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‘Tragic Milestones:’ Los Angeles County Reaches 8,000 COVID-19 Deaths, Over 3,000 Hospitalizations

Los Angeles County is continuing to break records for coronavirus, with the most-ever hospitalizations for nearly every day in the past week and 8,000 deaths, public health officials said.

There are 3,113 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19 as of Tuesday, 24 percent of which are in the ICU, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

“The County’s number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 is increasing at a dangerous pace, and today’s number marks the first time in the pandemic we have reported more than 3,000 people currently hospitalized for COVID-19,” said department officials on Tuesday.

The number of COVID-19 patients is estimated to reach 4,000 within two weeks, according to public health. 

The number of hospitalizations exceeds the peak of 2,232 people hospitalized with COVID-19 during the July surge. The daily number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 has increased nearly every day since Nov. 1 when the daily number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 was 799.

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An additional 8,547 coronavirus cases have been reported in Los Angeles County on Tuesday, according to public health.

The additional cases reported Tuesday bring the county’s cumulative total to 466,321, according to the department.

Last week, Los Angeles County reported the highest number of cases, with the record being topped for five days, according to the department. 

The five-day average for daily new cases reported with COVID-19 is 8,993, nearly double the five-day average for daily new cases the county saw on the day after Thanksgiving, according to public health officials.

64 additional deaths have been reported Tuesday, with the total deaths across the county reaching 8,000, according to the department.

The State announced a Regional Stay Home Order went into effect at midnight Sunday and would remain in effect for at least three weeks in California regions where ICU capacity falls below 15%. 

According to the State, as of Dec. 8, the Southern California Region has 10.1% staffed adult ICU capacity remaining. 

Because L.A. County is in the Southern California Region, the Los Angeles County Health Officer Order is set to be modified to fully align with additional safety measures across sectors and the required effective date. The Order prohibits private gatherings of any size, closes sector operations, and requires 100% masking and physical distancing. The State Regional Stay at Home Order is similar to the existing County Safer at Home Health Offer with additional sector closings.

The Order does not modify existing school guidance. Schools that are open under County protocols can continue to provide in-person instruction as permitted.

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Over 3,900,000 coronavirus tests have been conducted as of Tuesday, with about 11 percent of those tests returning positive.

An additional 255 Santa Clarita Valley coronavirus cases were reported Sunday, the largest one-day increase the community has seen yet.

On Tuesday, 149 new COVID-19 cases have been reported across the valley, with 10,845 cumulative cases having been reported in the valley since testing began in March, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LADPH). These cases include:

  • 7,334 in the City of Santa Clarita* (+115)
  • 305 in the unincorporated areas of Canyon Country (+10)
  • 2,507 in Castaic* (+15)
  • 52 in the unincorporated areas of Saugus
  • 364 in Stevenson Ranch (+7)
  • 71 in the unincorporated areas of Valencia 
  • 129 in the unincorporated areas of Val Verde (+1)
  • 39 in the unincorporated areas of Newhall 
  • 16 in the unincorporated areas of Bouquet Canyon 
  • 17 in the unincorporated areas of Saugus/Canyon Country  (+1)
  • Seven in unincorporated Sand Canyon
  • Four in San Francisquito/Bouquet Canyon 

In nearby Acton, there have been 150 cases, as well as 67 cases in Agua Dulce.

*As of Monday, Dec. 7, public health officials have recorded 1,922 cumulative cases have been reported at the Peter J. Pitchess Detention Center, including 1,397 at the North County Correctional Facility. Those cases are distributed between both the City of Santa Clarita and Castaic totals.

As of Tuesday, Dec. 8, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital has conducted 13,215 COVID-19 tests. Of those, 1,604 have tested positive, and 40 tests are still pending with Henry Mayo, according to Patrick Moody, spokesperson for the hospital.

There are 67 patients in the hospital as of Tuesday, Dec. 8, while 448 patients have been discharged since the hospital’s first case was reported in March, according to Moody.

Four additional death was reported at Henry Mayo this week with the number of COVID-19 patients doubling over the past month.

There have been a total of 43 coronavirus deaths at the hospital, with at least 84 COVID-19 deaths reported across the Santa Clarita Valley.

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Ed. Note: These numbers are subject to change based on further investigation by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

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‘Tragic Milestones:’ Los Angeles County Reaches 8,000 COVID-19 Deaths, Over 3,000 Hospitalizations


  1. The best and most effective lies contain a grain of truth.
    Yes, there are viruses that can cause illnesses which can lead to death in some people. Colds, flu, pneumonia to name a few, and now we have a new virus (coronavirus)

    We can try to limit the spread of all these potentially deadly illness to some people, however, know this,
    Colds, flu, pneumonia, suicides, and now COVID are not going anywhere soon;

    FYI, Measles to this day, still kills over 100,000 children a year.

    • That is it exactly, there are risks in everyday life. I could slip and fall and hit my head, I could get T-boned by a drunk driver or just someone in a hurry. I do not understand why protecting yourself from a virus with a 99% survival rate is reason enough to stop going about your daily business.

    • Sorry, But this is a truly heartless comment. 3,000 a day is over a million dead per year, or over 50 staples centers of dead grandparents. You must be very proud.

      • A4w
        Read much,
        Cases, with a 99.50 % survival rate,
        not Deaths,
        the only thing heartless is you lack of concern for the comment that,
        Measles to this day, still kills over 100,000 children a year.

