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Details On Millions Raised By Mike Garcia, Christy Smith In CA-25 Race Reported

A week after Congressman Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, and Assemblywoman Christy Smith, D-Santa Clarita, self-reported their recent fundraising totals, filings now reveal the details of those donations.

Thursday marked the deadline for Federal Election Commission (FEC) financial report filings for Quarter 3, from July 1 to Sept. 30. During that time, Garcia raised $3.18 million, while Smith raised $1.34 million for the 25th Congressional District race, according to FEC filings.

Garcia won the May 12 special election for CA-25 with about 54.9 percent of the vote, and both candidates are set to face-off once again in November for the full 2021-2023 term.

In previous fundraising cycles, Smith raised over $3.4 million bringing the total to about $4.8 million, with Garcia raising $4.2 million before Q3, for a fundraising total of about $7.38 million, according to FEC filings from Jan. 1 to June 30.

Smith started the third quarter with about $400,000 cash on hand, according to the FEC.

For the $1.34 million raised by Smith in Q3, $1.18 million, or about 87 percent, came from individuals, according to the FEC filings.

$4,500 was contributed from political party committees with the remaining about $164,000 coming from political action committees (PACs), most of which are other candidates and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Other committees that have contributed to Smith include local democratic clubs as well as unions representing firefighters, teachers and food workers.

An additional about $66,000 was contributed by other authorized committees, including the California Candidates Victory Fund and Battleground Women.

Smith ended the quarter with about $530,000 cash on hand, according to FEC filings.

“I’m so grateful to everyone who chipped in and supported our efforts to flip CA-25 — thanks doesn’t even begin to cover my deep appreciation,” Smith said in a statement. “With every dollar, we are making it clear to my opponent that our community needs greater access to health care, better jobs, support for public education, and an actual plan to deal with COVID-19 recovery. The voices of everyday people need to be heard in Washington. Let’s send this out-of-touch multimillionaire businessman packing.”

Garcia started the quarter with about $730,000, according to FEC filings.

Of the $3.1 million raised by Garcia in Q3, about $2.8 million or 92 percent was contributed by individuals, according to the FEC

About $240,00 was raised by political action committees, with a large amount coming from committees aimed at keeping or gaining Republican seats in the House of Representatives.

Several industry groups donated to Garcia, including the National Rifle Association (NRA), aerospace and defense companies, the American Bankers Association and media companies.

Additionally, just over $111,000 was contributed by other authorized committees, including Garcia For CA-25 and the Garcia Victory Fund.

“These numbers show that Southern California families have had enough of liberal politician Christy Smith and her massive tax hikes and prefer Mike Garcia, who remains an objective voice fighting for lower taxes,” said Lance Trover, Garcia campaign spokesperson in a statement.

Garcia ended the quarter with about $2,000,000 cash on hand, according to FEC filings.

Both Smith and Garcia are set to go head-to-head one more time for the next full Congressional term on Nov. 3.

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Details On Millions Raised By Mike Garcia, Christy Smith In CA-25 Race Reported


  1. So Christy Smith is supported by Fire Fighter Unions , Teachers Unions, and Food Service Unions. And Garica is supported by the NRA, Aerospace, and Bankers. Christy Smiths adds are correct. Also who ever wrote the last part is a hack.

  2. Christy Smith is a Democrat. Like all California Democrat she will idolize and bow to dictator Newsom and Pelosi, and follow their failed business models. This includes setting up more homeless shelters here in Santa Clarita, marijuana shops, declare our city a Sanctuary City, and raise our tax rates. Everything the Democrats touch turns to s#$t….everything! Just look at the City of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and many others.

    • Mike Garcia has declared that he is pro Trump all the way so…

      We should all take a long hard look at dictators and the definition of the word, then honestly look at the situation in our state. This is s state that leans fairly solidly left and we continue to vote for those ideals. Mostly leaning towards compassion for others and a belief that the world can be a better place. Less poverty, less pollution, more equality and less racism. On the larger and even more pressing decision this year. Our country made a decision 4 years ago to try something different thinking how bad could it be. Well it turns out pretty awful. Trump it turns out is a selfish, narcissistic, racist person who believes it’s his way or jail. Classic dictator behavior. No empathy for the 220,000 dead from COVID-19. No empathy or respect for the military. No respect for our allies. Praise for dictators around the world, so vain that he will do anything for them to get their paise. Let’s not forget a failed business man who pays less tax than a janitor at one of his buildings. When he fails in business he just declares bankruptcy. When he fails in the presidency he blames others. His win in 2016 was far from a mandate as he lost the popular vote by more than any other president in history. What does he do, makes the majority his enemies. Promises to jail their leaders.

