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Newhall Stabbing Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder

A Newhall stabbing suspect was arrested on charges of attempted murder, among others, after allegedly assaulting his brother and sister-in-law early Sunday morning, officials said.

Around 1:40 a.m. Sunday, deputies responded to reports of an assault with a deadly weapon involving a knife on the 24100 block of Arch Street in Newhall, according to Deputy Natalie Arriaga, spokesperson for the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.

“During (the) investigation, deputies learned the suspect stabbed his brother’s wife with a kitchen knife multiple times in the upper torso,” Arriaga said. “The suspect then approached his brother and stabbed him with the same kitchen knife multiple times in the upper torso.”

Upon arrival, deputies detained the suspect, a 27-year-old man in front of the home without incident, according to Arriaga.

“The victim and the suspect engaged in a brief physical altercation, in which the knife was dropped, until another family member separated them,” Arriaga said. “The suspect was escorted to the front of the home until deputies arrived.”

The female victim suffered serious injuries, while the male victim suffered minor injuries, both were transported to a local hospital, according to Arriaga.

Guadalupe Albarran, 27, was arrested on felony charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and violation of a restraining order, and is currently being held on $50,000 bail.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook.

One of the victims has been identified as Erika “Bird” Martinez, host of the YouTube cooking channel, “Cooking with Bird Martinez” and mother of three, who was stabbed multiple times in the neck and back, and is now a quadriplegic, according to the GoFundMe page started by her family.

“Our Erika won’t be able to dance, or cook for us anymore. This is so devastating,” read the GoFundMe.

Her husband, Marioh, reportedly was stabbed five times, suffered a severed ear and a punctured lung, according to the GoFundMe.

“I am awake, in lots of pain — both physically and emotionally. I am trying to see her today. Bird is still intubated… Thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. The kids are ok.” Marioh wrote in a Monday morning Facebook post to his wife’s followers. “Thank you so much for the prayers, the videos that you guys are making, sharing and the post about my wife. When my wife wakes up, (and) sees this she will be so happy that you guys love her and will keep her strong. Please keep praying.”

To donate to the Martinez family GoFundMe to assist with medical bills and lost wages due to injuries, click here.

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Newhall Stabbing Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder


  1. #juaticeforerikaandmariomartinez

    • I have watched bird Martinez . Can b fun 2 watch but all of that cursing & nasty vulgarities is very ugly when a person curses & speaks such nasty comments they are cursing themselves & every object & thing around them it actually brings Bad Luck . Bring positive actions & words & Blessings into your life & families life ! DONT CURSE YOUR LUCK & PEOPLE AROUND YOU!!

  2. I i am so sadden to hear this about our bird gang gang. Has been stabbed.and her husband mario.so glad the kids are ok. We will be strong for you bird cause we all love you so much.prayers for you daily.we love you and getvwell soon.

  3. His tenth arrest in the last 5 years. Maybe he’ll actually remain locked up this time.

  4. So sad. These are good people with three kids to look after. They did nothing to deserve this.

  5. So sad. These are good people with three kids to look after. They did nothing to deserve this.

  6. Let’s hope “Bird Gang Gang” gets better and also gets better sense to Hang out with low life’s that have been arrested 9 times before. We thought that decent people are in bed at 1:40 AM on a Sunday night getting ready for work the next morning?! We wonder if her 3 precious children also call her “Bird Gang Gang” and were sleeping at that time or were also hanging out and practicing putting on heavy makeup?! “Birds” of a feather——-

    • They were stabbed by a family member in their own home, family muddies the waters when it comes to who you “hang out” with, especially in an intergenerational home. Get some compassion JoJo, and since you’re so concerned about “low life’s,” get some class while you’re at it. Decency is about how you treat others, and so far, you are a glowing example of how not to act.