        • The FACTS are still over 3000 dead per day – and at that rate it’s over a million dead per year, as opposed to 140,000 for Measles per year WORLDWIDE. you are both factuality incorrect, and plainly not good a math.

  2. Doesn’t look like anyone is following the safer at home order. People everywhere, long lines, traffic. 🤣🤣Newsom has lost his mind and Californians have dismissed him and his ridiculous orders. We go to church, we play sports, preschool, gym, and visit with friends. Parks are packed with people outdoors, living active healthy life.

    We have family that is considered high risk and they take precautions. They do not need the government control- they have common sense and can think for themselves.

  3. what’s it going to take for it to sink in that it’s about the hospitals not being able to handle the influx because certain people think it’s their right to spread the virus.

  4. I don’t understand why the numbers are going up. What changed? I’m not being any less careful than I was in March. People who didn’t wear masks then probably aren’t wearing them now. People who stayed safer stuck at home in March aren’t going anywhere now. Why is it getting worse? Same with 1918 Spanish flu. Whatever People didn’t die in the first six month died in winter. We don’t even have Winter here!! It’s not that cold, we get NO snow. What changed??? I’m so tired of being angry through all this. Ugh.

  5. There are people who do not believe in wearing masks, for example, Rudy Juliani, and our president. Those people are the reason this has gotten worse and not better. We all know this. It isn’t complicated.

    • Maybe it’s because they have had studies since 2009 with and without masks in the control groups in these studies that masks don’t work. Even Fauci said it back in March before his puppet masters told him to change his tune. So stop with this nonsense we all know this, and we believe in the science nonsense. You believe in pseudoscience, because anyone who brings up these studies they get censored. Anyone who ever says consensus or settled science is a charlatan.

    • Anne,
      Since you felt the need to flip the issue at hand,
      There are people who do not believe in wearing masks,
      for example,
      California Gov. Gavin Newsom for dining maskless and indoors;
      New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and his brother Fredo Cuomo.
      Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot having her hair done and joining in a celebration for Joe Biden;
      House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being unmasked at a hair salon;
      Denver Mayor Michael Hancock for telling citizens not to travel then boarding a plane to Mississippi,
      Texas, Mayor Steve Adler recording a video from a timeshare in Cabo, Mexico telling people to stay home.

      All these hypocrites are your Democrats, and most of them proud progressive.
      Hypocrisy is by no means limited to the right side of the spectrum as you so graciously pointed out;
      many of these politicians flaunted their rule-breaking in public, only to cite some BS reason why it was OK.
      These people are the reason this has gotten worse and not better.
      We all know this, and as you say,
      It isn’t complicated.

      • But P S, what do you believe? Are you for masks or against them? you know how I feel.

        We all know Trump has never taken a firm position on them. We all know so many at the Trump rallies don’t.

        Here’s a quote below from Michael Steele, Former Chairman of The Republican National Committee:

        “I’m exhausted… the fact that we have to literally beg people to wear a mask to save their own dumb ass from getting sick? I’m sorry. To me it is beyond the imagination.”

        • If you sincerely read my posts you already know that answer,
          TDS is old news,
          If you choose to join in and defend on this off topic direction let’s talk about today Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialists of America calling for a United States postal banking system,
          Whereby local Post Office locations would be authorized to provide financial services.
          You know when there not delivering votes
          I’m sure it will be run much better than EED,

          Some of the proposed services would be a postal banking system that could offer low-interest loans, checking and savings accounts, debit cards, check cashing, bill payment, ATM services, online banking services and electronic money transfers.
          Bernie will be joining the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission” DSA4USPS” subcommittee which is planning a series of educational webinars on the United States Postal Service this coming week.
          Thought you might be interested.

          • How is encouraging people to wear masks off topic?? The numbers are surging. We have to do what we can. Again, wear a mask, social distance and avoid large crowds/gatherings, especially indoors.

            I don’t know what YOU think about masks. I assume you don’t think they matter much, but I could be wrong. I do know you like to lump all Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents together as the axis of all evil like some sort of wack-job evangelical preacher.

            Do you really believe in all this election fraud bullshit too?

            You guys talk about Democrats being sheep… You Republican lemmings are following Trump and Guiliani right over the cliff.

            I’m glad to hear you’re reading up on Bernie though.

      • Ok, so you named some more people who have made this worse. Got it.
        And to the man who thinks studies show masks don’t work, why do doctors and nurses wear them, then?

  6. p s hiett, you have pointed out descrepancies where someone who has encouraged others to wear masks is caught mask-less somewhere , a person tattles and everyone has a fit. It’s unsafe for anyone to behave carelessly. I am most offended,however, by the ongoing, regular FLAUNTING of going maskless that I have seen by people of influence, like our president! I’m not defending Nancy Pelosi going to a hair salon without a mask. I don’t defend people just because I might relate to their politics more than others. We’re talking about public health. I really can’t believe you automatically think I would excuse Democrats for not wearing masks just because I’m an Independent. That does not make sense. I’m interested in keeping us healthy. I’m sad about the deaths and suffering. I’m not jaded by hatred and political nastiness. I’m actually afraid of letting this mess change me for the worse by participating in conversations that are not productive and reveal a lack of humanity in our hearts.

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