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Smash And Grabs Make It To SCV, Woman Shares Frightening Experience 

A woman is sharing her frightening experience after witnessing a smash and grab at Marshalls, and Sheriff’s officials are offering tips on how to act if caught in this situation.

On Thursday, Aug. 18, Julie Behrens was casually shopping at Marshalls in Stevenson Ranch when a smash and grab happened, and things got loud. 

Two ladies started hitting a display in attempts to steal high end purses, Behrens recalled.  

“The purses were hanging on a heavy duty metal security cord connected to an alarm,” Behrens said. 

Behrens, along with other shoppers were just around the corner from where the smash and grab occurred, and it did not take long for them to realize what the unexpected loud banging was. 

“We were in the back of the store adjacent to where the two suspects were,” Behrens said. “After a few seconds, we all realized what was happening. We all collectively knew without saying anything to each other there was danger. We just stood there about 10 to 15 feet away and watched in disbelief.” 

Behrens immediately called 911 and made it very clear to the suspects she was on the phone with law enforcement. 

“I called 911 and described to the (deputies) everything as they were ripping the purses off the wall,” Behrens said.  

Although she tried making it apparent to the smash and grab suspects she was contacting law enforcement, it was not enough to stop the felony crime in progress from continuing.

“I don’t know what the suspects heard, but I did not try to hide the fact I was talking to police,” Behrens said. “They did not acknowledge me,  they were just very focused on what they were doing.” 

With all types of theft increasing throughout Los Angeles County including in our own Santa Clarita Valley, SCV Sheriff’s officials are offering tips on what to do if you find yourself in a situation like Behrens. 

Shoppers should remain alert and vigilant at all times, according to Deputy Robert Jensen, spokesperson for the SCV Sheriff’s Station. 

However, Sheriff’s officials are urging to never go out of your way to be a hero, and stay as far away from danger as possible. 

“Getting a good description of the suspect and a license plate number is always helpful, but only if it is safe to do so,” Jensen said. 

While the Santa Clarita Valley has not had the high number of smash and grabs the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles have seen, multiple petty thefts and grand thefts have been reported. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, multiple suspects went inside the Macy’s on McBean and stole merchandise and allegedly punched a store prevention employee. 

Another store frequently hit by theft in the Santa Clarita area is Ulta Beauty on Magic Mountain Parkway. 

Back on Dec. 29, 2021 Ulta Beauty was the victim of theft twice within one day. 

In both incidents several thousands of dollars of products were stolen from Ulta Beauty.     

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Smash And Grabs Make It To SCV, Woman Shares Frightening Experience 


  1. The writer of this story can’t tell us whether the perps at Marshall’s were caught?

  2. It was said above, “ Get a good description of the suspects”——-Well, what did they look like, wearing, etc.!! Also, Ladies don’t commit crimes——-females & women do! Were they the same ones that smashed & grabbed at Macy’s?!
    Tell the Truths/Facts, otherwise you’re condoning & allowing crimes to happen & continue!

  3. The above comment is correct. They are not two “ladies”. Two women is accurate.
    Since there is a description and possibly photos of them those should be published so we can help locate the individuals if we know them or if we see them again in another local store ready to do the same thing.

  4. “Although she tried making it apparent to the smash and grab suspects she was contacting law enforcement…” Why would any criminal care about that? What are the cops gonna do, arrest them? If that happens Gascon has their back and will release them immediately. Criminals take care of their own.

    Remember people, we had more than enough signatures to get “Recall Gascon” on the ballot but the Democrats in charge simply said “no.” That’s not democracy, that’s the same electoral fraud that got us Katie Hill, Gavin Newsom, and Joe Biden.

    • Yeah, they knew how to fix it. They threw out 20% of the ballots saying they weren’t done right, etc., etc. We know that’s a lie because those recall ballots are sent back to us to correct and then we correct and send them back in. That’s what happened to me. Guess the November election will be rigged too. It never used to be like this.

  5. Everything Liberals touch degenerates! Look what they’ve done to every city in the once wonderful (not perfect) USA!
    Wake up, not Woke up Sheeple!

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