      • Marina the excuser: If for some odd reason, multiple family members choose to live together in an apartment, there should be rules of behavior, no violence, no horrible cussing every 5 words, no drug/alcohol abuse, especially in front of children, that’s compassion and common sense! If that loser tried to choke before and has a restraining order, one doesn’t open the door! Using cuss words and low class words like gang, even jokingly is not funny and the poor children learn by example that behavior is OK/cool and they’ll gravitate to that type of scum. Teach them to be a GOOD Catholic, not downplay gangs and low class behaviors, that way when they grow up they won’t need to live shoved into a multi-generational apartment! That’s true compassion!!

        • Jojo let’s not judge them and try to have compassion. Something horrible happens and it’s not a time to keep picking at the wound damage has already been done. Let try to lift each other and thank god for another day. God bless and stay safe.

        • Lmfao… Catholic?
          Catholics sin all week and repent on Sundays only
          to do repeat and restart the cylce Monday. Compassion is definatley not in your nature and before you preach religion remember to practice it. “THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE”

        • What you consider low class is subjective. Get your nose out the air and come down off that jade elephant. Who are you to judge? You snob. She teachers her kids to treat others as they should be treated just as Jesus taught. They seem like great kids. I never saw her badmouth anybody on her show or incite violence. Mario seems like a great guy and her show is very positive. Shame on you for excusing this sicko’s behavior. I’ve seen this situation many times. Two brothers living together and one has a pretty girlfriend or wife who won’t give him the time of day. I had one friends brother push his girlfriend through a closet door breaking it off the hinges. And because she is an outspoken woman and because he is family, noone took it seriously. The police see this same exact situation constantly.

          • Yo this is crazy i can legit type a comment here like no holds barred?
            Ai yeah cool out you’re right with that this is a completely different situation. Both of those people need to seek help for lashing out. Like they got stabbed in the upper chest repeatedly. Like christ can you imagine that? That’s different than pushing through a closet my dude. This is almost on the level of this personal story. I have a brother who has pointed a loaded gun at a member of immediate family before. He was drunk (cuz he’s an alcoholic) and honestly has lived in denial until recently and apologized. And before all holier than thou JoJo could come in and say “look at this filth pointing a gun at a family member?!?! What a horrid waste of flesh.” But it would change your authoritarian christian mind when i say he’s a cop.

            Anyways I’m gonna keep looking through this comments section like it’s a really sad episode of big papa erik.

            One love and rocket ships for all.

        • Jojo people like you are the problem in the world. With all the judgment you’re passing will only land you in hell.

        • Yeah they should have been good little catholics and let priests rape their own children and then cover it up. You’d like that wouldn’t you?

        • You are a genuinely terrible person. May god have mercy on your scummy soul.

    • First! Bird isnt the only Youtuber that calls her fans “gang”, matter a fact a little Youtuber turned singer made a pop song about being a girl gang.

      She had a restraining order againstNotht him because he’s tried to choke her before. She had a video where she stated he was getting out soon and was worried about it. So before you go stereotyping, get your facts straight!

    • I 100% agree with Marina comment ! but jojo you are a shitty person for even trying to judge someones character after they have just been stabbed.

    • Jojo,… from your lips to god’s ears! I will leave it there,… Karma girl!

      • Well said! This Jojo has no class. Must be entertained though knows all kinds of content from Erikas videos lol. One has a choice to watch or keep scrolling; it’s obvious Jojo watches… keep yourr negativity to yourself. NOTHING BUT PRAYERS AND POSITIVE VIBES HERE!

    • You’re an uneducated moron

    • You are an idiot ….I guess you stereotyping ppl makes you “better” …. sad to see ppl nowadays have zero empathy …

    • Wow so judgemental, u don’t know if they were asleep or he woke them up and it happened! Only God can judge.

    • You’re so ignorant.

    • wow thats a lot of assumptions . she had a restraining order against a FAMILY MEMBER..he broke it and hurt her…….has zero to do with who they hang out with

  7. So So sorry to hear about this we are praying for Ya’ll here in Arlington Texas. Please get well soon Both You and Mario. I hope the kids are doing OK.

  8. My prayers are with you Bird Mario and your beautiful kids. I pray you both get better soon and that this doesnt happen to another precious family as yours I just learned of the news and my heart torn. Lord heal them please in Jesus name Amen.

