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Santa Clarita Valley Workplace Coronavirus Outbreaks, Citations

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH) published a list detailing workplaces, care facilities and other businesses with confirmed coronavirus outbreaks and citations due to lack of compliance with health orders.

Of the listed care facilities with COVID-19 cases, the Santa Clarita Post Acute Care Center has reported 14 cumulative staff infected as well as 28 residents.

The Healthy Living Residential Program is confirmed to have had only accumulated seven infected staff. The Sunrise at Sterling Canyon care facility is said to only have one resident and one staff member, according to the LADPH.

Santa Clarita Valley workplaces as of Monday with confirmed staff are listed alphabetically:

  • Bay Center Foods Sanitation Crew, 14 cumulative cases
  • Forrest Machining, 21 cumulative cases
  • Infiniti of Valencia, eight cumulative cases
  • Law Offices of Steffanie Stelnick, four cumulative cases
  • Novacap LLC, five cumulative cases
  • Pacific Vista Landscape 12 cumulative cases
  • Solevy Co., 28 cumulative cases
  • Star Nail / Cuccio, five cumulative cases
  • Toyota, Frontier, eight cumulative cases
  • Valencia Water Treatment Facility Construction Site, six cumulative cases
  • Woodward HRT, Inc, seven cumulative cases

Six staff and 11 cumulative students were confirmed to have been infected with COVID-19 at the Master’s University and Seminary. Four staff were reported at the Newhall School District Office, according to the LADPH.

Several businesses and one school in the Santa Clarita Valley have been cited by the LADPH due to lack of compliance with the health officer order.

The Santa Clarita Christian School was cited once on Nov. 18 for this reason. A Canyon Country gym, Crunch Fitness, was also cited once.

Gardens of Paradise, a special event venue on Agua Dulce Canyon Road, has been cited for unregulated activity seven times.

The family entertainment location, indoor playground Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park has been cited by the LADPH six times between late September to mid-October. One citation was given to Combat Paintball Park in mid-November.

Shepherd Church in Agua Dulce has been cited three different times, while other branches in Woodland Hills and Porter Ranch have been cited over 15 times.

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Santa Clarita Valley Workplace Coronavirus Outbreaks, Citations


  1. This is why I am remaining in quarantine. I was wondering what are the consequences of the citations?

    • Nothing, I wonder how many cases of flu was reported ?? or colds, or headaches or any other illness, lets not blow these small cases out of proportion. Illness is all around us everyday. We have to keep our immunity systems strong or else something much more common will kill us. Suicide is much more dangerous than covet but yet we let these concerns go without a peep from others.

      • 48,000 suicides in 2018 up from 44,000 in 2017. By the end of the year the most common form.of death will be COVID exceeding heart disease +/- 1800/ day. When all said and done likely another 15% of “excess death” will be attributable to COVID. The world wont end and the economy will recover, but it will for more than 400k. As Christians we should cherrish our neighbors because they are also creations of God and not customers we need to have spending. We should also respect the truth as it is the highest form of respect to our maker.

      • The number of people who from died i from pneumonia s about 180,000 per year. We will lose twice that amount within the next few months.I dont think you realize how dangerous this is. We dont die from colds or headaches, this disease can kill you in days. 250,000 or more people will die who did not have to. I am alarmed at how nomchalantly and cavalier people are being. I know six people who have lost loved ones. In my entire life I have never known so much loss in such a short period of time. Also the longhaulers, people who survived but are suffering long term side effects I am staying home,wearing a mask,staying 6ft. apart and encouraging others to do the same!

      • Not true, healthy immune will not save you.

  2. This is one of the many reasons why we can’t open our businesses, people just don’t listen, or plain just don’t care. We have to work together to get rid of the virus. Think of our economy and the most important think of the future for our children.
    People please wear your masks 😷 and stay home if you don’t have to go out, please, please stay home!…

  3. Easy for you to say. Think of the many out of work who are struggling financially. Let’s just be smart and use common sense when going outside of your home. Get out to clear your stupid statements
    Remember the haves and the have nots.
    God bless us all

