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Special Edition: Top Things To Do At Home – March 17, 2020

With many Santa Clarita residents spending most of their free time at home due to coronavirus concerns, KHTS is offering a special edition of the weekly Top Things To Do In Santa Clarita post for the community: Top Things To Do At Home!

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#1 – Play games!

Pull out the board games or a deck of cards for a more traditional game day. Fire up the Wii and choose an active game to stay moving. Download a fun family game like Heads Up! to your phone. For one player and families alike, games can keep you engaged, laughing and even moving without needing to leave the house.

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#2 – Read a book!

Pull one of your old favorites off the shelf or download a new book to your tablet. Curl up on the couch or take your reading to the backyard for some fresh air during breaks in the rain. Don’t forget you can read as a family, either taking turns reading a fun book aloud in your best theatre voices or simply gathering together, each with your own book. Reading is a great alternative to television, so let your imagination come to life!

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#3 – Exercise!

If you have exercise equipment in the closet, pull it out! Dig out that old exercise DVD or download a new one. Look up free exercise videos that can be done with or without equipment on YouTube. Go for a jog in your neighborhood, making sure to maintain social distancing practices. Staying active reduces stress and anxiety, and can be done independently or as a family!

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#4 – Meditate!

Meditation is another great way to reduce stress and anxiety at home. Pull up a free restorative yoga video on YouTube or download one online to focus on breathing and stretching. Download a meditation app like “Calm” or “Headspace” to your phone for a variety of guided meditation practices. Weather permitting, take your meditation of choice to the backyard to incorporate nature and fresh air.

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#5 – Get organized!

Organize that messy linen closet or those kitchen cabinets, clean out your closet or make files for the stacks of important documents that have been accumulating in your desk drawer. You could even sort through old items, separating out things you plan to donate or sell from what you want to keep. De-cluttering and organizing is a productive way to spend extra time at home, and the kids can help too!

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Special Edition: Top Things To Do At Home – March 17, 2020

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