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Suspect Shot Dead After Reported Canyon Country Robbery At Liquor Store

Deputies are investigating an incident in Canyon Country where one was shot and killed during a reported robbery Sunday night.

UPDATE: 8 a.m. — Deputies from the Santa Clarita Station received a call regarding an assault with a deadly weapon. Upon their arrival, deputies discovered an individual adult male entered the location with the intent to rob it.

There was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and the victim/store owner. Both the suspect and victim were struck, according to Sheriff’s officials. 

UPDATE:  10 p.m. — Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau detectives are responding to Golden Valley Road, Canyon Country, to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a male adult and the wounding of another male adult, according to an official statement from Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials.

The suspect was pronounced at the scene and the victim sustained non-life threatening injuries, officials said.

BREAKING: One person is dead after a shooting that took place during an alleged robbery off of Sierra Highway and Golden Valley Road. KHTS Reporter Michael Brown is live on scene.Read more: https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-news/crime/one-shot-dead-after-reported-canyon-country-robbery-310843

Posted by KHTS Radio on Sunday, February 2, 2020

Original post:

Around 8:20 p.m. Sunday first responders with the Los Angeles County Fire Department received reports of a gunshot victim near Golden Valley Road and Sierra Highway in Canyon Country, said Miguel Ornelas, dispatch supervisor with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

“The call came in from Sheriff’s at 8:22 p.m. as a gunshot victim,” Ornelas said.

One person was transported to the hospital, according to officials on scene.

Initial reports indicate that the incident may have began as a robbery, and resulted in up to 10 shots being fired, according to officials.

As of 8:40 p.m. deputies are actively investigating this incident, according to Sheriff’s officials.

Ed. Note: This is a breaking news story, more information will be added as it becomes available.

Suspect dead, store employee shot in apparent robbery at Golden Valley, Sierra Highway

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENTBREAKING: A store employee was shot in some sort of struggle inside the Golden Stop Liquor Store on the 19900 block of Golden Valley Road at Sierra Highway.At approximately 8:15 p.m., a 911 caller reported an assault with a deadly weapon. One person was seen crawling out of the store and told to drop the phone in his hand. He continued to crawl out and was dragged to safety by a sheriff’s deputy.Deputies cleared the store and located another victim inside.That victim was pronounced dead at the scene.No additional information was available.

Posted by Austin Dave on Sunday, February 2, 2020

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Suspect Shot Dead After Reported Canyon Country Robbery At Liquor Store


  1. Seems there is NEVER a dull moment around here anymore !!! This area has really changed – and certainly not for the best.

  2. Patrons at the La Cucina restaurant right next door say they were not allowed to leave for their own safety and that the owner of the liquor store was shot but will survive and the robber was shot also and may be deceased.

  3. This is why you do not coddle juvenile thugs.
    Adult Crime=Died trying.
    No time for juvi-hall.
    Violent felons caught in act go straight to hades.

  4. Great one criminal dead. Thank You for my hero liquor store employee. You did an excellent job. What a surprise no, you can’t rob me. You are going to die.

  5. Great job to the owner for taking out the trash. This should deter their gang banging buddies from trying something else. Wish you a speedy recovery!!

  6. This is a Happy Ending Story.

    If you try to deprive someone of their right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then you lose those rights instantly. If you die in the process, good!

    All of the left liberals and socialist media want you to believe that a disarmed society is safer. This is proof that a disarmed society would have resulted in the death of the liquor store owner who is a hero and a victim.
    Trump 2020 if you want to keep our bill of rights and our constitution.

  7. Personally I applaud the man who shot and killed the criminal. These bad guys need to know that not everyone is going to become their victim, besides he saved us a ton of money on defense lawyers, incarceration or even worse the real possibility of the asshole criminal being set free to do it again. Kudos to the guy who defended himself by exercising his 2nd Amendment Right!

    • how The hell you go applaud someone who thought the young man was robbing the place when all he was trying to do was get something to drink wtf !!! Are you serious dumb ass ! Someone lost they life over something they thought stupid !

  8. Let’s wish the clerk a full recovery. No one should have to huddle in a corner, afraid of the human predators who prey on people who do not utilize their God-given right to protect themselves. Citizens, buy a gun, learn to use it, and practice, practice, practice. Demand that your county sheriff issue concealed carry licenses without prejudice and without politics. “Good cause” is defending yourself, period.

  9. I would recommend a good book on this subject ” More Guns Less Crime” By John Lott. We are all responsible for out own personal and family safety. Our law enforcement officers are fantastic but they can’t be everywhere all the time.

  10. This does have a good ending but I’m not sure shootouts at the local strip mall are a good thing. Many innocent people are put in harms way. If my innocent kid was accidentally shot because a clerk was trying to protect a few hundred dollars I would want to shoot the both of them. I know the right wants everyone to carry but way too hard to keep the trigger happy from shooting it up over minor disagreements And the left wants to take your gun rights away leaving us all unprotected. Some how there has to be a happy resolution

  11. Innocent kid with a right to carry card making a purchase is not a criminal. Good kid from good family. This story is a lie

    • Apparently you think reality is a lie, False Fibber. A liquor store at night after the Super Bowl, lots of cash. Your fellow thug with a CCW, and a pistol in his hand, pointed at a customers head, wanted something to drink??? WTF planet are you from?
      You are not convincing anyone, and sound whacko.

  12. Truth Teller, you should get your story straight!

    Im a first responder whose station responded to the liquor store, the young innocent man you believe was buying was a drink, was actually carrying a Glock handgun which is quite powerful and the sheriffs unloaded his magazine with empty 12 shells in it, which he attempted to hold up and kill the the liquor store owner.
    Sure looked like a criminal to me.
    This isn’t a lie, but the gods honest truth.. Too bad you weren’t there, whereas I was on duty the next day and was given the full story.

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