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Attempt To Recall Governor Newsom Fails In Special Election, Preliminary Results Say

Preliminary voting results revealed that an attempt to recall Governor Gavin Newsom failed Tuesday, allowing him to finish off his term. 

On Tuesday, Californians, including those living in the Santa Clarita Valley, had an opportunity to vote to have Newsom removed from office. 

Live Updates: 2021 California Gubernatorial Recall Election Results

However, a majority of voters said no to the recall, allowing Newsom to keep his position, according to unofficial election results. 

If Newsom were to be recalled, Republican candidate Larry Elder would have replaced him due to receiving the most votes for who Californians wanted to replace Newsom, with 40.74% of the replacement vote in L.A. County as of 9:45 p.m. Tuesday. 

“This outcome was only made possible through the efforts of community members across the state and here in our own valley who worked tirelessly to defend the Governor’s office from being taken over by a far-right extremist,” said Andrew Taban, Chair of the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats. “Still, our work is far from over, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Governor’s office to help our communities survive this pandemic and thrive long after.”

According to preliminary election results as of (insert time here), approximately one-third of California voters were unhappy with how Newsom is running the state, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, requiring mask mandates and some of the strictest COVID-19 guidelines in the nation.    

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Attempt To Recall Governor Newsom Fails In Special Election, Preliminary Results Say


  1. Grewsome Newson is Absolute garbage.

  2. Over 20,000 businesses closed for good from Newsom’s Draconian lockdowns. CA voters approved capital punishment under Governor Jerry Brown, but Newsom cancelled it 3 months after he became Governor. 70,000 inmates to be let out of Calfornia jails, and 20,000 of them are violent offenders. How many parents enjoyed the stress of Newsom’s forced online learning to our children with public schools? Don’t forget we live in the highest taxed state. By all means California, let’s keep the poorest choice for a Governor in office. To de-stress you can take a trip to Venice Beach, downtown LA or San Francisco. There you will see Newsom’s greatest accomplishments. King Newsom and George Gascon, and Chesa Boudin. All backed by George Soros.

  3. Some answers are not so simple…

  4. He spelled a few things wrong. Voters went Yes to;
    -Finger in the wind mandates and politics over science
    -Wildfires from prohibited forest management
    -Homelessness due to prohibited treatment
    -Higher crime due to criminal enablement
    -Lack of water due to diversion and prohibited new storage (3 years ago we had a 9 yr supply if it never rained again)
    -Highest taxes with lowest return to taxpayer services and poor roads
    -Lowest performing schools due to powerful unions calling the shots

  5. You lost. Get over it.

  6. What a waste of money thanks to some ill informed disgruntled idiots this fiasco that was NEVER going to succeed will now cost all us taxpayers $300 MILLION. I say we present the bill to those same idiots who voted yes! Let them pick up the tab. Seriously, who in their right mind thought Larry Elder, a self-loathing Trumpet sycophant, is qualified to run the state of CA? Mindful of the fact that we, CA, are the world’s 6th largest economy!! Elder is nothing more than an opportunistic con man who will say and do anything for attention. You fools should be ashamed to think a talk show host is qualified to run CA. After all, Trump, the disgraced twice impeached former president who called for an armed insurrection to overthrow our country, was such a success right? The dissonance between what the GOP represents and what the majority of AMERICANS want couldn’t be more clearer than the total repudiation of Elder.

    Now go lick your wounds, cry foul, make asinine non-existent fraud claims and suck it up LOSERS.

    • another great day in Awesometown – Go Blue

    • Wow what a peach you are.
      This wasn’t about parties this was about his abuse of power. Y’all focus on Donald and are so blinded to the reality California is being destroyed one business at a time by his mismanagement.
      I hope you enjoy the high taxes, the high gas prices , the mandated he makes but doesn’t follow, I hope you enjoy teaching your kids from home while his were in private school , I hope a entire group of transients take up residency in your front yard pooping & peeing in your flower bed.
      Don’t complain when that happens. You seem to be in favor it.

  7. Back to censoring my comments again, coward. Time to file a complaint with the FCC

    • You should try commenting in the SCV Signal’s comment section. That thing is ruled with a red fist.

      Get CA Sane obviously failed science and a truly fails to recognize California as progressive state. I hate to break the news to anyone who didn’t know this but California has leaned heavy to left since the early 1990s. Stop living in the past. Some are proud they can roll back the clock in Texas, NOT HERE!

