stead of only reading 2A rights.

        • There is no such thing as reverse racism. There can be prejudice directed against whites from minorities such as “white men can’t jump” but not the same racism and discrimination that minorities live with. When white society has all the power they will never face racism. So, before posting get your facts straight! Take care!

        • Jolene, there is literally no such thing as reverse racism. White people cannot experience oppression the way other minorities have been exploited by this country. The way the first people to sail to America and exploit the indigenous people and fight them via smallpox blankets and robbing them of their land. Or robbing natives from the shores of Africa into forced slavery. The first step to acknowledging this is by understanding privilege. Privilege to walk up and down the street without someone walking to the other side of the street automatically to avoid you. Privilege to drive your car without being pulled to the side of the road based on the color of your skin. White people will never experience that kind of discrimination. It is a privilege to learn how to overcome racism than to experience it first hand.

        • I am white, and I participated. I am part of the superior race – the human race. The color of my skin does not dictate my narrative but for my brothers and sisters in pain, it does. I will stand with them, I will kneel with them, and I will march with them. We’re all one, and every life matters equally. Black Lives Matter does NOT mean that Back Lives Matter MORE. it stands for BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO. Because I can’t sit here and say that my life matters if my friends‘ – almost exclusively all POC – lives don’t. Open your eyes. I’m not being forced to do anything. This was a choice, and a cause I believe in.

        • It IS! They wanna DEMAND that everyone kiss their ass, and yet they do NOTHING to EARN respect! Its ridiculous! They definitely feel black lives matter MORE than whites, or anyone else! Sorry, ain’t happening! Homey don’t play that! By the way, reverse discrimination IS a real thing, and anyone who says otherwise hasn’t actually felt the brunt of it and lived in the city! I’m at the point where I don’t pay any attention to any of this BS protest crap anymore anyway. If I see it on tv, I change the channel, and I no longer listen to whatever they’re doing now. It’s white noise. (no pun intended) I ignore it. All these young people protesting are new to it and haven’t been down this road before, and they’re hopeful to radically change things, but in the end they’ll be let-down and disappointed. It’s like holding one foot on the gas and one on the brake, spinning tires, making noise, but going nowhere. They don’t realize it, but give ‘em 30 more years! It’s nothing but blah, blah, blah!! That’s all it is! It needs to stop now, if for nothing else, to stop the pandemic that’s still raging on. That’s the most important thing these days!! People seem to already have forgotten about it already! I suppose these protestors don’t care about killing their own family members and having it be on them. I don’t have to wish these people get Covid19. Sometimes things have a way of taking care of themselves! LOL! And do any of these people actually have a job?? Hell no! But it’s okay to break into local businesses in different towns and STEAL everything in the place! 🙄 Tell you what, though. Don’t come into MY town from out of the area and start this looting and violence crap! Nobody here appreciates that! Go home and do that! And nobody wants to keep listening to people that just want to whine and cry all the time! Woe is me!!! Feel sorry for ME! It’s like 2 little brothers. One is always crying that the other gets the good and THEY get left out! Waaaaaaahh! Time to go away now!

    • No they are not.

    • That’s for sure. They have no idea they are being used. Useful idiots! So a deranged cop kills a black criminal in another state and we have stupid’s out there protesting in California. Yup, makes a lot of sense!
      He was a criminal, not a saint but no excuse for killing anybody. I hope they shove the protest videos killing and looting videos in that cop’s face 24/7. I feel bad for the businesses that have lost everything. No Go Fund Me for them.

  3. I hope all the ones holding blm signs catch covid that group lost all my respect after all the hate death and destruction. The black lady holding the all lives matter sign is awesome though I’d stand with her.

    • Do you realize how stupid you sound? All lives matter! Except people I don’t agree with- they can get sick an die. What a tool

      • David, do you think Will is for real? Can anyone really be that stupid?

        • I really think he is real. I think SCV is do closet racist. In High School, an officer asked for the HATE CRIME CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. Some kids thought watts, some Crenshaw; many Compton. The truth? Santa Clarita. We had a Police officer, a public servant, an honest officer, come to West Ranch high School and tell us straight to our faces that Santa Clarita was the HATE CRIME CAPITAL in the US. So either he lied and the police are bad, or the people in SCV have a rude awakening to encounter.

