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Santa Clarita Marijuana Delivery Services In ‘Legal Limbo’ As California Regulates Weed

More than a dozen Santa Clarita marijuana delivery services are allegedly in violation of a city ordinance, but that may change due to proposed regulations of state law, officials said.

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After California voters passed Proposition 64 — which legalized cannabis in the state — the Santa Clarita City Council passed an ordinance to ban the sale, cultivation, manufacturing, testing or delivery of cannabis or products containing the substance within city limits.

Marijuana delivery services may become legal in Santa Clarita if the California Bureau of Cannabis Control approves proposed regulations, which have just recently finished public comment, according to the text of the proposal.

The proposed regulations state that marijuana businesses may deliver to any private address in the state, regardless of whether the city permits actual brick-and-mortar pot shops in the jurisdiction.

“Our regulations currently state that delivery of cannabis products can happen in any jurisdiction in the state — locals feel otherwise,” said Alex Traverso, spokesperson for the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

This goes against the current Santa Clarita marijuana ordinance, according to City officials.

“Any delivery services operating in Santa Clarita are in violation of the ordinance,” said Daniel Rivas, community preservation manager. “If an issue is brought to our attention, the City will start an investigation.”

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If City staff find the business to be in violation of the ordinance, a $100 fine would be issued for the first offense, according to Rivas.

The fine for the second offense is set at $200 and third offense is expected to be $500, said City staff.

However, those penalties don’t appear to be preventing at least 18 cannabis delivery services from allegedly operating in the City of Santa Clarita, according to WeedMaps.com.

The delivery services, for both recreational and medical marijuana, reportedly operate in Santa Clarita from 10 a.m. to as late as 1 a.m.

Residents are only one call or click away from cannabis with these services, but the closest brick-and-mortar location is about 15 miles away in Sylmar.

Eaze — an app sometimes dubbed the “Uber of weed” — is one of the marijuana delivery services that appears to have recently expanded to the Santa Clarita Valley.

A billboard for the marijuana delivery service, Eaze, on Railroad Avenue near 15th Street in Newhall. Devon Miller / KHTS News

Representatives of Eaze are among those who dispute the City’s stance of an outright ban on marijuana delivery services in Santa Clarita.

Company officials claim the Santa Clarita cannabis ordinance “does not, nor can it, prohibit delivery on public roads within its boundaries.”

“Eaze does not have a licensed retail partner that is located within the boundaries of Santa Clarita, but licensed retailers operating from outside Santa Clarita may deliver to adults over the age of 21 or individuals who hold valid medical recommendations aged 18-21 who reside in Santa Clarita,” said Eaze Spokesperson Sheena Shiravi.

In response, City staff say the local ordinance cannot stop deliveries traveling through their jurisdiction, but the City can probit deliveries to an address in Santa Clarita.

“Delivery services can use the public roads in Santa Clarita to make their deliveries,” said Dave Peterson, associate planner. “But the companies cannot make a delivery in the City limits.”

After deliberations, the final version of the regulations on cannabis in California need to be in place by the first week of December, according to Cannabis Control officials.

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Santa Clarita Marijuana Delivery Services In ‘Legal Limbo’ As California Regulates Weed


  1. As long as its treated like alcohol for the adults 21 and over I don’t see a problem with it and out of the two it might be the safer choice.

  2. Medical cannabis patients should go to Hell, disability be damned. Now let’s have cocktails on the roof!

    • People using pot for medical reasons likely are in their own hell already.
      What sort of thing happened to you, Dave, to cause you to make such a cruel pronouncement?
      And then you want to celebrate? You must be a real jerk to make such a statement. Shame!

  3. I support the delivery services and dont even smoke anymore. But I feel it’s a great way to receive the product without getting to public about your life. And enjoying the rewards that you deserve after a stressful or hard weeks worth of labor. Everyone needs to be able to relax more and enjoy a little happiness at the end of a long day or even week without having to run around looking for a happy store.so delivery services are a great idea and I’m for it.