  4. I think for us to work together we need not to call each other names. For example calling someone stupid is not going to get them to cooperate with you.
    The flu virus 2018-2019 killed 34,157 people in the USA. Over the last ten years deaths in the United States range from 12,000 to 61,000 each year.
    At the present time there are 267,302 deaths this year at the beginning of Dec 1 , 2020.
    You can add about 2000 more by the end of the day. Another problem is that people who recover from this virus may experience major continuing disabilities. The extent of this long term damage is not clear.
    By the end of January: at 2000 dying a day times 60 days we will have an additional 120,000 deaths.
    The rate has been projected to go much higher maybe even 4000 a day. If this virus is not brought under control we will easily have over a half million dead people.
    An example how things could have worked out is in South Korea. This country knew what to do and took immediate action. South Korea has a population of 51.64 million. The total covid deaths were 526.
    If appropriate action were taken in this country with a population of 328.2 million and doing what South Korea did our rates would have been approximately 6 times 526 or 3200. We could have saved 264,000
    lives by simply wearing masks and socially distancing. This would allowed us to keep our businesses open and schools open if we used safety protocals. Saving businesses and lives could have been done if we worked together safely. This country knew this pandemic was coming at the end of January early February of 2020. So hence forth lets do the safe right thing. It will be better for business and saving lives

  5. The first workplace you should of mentioned and didn’t is MV transportation. Which is City of Santa Clarita transit system.

  6. We’ve never been in this together the clowns who pull the strings have no dog in this fight.Sheila Kuehl one of the L.A county supervisors who voted to shut down outdoor dining made sure she could squeeze one more night in at her favorite high $$$ restaurant.If it were that bad she’d have never”risked her life” at Il Forno she’d of gotten her food like the rest of us who don’t have a guaranteed income.

    • I am ashamed of the hypocrisy as well, but REMEMBER if the fed government had taken this more seriously at the onset, initiated health restrictions and more importantly given people enough money to survive the onslaught and not the corporations and non profits we’d be much better off. My heart goes out to those who are suffering from unemployment yet our government is failing us.Thats the real culprit.

  7. You forgot Henry Mayo employees have a considerable amount of confirmed cases too. 77 last time they sent an internal email.

  8. This pandemic was coming when Obama was in offce
    He said it in 2014, and he had a smile on his face when he said it.he should had done something back then to protect this country but he didn’t.nor did biden..he never had ppe replenished and now everyone blames trump. If he would have stepped up including biden we would not be in this shape.. dr. Fauci was in that group too who is just a puppet.

    • Well, to be fair, that administration did leave him a pandemic playbook and a pandemic task force on the National Security Council.

      Which Trump promptly threw out, and fired, respectively.

      But he was able to get the My Pillow guy, so I suppose that’s something.

    • Thank you it’s nice to hear the distorted views of the far right. Obama and Biden prepared us.In their hatred of all things Obama, they threw out the baby with the bath water. I read the report, it was well done. Obama had every right to be proud of it. So where’s his plan?

    • you’re such a shithead…

  9. Just an FYI might want to check all the dealerships on creekside sure Toyota and Infiniti aren’t the only two

  10. The #’s are crap how many false negatives in all these tests.
    I work at one of these places and there’s way more that tested positive. Just let everyone get it, get better and move on. Such a scare tactic, keep adding fuel to all the fear mongering sheep. 99.997 % of people tested positive will survive so get over it and open everything already.

  11. He left a playbook, what the hell does that mean.. he did absolutly nothing to protect this country, he had time to write a playbook as he is a high school football coach, but no time to re stock and have this country in protection mode. NO HE DIDNT all he cared about is shaking hands with other countries, for those who think leaving a playbook and not doing what he was to do you are just as bad as obama and biden, yes biden is part of this thanks for turning this country upside down..

    • Not true, REMEMBER the buck stops here. It’s on Trumps watch he is responsible. He never took it seriously and we can forgive him for being a bit behind but he refused to get on board or help NY. That was disgusting and disgraceful. The people have spoken. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

      • Trump closed the country while Biden & Pelosi said he was crazy for doing so. They called him fear mongering & racist for closing our borders & flights in. So, if Biden was in Trump’s shoes he would have kept the country open longer, causing more deaths. Turn off the news & do some research.

  12. Add Kohl’s Valencia store to this list. At least 5 cases in the last 2 weeks, according to a family member who works there.

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