          • So, Santa Clarita “was” the HATE CRIME CAPITAL in the US.

            and you say our choices are, “either he lied and the police are bad”, or the people in SCV have a rude awakening to encounter.
            Wow, just wow…………

            A Police officer, a public servant, a Rabbi an honest officer walk into a bar, and the bartender says, I’ll let you tell it

    • Youhope all the ‘ones’ holding the blm signs catch covid. Wow- You said THAT!
      YOU have made yourself the SCV’s very own symbol of hate and willful ignorance.

      • They won’t die id never wish death on anyone, they look healthy but most of those idiots had no masks on so obviously they don’t care about the health of the rest of us.

        • Oh fuck off will you got called out for your hypocrisy and backed off.

          You don’t care about anyone’s well being. You’re a joke.

        • If you were there and actually paid attention to the video, almost everyone had masks on. Open your eyes to more than just what you want to see. What about those Open SCV protests just a few weeks ago? Were you so concerned about those protesters catching covid, social distancing and wearing a mask?

  4. I just pray that things stay peaceful and that negative opportunists stay away. Most of our Valley understands and seems fine with peaceful protesting as long as our main roads are not blocked due to ambulance and emergency traffic to the hospital as well as citizens minding their business and moving about with their life.
    It’s very heartbreaking to see some of the nasty remarks on Twitter about who we are as citizens of SCV. Spreading rumor to continue to push hatred is uncalled for. All that does is fuel what people are protesting against: racism. When they call others racist, arent they themselves pushing racism

  5. To the protesters- find a impactful, productive, positive way to make a change. Changing your FB page photo and standing in the road isn’t very impactful. Don’t get me started on the looting, vandalizing, arson, total destruction of businesses and property. People are stuck in their home. Community has been boarded up and/or closed. Resources are working double time to keep peace and protect property. Stop the blame game on Law Enforcement. Coincidentally, all LE and surrounding police dept are all providing protection for this nonsense. The very people you are accusing of racism. With many officers being African American too! You should be thanking them for keeping your ass safe!!!!!

    • I agree! Also all of the news and online reporters are saying it’s all peaceful.; check FB, there were many people in front of the sheriffs Dept saying horrible, ignorant things to the sheriff! Disgraceful, however, I think they came here from outside of SVC.

    • Well said Daisy.

    • There has been no looting of any kind in Santa Clarita including todays protest. If you read the article and watched the videos, you would see that every intent was in place to be respectful of property and people’s livelihoods. No traffic was blocked. People stayed on the sidewalks, people stayed out of the roads to not disrupt every day like. The only reason any kind of traffic was blocked today was because of a suspicious package dropped off by the Shell station with the intent to hurt the people protesting. WHICH THE COPS BLOCKED THE TRAFFIC NOT THE PROTESTORS. Get a grip.

  6. U.S. Bill of Rights
    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    This is a founding principle of our Constitution. This same courtesy was afforded to the group that protested to reopen and forgo mask-wearing.

    Conflating looting with peaceful protest is plain ignorant.

  7. A bad cop treats everyone Regardless of race bad equally.
    There is no Oppression, everyone in this country has equal
    Rights, We even had a black president. All these people are fools they all need to go home.

    • Open your eyes and SEE.
      Listen and HEAR what people are saying.
      Learn from this movement.

      • The only thing I’m learning is these people protesting want special treatment for being black and this blm group stands for destroying property looting and cop killing.

        • I’m protesting and I’m white. We don’t slant special treatment for everybody, but how about fair treatment for everybody. BLM means that BLMT – BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO. Not MORE, not ONLY. not ESPECIALLY. TOO.

  8. Whew, that’s a relief, I saw the “BLM” signs and thought it stood for Black Looting Mayhem but I feel much better now that I know it stands for Black Lives Matter. Back to regularly scheduled programming…

  9. Everyone believes black lives matter. Everyone wants justice for George Floyd. I was enraged by the video of his murder.

    But BLM is an organization that promotes the lie of black-genocide by police. The truth is, unarmed black killings by police are at record lows—only 10 in 2019 (twice as many unarmed whites were killed). Most were justified with overwhelming video evidence. Others were not justified, resulting in convictions of the officers. This is not genocide. It is a dangerous lie.

    Meanwhile, police are many times more at risk for murder than unarmed african americans by police. Tucker breaks this all down in the clip below. Please watch and be ready to debate with facts. Many of the protesters have no clue about the facts surrounding this issue, and would not associate with BLM if they did.


    Our police are being targeted by BLM and other groups. Innocent officers have been murdered just this last week—officers that supported justice for George Floyd.

