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Teen Mental Health Issues And How They Are Approached At SCVi Charter School

Teen mental health issues and how SCVi charter school approaches them was the topic of this week’s Insight Treatment Hour on KHTS Radio in Santa Clarita.

“I know at your school you take mental health very seriously for the teenagers,” said Frederik Schulin from Insight Treatment Program in Santa Clarita to Matt Watson from SCVi charter school.

“The idea of destigmatizing mental health care is something that is very, very important to us,” said Watson.

“It’s important to have a school or a community around the kids when some of these things come up,” Watson said.

According to Watson, by addressing teen mental health concerns they are able to achieve their academic goals at SCVi as well.

Watson said that it is important to the SCVi charter school to destigmatize teen mental health care.

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“We need to create an environment, we think is so important, where kids feel safe and comfortable raising their voices about [teen mental health issues],” Schulin said about his own teen mental health program in Santa Clarita.

Watson said that when he started working at SCVi that he noticed how the students felt a lot more comfortable in their school environment.

“[It is] important that in a school, in a treatment center, in a family — it’s important that kids feel included and that they’re safe to express themselves,” Watson said.

According to Schulin, SCVi has teamed up with the Insight Treatment Program to ensure that the school will talk to their students about mental health in the upcoming months. One way they will accomplish this goal is to have teens who have experienced mental health issues, and that have gone through the Insight teen treatment program, talk to students at SCVi about mental health.

The kids who have gone through the Insight teen treatment program will present to current SCVi students about their experiences Schulin said. Schulin also noted that it may have to be done virtually this year due to health and safety concerns posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schulin also said it might be possible for Insight to hold a night for parents to learn about teen mental health issues from the staff from Insight Treatment in Santa Clarita.

Ed. Note: This article is a KHTS Community Spotlight for Insight Treatment Programs in Santa Clarita.

Insight Treatment Programs is an outpatient treatment program for teens and their families. The program treats teen mental health issues and teen substance abuse. Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and more. Rehab services are also offered to help teens with drug and alcohol abuse issues. Insight Treatment Programs also offers academic services for teens who have had their school life affected by mental health and substance abuse issues.

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Teen Mental Health Issues And How They Are Approached At SCVi Charter School

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