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Over Half Of Santa Clarita Valley Coronavirus Cases At Pitchess Detention Center

Over half of all Santa Clarita Valley coronavirus cases are at Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic as of Monday, officials said.

At least 951 coronavirus cases have been confirmed at two facilities at Pitchess Detention Center, making up just over 60 percent of the 1,577 total cases across the Santa Clarita Valley as of June 1, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. 

An outbreak has been reported at the county jail in Castaic, where Sheriff Alex Villanueva claims a group of inmates have been intentionally infecting themselves with COVID-19.

The Pitchess cases were previously counted as Val Verde, which caused concern in the small community miles away from the facility. 

After an outcry from the Val Verde community, the LADPH “corrected” the issue, and began counting the Pitchess cases along with those in Castaic on Friday, May 9.

Then, starting on May 13, the numbers from the two facilities also began to appear within the updates case count for the City of Santa Clarita, as indicated by a release from the LADPH that afternoon. 

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Officials announced Monday that 55 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed within the Santa Clarita Valley.

As of Monday afternoon, a total of 1,577 cumulative cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the Santa Clarita Valley since testing began in March. These include:

  • 772 in the City of Santa Clarita*
  • 39 in the unincorporated areas of Canyon Country
  • 693 in Castaic*
  • Four in the unincorporated areas of Saugus
  • 34 in Stevenson Ranch
  • Nine in the unincorporated areas of Valencia
  • 25 in the unincorporated areas of Val Verde
  • One in the unincorporated areas of Newhall

*As of Monday, June 1, officials had recorded 859 cumulative cases among prisoners at the North County Correctional Facility, and 60 at the Peter J. Pitchess Detention Center. Those cases are counted in both the Santa Clarita and Castaic totals. 

Additionally, 11 cumulative cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in nearby Acton as well as nine in Agua Dulce.

An additional 978 COVID-19 cases were reported Monday throughout Los Angeles County. The County total of coronavirus cases now stands at 55,968 according to Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the L.A. County Department of Public Health.

Over 611,000 coronavirus tests have been conducted across Los Angeles County, with about 8 percent testing positive for the virus, according to Ferrer. 

6,528 people who tested positive for COVID-19 have been hospitalized at some point during their illness, accounting for roughly 12 percent of all positive cases within Los Angeles County.

Of those, 1,357 are currently hospitalized, according to public health officials.

22 new deaths were reported Monday, bringing the total of COVID-19-related deaths to 2,384 in Los Angeles County, according to Ferrer.

A majority of all deaths in the county had underlying health conditions, according to Ferrer, further encouraging those with medical issues to stay home, if possible.

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Over Half Of Santa Clarita Valley Coronavirus Cases At Pitchess Detention Center


  1. Yes our head sheriff gave up on containment in the name of herd immunity lol. Half of the sheriff’s department is infected also because they are just to bad ace to wear a mask. So watch out they are not afraid to spread it to you. Let’s see how these numbers do after all the locked up thugs pillaging the town get out.

    • The firemen who showed up with my EMT were unprotected, aggressive, and made contact with my bare skin without gloves repeatedly. No masks. This was well after stay at home order and mask req.

  2. This was never a Val Verde, Castaic, nor even a SCV issue. Let the jails own their own outbreak. Why were they ever trying to sweep their mess under someone else’s carpet. These are the Villaneuva cases!

    • Seriously. How does it make sense for Pitchess cases to be included in community numbers. It makes no sense, they are not community members, intermingling in the neighborhood, shopping at the grocery stores

      I understand Pitchess staff being tallied under the community they live in, that makes sense.

      Please stop tallying Pitchess inmate cases as part of the community counts, it is misleading and not helpful.

  3. I was at Henry Mayo, with covid and severe complications. The ER dr was frantic, telling me 3 people had died in just the last few hours, but that he had only been “authorized to test 2 people” total. That’s it. Plus, don’t forget these covid tests that were held back for so long, when finally released to medi-cal facilities? Vast majority of them are throwing false results.

    These numbers are severely under reported because of low testing, poor quality tests which the government admitted they recalled most of for further proof of efficacy and accuracy, as well as the disclaimer that “many jurisdictions are not reporting” their covid death tolls.

    You can verify all of this and more by actually not being lazy and doing research and reading. Please note that the data in this article is from county reported totals, which is the same data feeding the cdc reports. County and CDC websites, etc. specifically explain that many jurisdictions are NOT reporting their death counts or test results. Also, on the city of SCV and LA county sites, you can easily confirm that ONLY ONE MEDICAL FACILITY, Henry Mayo, is reporting their numbers for ALL of SCV.

  4. We can help resolve this. We can eradicate COVID-19 from the jail by sanitizing every surface and the indoor air.

    “We kill Covid in Businesses and Homes”

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