    Don’t confuse valuing black life with BLM. The truth is, blue lives deserve just as much support as black lives. All lives matter to God (and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t say that).

  10. How’s protesting in the street helping anyone? Most people who live here are not racist, so your only impeding people who support your cause

  11. Black lives did not matter when they were inhumanely transported like livestock from Africa. Black lives did not matter when they were lynched by the hundreds at the hands of the KKK. Black lives did not matter when they were attacked by dogs as they protested for equal rights.

    With the weekly news cycle, we can see a death of at least one black boy at the hands of the police, a black woman being thrown to the ground by local law enforcement, or a black child being manhandled by the very people tasked with protecting them.

    Black Lives Matter is not a term of confrontation or an exclusionary demand. It’s a rallying cry for a shift in statistical numbers that show that people who are black are TWICE as likely to be killed by a police officer while unarmed, compared to a white individual.

    Stating that black lives matter doesn’t insinuate that other lives don’t. Of course all lives matter. But the fact that white people get so upset about the term black lives matter suggests that nothing can center the wellbeing and livelihoods of blacks without white people assuming it is an insult.

    When white people enter the conversation about these critical underlying issues only to state that “all lives matter,” and that “not all cops or white people” engage in overt racism or police brutality, we not only minimize the broader issues at play, we actively erase the heinous acts that occurred in the first place and, in the process, mitigate our own culpability and accountability. Because in saying these statements, we seek to unburden ourselves of the difficult work of processing our own role (oppressor, beneficiary, complicit actor, silent bystander, etc.), in each of these complex contexts — because in saying these statements, we are saying that we aren’t one of those white people or cops, and therefore we do not need to change.

    My fellow white people, we do not get to unburden ourselves of this. We must finally begin to acknowledge this. To understand what this means. To educate ourselves about the history of these issues and the systems and structures that history has created. To acknowledge our own role in these systems and structures and our latent biases.

    It means acting upon what we learn and using our enormous privilege to stand up to and speak out against racism where and when we see it. And most importantly, it means to talk less and listen more. Listening to those who have been crying out for centuries about the damage these systems have wrought, instead of telling those voices, “all lives matter,” “not all cops,” “not all white people,” and going back to business as usual.

    • I thought you said in the last article you weren’t white??

      Man, you’re so fake, get out of here with all your nonsense. Go make some more stuff in your head and then get on your keyboard(where it’s safe) and make yourself fell important.

      What a joke you are. If you can’t keep it real, you have no message dipshit.

    • Lisa, Back then, Africans sold their own black people.

      • Why do people keep parroting this?
        What does that even have to do with anything?

        All black people are not the same, and that factoid changes nothing.
        Are you going to tell me about the Irish slaves next?

    • Sorry but in my 45 years I have never seen a black person get treated any different than any other race. To me it’s all a lie an excuse to use when life doesn’t go your way. Someone told the black person they get treated badly in America because they are black and now that excuse will stick with them forever and no one can change their minds.

      • Oh will, If you’ve never seen it, it must never have happened! Things exist outside your bubble. You’re so ignorant it’s not even funny. Just stop talking. You’re making yourself look awful.

    • Thank you for your comment. To remain silent is to agree with the opposition.
      I wonder how many of those making such negative comments would want to be black in our American ‘experiment’?
      We will all benefit when we truly are ‘free & equal’. We’re not there yet so ‘speak up’ and never be silent in seeking justice for all humanity. BLM but obviously from many posts here, lots more protesting must continue and whatever else is necessary to achieve full justice for all.

    • Sorry, Lisa, but you do not need to lecture ‘white’ people.
      Personally, I have absolutely nothing to ‘unburden’ myself of. I have played no active ‘role’ in all this, no biases that you speak of. WTH.
      If I talk less, people shout that I should talk more.
      If I talk more, people scream that I should talk less.
      When I WITNESS injustice, I will and have, surely speak up.
      I do not have ‘enormous privilege’…I have been discriminated against many times in my life. And yes, discriminated against because of MY color.
      I worked hard to put myself through college–I didn’t ‘qualify’ for free tuition because my skin was white.
      In my profession, I cared for and saved the lives of people of all colors and races. Color was not an obstacle to performing CPR or providing compassionate care.
      Everyone is equally valuable in the eyes of God. I agree…Imago Dei !
      Your need to ‘lecture’ whites is not well taken. You don’t know me or my heart.