  9. God please pray for the family, they are in need of comfort, guidance and give them strength and allowing as well as the caring hands to help them in the heal long process physically and mentally. Amen.

  10. That my home town viva NEWHALL

  11. Prayers to Bird and Mario and your family..May your family continue to be blessed and to overcome this terrible incident. Love your channel even with all the bad words😉! Never give up! With God anything is possible 🙏🙏and only He has the last word🙏❤

  12. I definitely can confess that I wasn’t a fan of Bird at first but something drew me to her .. I realize it was her passion for cooking I couldn’t understand why sometimes she would allow her daughters to put on makeup and dye their hair as such an young age and curse in front of her children but once again I’m not here to judge I really feel sorry for her and her husband and pray to God that they pull through it’s not the time to really judge anyone right now but to pray for healing

    • Tee: We are not “judging “, we are observing reality. Those tender small minded fools are excusers, downplaying horrible lifestyles/behaviors! They play “the card” excuse Ike the judging word to try and shut up freedom of speech by people with truthful observations. She/they shouldn’t have let the scumbag in the door in the first place. Her poor, precious young daughters with the dyed hair & heavy makeup who hear the non stop F**k this and that as well as the God D**mn words spewing also witnessed this as well. They need help &/or CPS to protect them. Stop condoning and help the horrible parenting!

      • I know you are not in a time like this where a horrific scene has occured are jugding,streotyping,shaming,her and her family just because you JOJO raise YOUR kids (if you have any) diffrent then what she raises her’s give you no right to come spread horrible messages about her and mario’s parenting.YOU need to understand that mandy is old enough to understand what she wants and just because she dye’s her hair or wears makeup does not make her a bad person cmon have some sympathy your honeslty PATHETIC and I honestly a very kind person but i will not have sympathy for someone like you.GET on with your boring life instead of juding someone bring them up!!HAVE a great day honey,<3

      • JoJo, you’re too pathetic and ignorant to realize how contradictory your statement is! You mention freedom of speech yet judge her for speaking the way she does?!? You’re welcome speak how you speak and she’s welcome to speak how she speaks, that’s TRUE freedom of speech! And yes, you are judging her without knowing exactly what happened and why. You weren’t there to know if he was let in or he broke in. The only people the know how it all went down, is the people that were actually there to live through that horrible experience. Everyone else is assuming that what they hear/read is true. This could happen to anyone, even to you! So get off your high horse and hope that it never does! In the meantime feel free to F**K OFF!

  13. The writer of this article says the victims were transported to a local hospital. Is that Henry Mayo or is there another local hospital I am not aware of? We are Newhall Weak.

  14. Omg i couldn’t believe it when i saw it on tik tok i fallow her i had just comment on her last video Thats i wanted to try her sauce she makes

  15. JoJo .. Go away and no one cares about your opinions. If you don’t like Bird and her videos or agree, then get the hell out of this chat. The only disgrace right now is you. Bird, I’m praying for you and your family… I hope you text me when your feeling better. God loves you all…

    • Tina, the blind excuser: You say, no one cares, that’s obvious! If decent humans really cared, she was choked before, she shouldn’t have opened the door for it, she wouldn’t horribly cuss in front of her darling children, she wouldn’t let the children have dyed hair & heavy makeup , constant horrible choices has & will bring nothing but misery to her somewhat innocent precious children that will be destined to the same chosen low class lifestyles with multiple famila shoved into an apartment to repeat disgusting lifestyles. If her friends really cared, they would speak up and tell her to stop her non GOOD Catholic behavior for her children & herself! Telling the truth/facts is true care/love, rather than spew oh so sorry, she did nothing to cause this! Grow up, get it together in the best(not perfect)country in the world!!

      • To Jo Jo , F – You Trump supporter! I can feel your hate threw your message – You cant reason with PEOPLE like you… Hateful to the core

      • Good Lord Jojo, you need Jesus!!!for crying out loud,a tragedy has occurred, pray for this beautiful family who God loves very much! Be the catholic you just commented on! Girl, repent of your hardened heart and show support for this families well being!!!!!🙏sweet Jesus, bless jojos heart!