  4. Does’nt the city own the billboards?

  5. I use marijuana it to help me get through chemo… maybe give them some chemo sometime and have them decide if opioids and all the other medications are better than cannabis. So many people out here driving around like zombies and not from marijuana.

  6. This is insane! Where are our rights as citizens and what about dying patients whose only HOPE without going on Hospice to relieve their pain is Canabis? How dare you prevent patients from receiving their medication. So if Council doesn’t like lets say for example a heart medication that has canabis in it, THEN they are going to ban that too?

    With the recent US Ban on pain medications (You can BLAME Newt Gingrich for) people in PAIN really need, Canabis. It is the only alternative NATURAL solution to many individuals with chronic and acute pain as the only alternative for MANY would be blowing their brains out because their pain is so severe.

    Just about everyone is on some medication of some kind and who is Santa Clarita to say YOU CAN’T HAVE YOUR LEGAL MEDICATION DELIVERED ON CITY STREETS. The citizens of this community PAY for those streets (NOT YOU) as well as YOUR SALARIES so don’t even think you’re going to get away with this.We will just begin a coalition and vote each and every one of you OUT OF OFFICE.

    I am outraged at the hypocrocy and holier than thou mentality in this town. How about we take away your LIFE SAVING, SUSTAINING medications because they are sold by BIG PHARMA and pushed through FDA approval when they are dangerous to our health, yet bought in not brought in by our own government? Big Pharma PAYS our government for these things. It goes on every single day. Why do you think the world is full of class action lawsuits right now?

    But you think you are going to stop something that is in no way dangerous and WITHOUT side affects like BIG PHARMA doeses us with on a daily basis until it kills us. This just shows how ignorant the council is because had they done any research they would be waiving canabis flags around and putting I am for Canabis stikers on their vehicles. This is LIFE SAVING, LIFE CHANGING, NO SIDE AFFECT MEDICATION. ARE you idiots or just plain dumb asses with ego’s? You are NOT GOD. You have NO LEGAL RIGHT to do this and even attempting it is suicide for each and every council member as well as the Mayor and City Manager. It is CLEAR to me, you are BLINDED by whoever is paying this off so to speak. Someone else is calling the shots here. And you can bet if you follow the money trail you’ll eventually find the source.

    Hear THIS Council….Remember, YOU ARE VOTED IN OFFICIALS and can EASILY BE VOTED OUT. You would be surprised who in your own City Government uses canabis. You can not deny a medical patient its medication period. Who do you think you are? Our privacy and our freedom are being chipped away at every day yet this snobby city acts like its better than any other city and makes law illegal to practice. What else do you want to do away with that is LEGAL. I will tell you what right now:

    Not that ANY of us would want criminals living next door to us, it is there birthright even if they go to jail and get released. They have a right to live, sleep, eat and breathe. Yet our City decided on a hush hush agreement which they (convinced themselves they had ultimate authority) (as the president does with the 2006 military commission act) to deem petafiles and the like (whom we all don’t like) but whom have a right no matter what as enemy combatants and PAID OFF the City of Lancaster to take their share.

    WOW Shame on YOU City of Santa Clarita. You better stop breaking the law while you’re still a respected community because when the word gets out just how corrupt you really are, GAME OVER. The citizens of this community are NOT stupid and WE WILL VOTE EVERY ONE OF YOU OUT OF OFFICE. Do you like your job as a Councilman or woman? Mayor? City Manager? Then I suggest you stop taking the law (or the splinter out of your citizens eyes before you remove the GIGANTIC ONE out of your own!) .

    While none of us may want or appreciate someone who has been released from jail living on our street, but they absolutely have a legal right to do so. Santa Clarita, you should be ashamed of yourselves. What a horrible thing to do to people who have a right to be here and what a worse thing to do to TAXPAYERS WHO pay your salaries yet you deem it illegal for them to feel even a little better when they are sick.

  7. My name is Brian and I have a medical marijuana card I’m also blind in one eye I have a broken neck I was in a bicycle accident if it wouldn’t have been for medical marijuana I would be dead because of the pain that I’m going through with my back and my neck and like I said my neck is broken my back is cracked I was hit by a semi it’s not easy to live like this no joke thank you

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