  12. George Floyd’s murder was horrific and sickening. But, if the BLM movement wants to achieve true credibility, where is their outrage in Chicago for instance where black on black shootings number in the dozens any given weekend?

    • You claim to know that they aren’t concerned with violence in Chicago. How do you know this exactly? Do you have any involvement with BLM? What do you know about how they should claim credibility? You sound very opinionated and definitely not informed or involved.

      • I guess I missed Sharpton and BLM protests over all the black on black crime in Chicago – hard to sell t-shirts and get donations at such events though so maybe they never happened?

  13. This isn’t a movement. This is domestic terrorism. The message has been lost on many. Too much death, violence, destruction to even have an argument. People look at this as a terrorist organization. A few people are drinking the Blm kool aid but with ongoing violence from people representing Blm, it’s hurting the African Americans more than helping.

    • Have you watched the video of the protest here today? Completely peaceful and followed the sheriffs direction. You’re only seeing what you want to see

  14. Well, if they do get it the numbers say they got 98% of only catching mild symptoms or no symptoms at all…..they will be okay.

  15. So much for social distancing….

  16. Factual and succinct, thank you Lisa.

    I wonder how many who believe that this is all nonsense – and that the foolish protesters should just go home – feel the same about tiki-torch-carrying demonstrators in Charlottesville or 2nd Ammendment activists carrying loaded firearms in public spaces just because they can.

    A black man exercising these rights would be considered suicidal in much of America today. This is why compassionate people of all races and backgrounds are marching in the SCV today.

  17. It’s amusing to watch these brainwashed youngsters, by their Liberal school teachers & Liberal biased news media. The air headed sheep addicted to their “cell phone in the face” & “hollow social media”, thinking their doing something important, which say it’s cool, we’re all the same, no differences. They & others don’t look at there are real differences in BEHAVIOR! Why don’t Japanese/Chinese/Filipinos/Koreans constantly have problems?! Proper/good BEHAVIOR!

  18. Wow, I cannot believe all the hateful racist things being said here in our beautiful community. It really is disgusting. This isn’t the SCV that I know. You should be ashamed

  19. The ignorance is forgiveable , as most of the posts reflect the privilege that we in Santa Clarita take for granted. But beyond our borders, life is not so “awesome”. Show some compassion and be grateful for what you have..life may turn upside down and you may need some compassion from others one day..

  20. I just want to make a statement to the general public. If I may I’d like to zoom way up high and give the 40,000 ft perspective. We live in a sinful broken world that needs saving and it comes through the blood of christ. It’s there for all who truly want it, of course the alternative is also there….hell. The ultimate reward is heaven.. I know that our doctrine, what we believe, dictates our actions in this life.
    Now bringing it down to the surface I know that there are good and bad people in every race and nationality so I will never generalize cause there are bad and good cops, bad and good protesters,etc. The vandals are obviously the pits. At the present the black community needs support to heal. I may not be out there peacefully protesting but I do my part when I help change young minds in my home, in school, and in my community as to how to love your neighbor cause we’re just trying to make it through life in one piece. Tomorrow I’m going to help clean up los angeles. PLEASE KEEP THE DIALOGUE RESPECTFUL


  21. I don’t understand all kind of nasty and evil comments that are posted here. The tragic death of George Floyd was horrible and sickening to my stomach while he was begging for mercy and saying that he couldn’t breath. How is it that these officers didn’t stop there and put George Floyd in the police car and taking him into custody. This officer that had his knee on his neck wanted to do some major damage it was intended for him to make his victim suffer. This officer needs to be treated the same way he treated all of his victims. To my understanding he had several complaints against him acting up. He thought that he was above the law because he was never investigated or discipline for his actions. There’s a lot of good cops out there just like there’s a lot of corrupt cops out there but just because of those corrupt cops I’m not going to judge all of them as being corrupt.

  22. People have a right to speak up. People to not have the right to loot, burn, or harm others. I would like to see protesters donate to the store owners who have lost their shops. They did not hurt anyone. Why do they have to pay the price. I didn’t see anyone trying to stop the looters. One young lady I saw on the news said the violence had to happen to get people to listen. That is crap. I’m a minority and have been the victim of discrimination. I was very angry but I never destroyed or hurt anyone. I don’t understand why that is okay. Thanks to the protesters today who had their voices heard and were respectful.

  23. Love my community. All these comments just scream “Unity” /s

    Stay classy SCV

  24. Maria, why should peaceful protestors donate money to stores? They are not wrong for protesting. It is their RIGHT.

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