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Congressman Mike Garcia

Garcia Attempted To Implement ‘SALT Fairness’ Amendment To COVID Relief, Failed

Congressman Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, attempted to amend the COVID Relief bill that was passed over the weekend with SALT Fairness, which would have repealed the SALT deduction cap.

Garcia introduced the State and Local Tax (SALT) Fairness amendment to the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill.

“One of my top priorities in Congress from day one has been to repeal the SALT deduction cap, which is why I have introduced an amendment to do just that,” Garcia, said. “Since the COVID-19 relief bill only puts nine percent towards actual relief, I thought this would be a chance to make this bill do what it should do, provide relief to Americans hurting as a result of COVID-19 and related lockdowns.”

The amendment would have provided tax relief to high income Californians and other Americans who are financially impacted because of taxes paired with the economic devastation caused by state-mandated lockdowns, according to Garcia’s office.

Specifically, the amendment would remove the State and Local Tax deduction cap of $10,000.

“The COVID-19 relief bill was created in a vacuum chamber of democrat ideals, with little input from House Republicans,” said Garcia, “A bill of such proportions should be thoughtfully drafted in a bipartisan manner, not behind closed doors. The democrats blocking my amendment, which would have achieved something that has bipartisan support, proves that this process has been entirely partisan.”

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Currently, there is still over $1 trillion in unspent COVID-19 funds. This additional $1.9 trillion bill would expand the nation’s $27 trillion in debt, according to Garcia’s office.

“What Americans need and want is to receive the support and help they need to get through these hard times and reopen our nation again,” Garcia said. “Instead, Congress is pushing a partisan bill that only adds to our already $27 trillion in debt and funds things like the Silicon Valley Underground Transit Expansion. Not only does this bill fund partisan projects, but it would also do things like force billions in Medicare cuts. This bill is a slap in the face to the American people and Congress must do better. I am committed to working in a bipartisan way to work to meet the needs of the American people and help ensure people have the support they need – this bill was unfortunately not that.”

Garcia voted in support of the $2,000 stimulus checks in addition to voting to refill the Paycheck Protection program. Garcia has also introduced a bill, the Vaccinate More Americans Act, to help ensure that more vaccines are going to Americans in need rather than sitting in freezers.

Ed. Note: The above information was provided to KHTS by Mike Garcia’s office.

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Garcia Attempted To Implement ‘SALT Fairness’ Amendment To COVID Relief, Failed


  1. There goes Mikey again- watching out for those high-income Americans that have been soooo horribly impacted by the pandemic as though they are the ones hurting. Oh, that includes Mighty Mike. Better cancel your trip to Cabo or maybe sell off a yacht or private jet and suffer like the rest of us.

    • Some folks on these threads have mentioned that many of us are not wealthy, yet never bring up the elephant in the room.
      Like Nancy Pelosi’s “pay off” to progressive voters for their loyalty in the 2020 election all in the name of
      Covid Crisis’ stimulus relief.
      $140 million for a tunnel near Pelosi’s district for an underground railroad in Silicon Valley. sounds like watching out for those high-income Americans to me.
      State bailouts, only for the poorly run ones. I won’t need to name them, and I’m pretty sure you won’t either
      Climate “justice”. When did Covid affect the climate, Or vise versa, asking for a friend.
      Direct payments to families of illegal immigrants. What’s new
      Harvard and other elite institutions to receiving hundreds of millions of dollars, even though Harvard already has a $40 billion endowment from last year that it hasn’t spent. Look it up.
      Hand out health care subsidies to illegal immigrants, What’s new.
      And for our not so wealthy folks here on these threads, “buried” in Nancy’s pork-u-less provision providing ONLY federal employees with a $1,400 per week not to work thru Sep 30th.
      The bill passed 219-212 with no Republicans voting for it including two Democrats siding “against” it,
      Two Democrats, maybe there is hope.

      • The tunnel, a five mile subway under San Jose, is a part of a long-planned six-mile extension of the San Francisco Bay Area (BART) expansion project and was also favored by former president Trump. It is the largest of six so-called ‘wish list’ items named in a Facebook attack ad. The six components mentioned amount to a whopping 0.001% of the entire Covid Crisis Stimulus relief bill. Your “elephant” now appears to be quite microscopic and specious.

        • This crap has been going on for months,the covid stimulus was for the folks, Nancy has been pulling this crap for months while folks have been suffering, it’s ok to be honest about what’s been going on no matter what side of the fence your on.
          Well for some. Folks it is.
          Maybe next time

          • Paul, you’re right. Let’s be honest about what’s been going on. We can step back and remind ourselves of the history of COVID relief bills. At every step, Republican decision-making was determined by their immediate political incentives, and that hasn’t changed.

  2. Denny, SALT impacts the people who actually find California and allow you to make minimum wage.

  3. Typical Mike Garcia protecting his wealthy friends and donors on the backs of their workers who only get paid minimum wage because the law requires it,

  4. No is support the retail worker who has been on the front line from the start no is talking about them

  5. Thank you, Mike!

    The Democrats never let a pandemic go to waste. The party of inclusiveness and tolerance lmao 😂 delusional I’d say.

  6. Oh, so Garcia didn’t vote to help people, because his “SALT” fairness couldn’t be attached to the bill. A vote for my pork is a vote against the people you serve, Garcia! How do these guys get elected?!!!!

  7. The horror!

    Hopes among thousands of the highest-income taxpayers for a repeal of the Trump administration’s limits on their federal deductions have been dashed. 62 percent of the repeal benefits would have gone to the richest 1 percent and 86 percent would go to the richest 5 percent.

    Repealing the SALT cap without making other reforms (Garcia’s proposal did not) would have been a costly proposition. To allow unlimited deductions just in 2021 would cost $88.7 billion, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation.

    Suspending the SALT deduction would give the advantage to the wealthiest earners. About 52% of the benefit would flow to households earning at least $1 million a year, according to the the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation.

    W.T.F.? How does this help someone who has lost their job and health insurance? And how is this fiscally responsible?

  8. 95 for Americans is all that needs to be said!!

  9. WOW…this is amazing! This guy really thinks we’re stupid enough to fall for this shit???? If you make enough money to qualify for this you are NOT struggling. Most working class americans will only qualify for standard deductions….this is literally to help rich people pay less taxes….FUCK THIS FRAUD!!!

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