      • Agree. They all think its cool to be ghetto and vulgar. They had a choice to leave after the choke out, almost a year later, the area she lives is ghetto and has many rentals. She chose to stay now the bro in law hurt her at his moms house. Mario and bird love to waste money on jordans but all that waste of money could have went towards a deposit. Couple of 1k to leave the bs but they didnt. Ridiculous to be around a psycho, and seriously a restraining order does crap.

  16. Please god help her recover she doesn’t deserve this neither does her husband we love u bird I’m praying for u !!!!

  17. Jojo is a “Catholic” but shows no grace, no mercy, no compassion. Jesus spent time with “low life’s” because he thought they needed him the most. We all have flaws Jojo, what are yours ? Have others been merciful to you because big your mistakes? This family was attacked horribly and violently and permanently by a violent family member. One they were probably giving another chance to redeem himself. Check your yourself. A sad excuse for a foller of God.

    • Andrew the condoner: Compassions are constant telling the truth/facts! When one excuses horrible behavior, one helps it flourish! She chronically, horribly cusses in front of the precious children that they allowed over dyed hair & makeup showing them it’s cool/OK. When they get pregnant at15, what will you excuse that with?! Or will you praise that behavior/lifestyles!?

  18. JoJo shame on you for judging a family that has endured such violence as the Martinez family did don’t ever judge the way bird mothers her children them are her children and she cares for her family the way SHE sees fit. How she raises her kids is her business this family doesn’t need approval from anyone and especially from someone like you. Instead of posting negative comments you should pray for this family as bird continues to heel and pray she is able to walk and cook for family again that is something she loves to do and you would know if you follow her. This family needs prayers right now and anything aside from that is not needed! If you don’t have anything nice to say in this time of need then simply don’t comment!

  19. Santo Jojo go visit you nearest confession booth first off before casting the first stone. If you don’t agree with Bird’s lifestyle that’s cool but then again, you never really have walked a day in her shoes either so it’s very easy to nitpick from behind the curtain… NEWS FLASH, you nor I are the “Great and Powerful Oz.” What I do see is a young woman who has shared her authentic human side while trying to get her best life. Having endured poverty, mental, physical abuse as a young child does some things to the soul that may have lead to her bouts of depression… who knows, so cut her some slack. The only thing Bird is guilty of is delivering laughter, crazy kicks the lifted my spirit through my COVID blues and that’s not the type of magic anyone can deliver. And no it’s the Wa-wa card, I’m going to guess that your upbringing was better, then again I could be wrong. For someone feeling like such a non-condoner seems more like Bird’s biggest follower… lighten up.
    Bird, I know everything’s going to turn out good and you’re going to pull through this one, never give up. God Heals ALL wounds Bird.

  20. My prayers go out to Bird, Mario and the children, and for a speedy recovery.

  21. Well said! Jojo has no class. Shame on you for judging. How ever they patent THEIR children is THEIR business! You DON’T support her or her family she will live her life and you yours. If belittling others floats your boat thats pathetic! But hey that’s you. Must be entertained though you know all kinds of content from Erikas videos lol. One has a choice to watch or keep scrolling; it’s obvious Jojo watches… keep your negativity to yourself. People like you are not welcome here. NOTHING BUT PRAYERS AND POSITIVE VIBES HERE!

  22. Hi to those condoning horrible lifestyles. If you REALLY cared, you would send prayers, NOT excuse horrible behavior/lifestyles! To hang out with bangers like that(and let it in the door), with demonic cussing every 5 words in front of the supposed precious children and allow children to dye hair like that with heavy makeup will lead to more satanic Cholas pregnant by 15, etc. Since they choose to have multiple families living shoved/cramped into an apartment, what do you think they’re future will be—more of the same low class(doesn’t mean money, but behavior) beat downs, stabbings, rapes, burglaries, etc. GOOD Catholics wouldn’t tolerate that primitive behavior, it’s a disgrace to one’s culture! But we guess you excusers think it’s cool/OK—and you wonder how stereotypes get started by this common poor demonic behavior!