  8. The unions calling the shots therefore resulting in low test scores is NOT a fair statement. Low test scores have complicated explanations, we all know that. And kids are more than their test scores. Some are very intelligent but not successful with test formats etc. Some adults may remember that about themselves. So unless you have hours to learn from educators about this, it’s easier just to point a finger at someone to blame. And we haven’t even brought in the parent component.
    I keep reading how teachers didn’t want to work during the pandemic and that is NOT true. The teachers wanted to come to work but it was unsafe before there was a vaccine. So they knocked themselves out to get through to families, lead Zoom lessons for the first time for hours live, set up platforms for assignments, create small breakout rooms on Zoom for small groups, mail work home, arrange materials pickups at school (staggered, for parent social distancing), and take online classes about available programs online for tracking students’ reading, etc ,while signing up for online virtual field trips. Most districts had weekly grade level meetings to collaborate,and had to administer certain mandated tests to kids who were trying to log in to unfamiliar test platforms.I have first-hand knowledge of this . This is not debatable. If you didn’t know these facts before, hopefully I accomplished some level of greater understanding. It’s hard to see teachers work hard while people think they want to stay home and do nothing.

  9. For anyone tempted to tell me I’ve gone off-topic, I brought it up because the subject of school vouchers was a part of the recall conversation

  10. I am also on the inside so know this issue well. Two things or more can be true at the same time. CA has some of the lowest reading comprehension and math ability in this Country and THE lowest for what we spend per pupil. I agree many schools and teachers did amazing things during Covid. But Saugus Union and Hart districts are outliers in this State as they have not gone full woke like LAUSD, Santa Clara, San Francisco and other districts have. Too many teachers did not want to return to school at all and still do not. Colleagues have literally moved to districts where they were promised they could teach from home for the foreseeable future because their union promised it. They were very happy teaching from their condo in Mexico until noon then having the rest of the day off. Not saying this is the norm but remember two things can be true at the same time. The question is, where does leadership side? The unions call all the shots here are do not have the kids best interest in the top 10 of their list of priorities. Teachers, yes, most of them do but they dont have the ear of the Governor. 15% have been defined as incompetent in a population of 300k teachers. That is 45k teachers who should not be in this profession but they will never be fired. They are assigned to poor areas where parents dont complain. No business or hospital could operate this way. You know this is true if you also have firsthand knowledge of this matter. You also know the UTLA leader is a dangerous individual pushing radical separatist ideology yet she and the Governor meet regularly on pushing these ideas statewide. Progressivism has killed every country it has touched and is killing CA too. I already have roots elsewhere so it can meltdown with no direct impact to me. But I care about friends and family left behind and the broader impact of these policies to the country.

  11. Many of the teachers still working from home are anti-vaxers or have serious health conditions. This has allowed for parents who don’t want their under age 12 children to return to campus. They can get on a credentialed teacher’s roster and learn remotely.
    Get_CA_Sane, I’m wondering about the 15% incompetent statistic came from. Thank you.

  12. in his speak of a stupid so called victory speech, he thanked 40 million people, well that’s wrong, there is 39 million in the whole state of California, we all didn’t vote for stupid.. he learned from Biden who has 3 letters for you JOBS.
    Well for you who voted for grease headed liar, your tax just went up, your fuel for your car just went to 5 bucks..and your roads for sure will never get fixed.. thank you, you stupid sheeps that voted for a moron, unbelievable

  13. Elder ruined any chance of a recall.

  14. Personally I find it hard to believe there are that many stupid people in California. After all we’ve been through I figured everyone would have had it with him and his dictatorship and hypocrisy.
    I have an obligation here in lousy CA but I will leave as soon as the obligation is done ASAP.

  15. So many disgruntled people. So many haters. It makes be sad that Santa Clarita has so many right wing lovers. I look forward to decades from now when young educated citizens will change Santa Clarita to even more democratic

    To those that don’t like California where Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one, please move to Texas.

  16. Notice no one is singing the praises of Larry Elder.

  17. Back to Elder himself, he is a big boy, not a helpless victim. He is Not a victim of the media smearing him. Remember, he IS the media, with his own talk show giving him MUCH opportunity to share his opinions. The problem is, his opinions are not in keeping with our moral, respectable, decent, Californian,American values.

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