      He refuses to listen to our intelligence and law enforcement agencies as he prefers the reporting from the kremlin and other dictators. He believes the government agencies are his personal minions and the justice department are his personal attorneys. He thinks judges do his bidding

      The president of the United States is the president of the Entire United States. Not just the people he likes. He is responsible for the lives and welfare of all Americans not just the ones that agree with him. Hie is responsible for our standing in the world and let’s face it a large part of world commerce depends on the stability of the United States and our economy. When we shun our long standing commitments on the world stage we force our allies to look elsewhere for stability and safety.

      This administration has been a train wreck with a toxic load on board. It will take decades to undo all the damage one man has done in just 4 years. Can we afford more of this

      • Sam, you posted under the wrong article. But your Demoncrap anti-Presdient of the United States, raise taxes on someone else, Hillary Sour Grapes and Nancy conniption fits rhetoric need no trigger or target. It is just used hay out of the JackA$$.
        I signed a Recall Gov. GRUESOME petition today!
        Have you?

      • Sam thank you for posting an intelligent and erudite response that makes me glad to be on this side of spectrum, no matter how unfortunately small a minority it is in this city. As someone I greatly admire said, “When they go low, we go high”

    • Democrats love other people’s money

  3. Rufus & Jim, stop with all the nonsense. We should help the homeless problem no matter what political party you are affiliated with. What alternative do we have? It’s obvious something must be done.

    You preach your garbage about raising taxes. This is California, the taxes are always high. As for Marijuana I suppose you want to overcrowd prisons with nonsensical arrests and have tax payers pay for that… Don’t be ridiculous. It’s California, weed is nothing new. This is a weed state. I don’t use it but fully support its use, especially over alcohol and the countless problems alcohol is responsible for.

    You & so many Republicans are so hung on the pro-life movement and your church’s beliefs that you forgot how to have a mind of your own. If you’re a man, it’s not your choice, period.

    I’m independent, both sides have thoroughly repulsed me during this election. You two are fine examples of the lump em all together mentality that sickens me. Get real

    • Leroy, thank you for respectfully disagreeing with me. Some people on this site leave vile comments at each other, which is disgusting. When it comes to Mike Garcia and President Trump, I am not necessarily voting for a man. I am voting for principles. This includes a business friendly environment, not rewarding the lazy or criminals, supporting the second amendment to protect my family (in case of a criminal home invasion), and much more. Seeing every Democrat run city is sad. I can’t believe the conditions of these cities we are leaving to our children/ future generations to clean up. Look at how low crime was in New York when it was run by Rudy Guliani, compared to Bill de Blasio. How many people are shot and killed per week in Chicago by the Democrats biggest donor, Black Lives Matter. The list goes on and on. Once again this election I am voting for principles. Although I have no doubt that someday Florida and Texas will eventually turn blue. Then the U.S. will doomed which is very sad to say.

  4. Crusty Smith should be shame to running again.
    She only wants to benefit herself not the people in California like any other radical left that they are destroying the state and the Country.

    • Name calling. Very “classy”, Not. It’s cruel and does not make you look good and you’re giving your party bad rap. I have Republican friends who do not have to stoop that low to stand by their beliefs.

  5. Christy Smith supporters and contributor are ALL living on YOUR taxes. They Do Not Earn Money the American way. Read that again and Let that sink in.
    People paid by taxes always want MORE TAXES on SOMEBODY ELSE. Have you ever heard of a tax on teachers, firefighters and administrative bureaucrats? They are a cost sector, not a profit sector.
    Government by communist labor unions thugs was the Soviet way. It did not work. We ran that Evil Empiee into the ground by out-competing them economically and militarily with our FREE ENTERPRISE ECONOMY.
    Taxes and labor unions are not the basis for truth, freedom, and the American Way.
    Taxes are overburden that simply cannot exist without the successful economy it is imposed on. Taxes and useless government paid public servants is an evil we must constrain.

  6. mary-janetitcomb@sbcglobal.n


  8. Play fair or don’t play? Let’s talk about Hillary and Joe and all of the bad things they have done!

  9. Name calling. Very “classy”, Not. It’s cruel and does not make you look good and you’re giving your party bad rap. I have Republican friends who do not have to stoop that low to stand by their beliefs.

  10. If you are voting based on your principles, then you really can’t vote for Trump because he has shown himself to be without principles.

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