    • Jojo- When you say they let in the door where you there? You are assuming they let him in. You were not there you don’t know but you speak as if you know. If you feel the need to point behaviors during a sad situation it just shows how demonic you are pure evil will feel the need to point something out when someone is pain. You are no better, you have no class by doing this. You think you are a Good Catholic but you are not. There is a time and place for everything and as a person with no class you chose to point it out. Learn to be humble and compassionate maybe people would agree and listen to you more.

      “Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful. Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven”

      • MEF: A childish, condoning response. The article described the chronic criminal (arrested multiple times, a restraining order, a choker, etc.) and the scumbag was let in! Play with fire you get burned/birds of a feather. Yes, pray the the horrible cussing female in front of her impressionable, heavily made up children will not rub off, but with excusers like you, it’s a revolving low class(not by $$ but behaviors) door of an early pregnancy, jail, rape, beat downs, etc., by associating with these scumbags! Don’t continue to excuse, educate on the truth!

        • JoJo, I feel sorry for you. You have completely distorted your religion and turned it into something ugly. While there are aspects of this woman’s life you may not agree with; a good Catholic would be able to still show some compassion. I think you need to get off your high horse and realize that this was a horrible tragedy that undeservedly befell this family. Also maybe get some dick in your life, you sound like you need it.

    • Demonic cussing??!!! HAAA HAA HAA !! Jojo do us all a favor and STFU before the “satanic cholas” use you as their sacrificial lamb. For someone who is so “Catholic and holy” you sure do cast a lot of stones. If you’re a true Catholic then you would know that you should NOT be judging others, God is the ONLY ONE who can judge others, and I highly doubt you’re God, or for that matter, you’re not even close to Godliness. You’re a fake Catholic who rants about heavy makeup, dyed hair, cussing, bad lifestyle, etc., but the truth is you’re just a sad pathetic ignorant f*ck. And also, check your spelling and grammar before you post, all your mistakes make you look like an uneducated potato. K, byyyye!!

  23. THE BROTHER IN LAW !!! (Just like the Paid In Full Movie) ~ Jealousy = The R00t of All Ev!L !!!

  24. I can almost guarantee that I know who Jojo and Meli are. Correct me if I’m wrong, you are bro & sis from Victorville.

    People..do not encourage this mentally ill duo. They truly are hateful. The truth doesn’t affect them because they ARE trump supporters, so consider the source.

    Prayers up for the Martinez family.

  25. Thank you for your channel. Mental health is no joke. If u do not know about it please look it up . Praying in Dallas, Texas.

  26. love you bird mf bird, you and you family never deserved this. wishes and blessings go you the Martinez family. luv you bird gang gang !!

  27. Bird,
    Is a dang good Mother, her kids are feed, clean, etc. BUT MOST OF ALL THEY’RE HAPPY. So don’t talk bad about someone who is so kind & caring, she would give you the shirt off of her back You Devil. She & her family just went through such a horrible thing. She LOVES THE LORD so don’t you dare try to make her seem that she’s something she’s NOT. So what if she curses so what. She is who she is & WE ALL would rather stand & support someone like her who is true & genuine , than a fake person who trys to be something they’re NOT , some people that actually go to Church and say they love the lord, leave Church & then the real person is so hateful. Bird is Not those things in any matter she has a Heart of GOLD.

  28. Can someone telle why they were in Nehall California when i thought they lived in Texas and it happened out there????

  29. Prayers for the Martinez family. I hope you pull through bird your personality is amazing and I truly
    Do enjoy your cooking videos.

  30. Sorry this happened! Very sad! But this is just the regular norm in the Mexican American Chicano community of today! Nothing new! Nada nuevo! Same ol’ same ol’! Just another day in the barrio folks! Nothing to see here! Let’s movie it along!

  31. A Northampton County woman was in critical condition after being stabbed by her husband, who was subsequently arrested and charged with attempted homicide, authorities said. Police were called to the 400 block of Union Street in Nazareth shortly after 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, where they found Michael Vaughn Graves armed with a knife, LehighValleyLive reports citing borough police.

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