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Santa Clarita City Council Votes To Oppose ‘Sanctuary State’ Law

After six hours of debate, with heated discussion on both sides — until 1 a.m. — the Santa Clarita City Council voted unanimously to formally oppose SB 54, the “Sanctuary State” law.

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All five council members approved a motion to draft a brief in support of the federal government’s lawsuit against the state of California for Senate Bill 54, the California Values Act, commonly known as the “sanctuary” law during their May 8 meeting.

Hundreds of Santa Clarita residents, and many out-of-towners from across the state, packed the council chambers to voice their opinions.

“I am for Santa Clarita joining in with other cities in opposition to SB 54 and cooperating with federal immigration agencies,” said Jerry Rhodes. “There is a difference between legal and illegal immigration, and there is a difference between helping citizens and noncitizens. There is a difference between illegal law-abiding aliens, and that’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one, and criminal illegal aliens.”

Several of the speakers in favor of drafting the brief in support of the federal lawsuit regarding SB 54 were cited fears of crime illegal immigration might bring to the city.

The discussion was heated on both sides with over 100 speakers during the public comment, with about 60 in favor of the action, and 40 speaking against.

WATCH LIVE: Residents speak at the Santa Clarita City Council meeting about SB 54, the “Sanctuary State” law.

WATCH LIVE: Residents speak at the Santa Clarita City Council meeting about SB 54, the “Sanctuary State” law.See more here: https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-news/politics/sanctuary-state-law-to-be-discussed-by-santa-clarita-city-council-232182

Posted by KHTS Radio on Tuesday, May 8, 2018


“We have law enforcement saying this isn’t the right move; we have residents saying this isn’t the right move, and we have ICE data saying sanctuary cities are safer cities,” said Logan Smith. “But if you take this action and vote for this, you want (immigrants) to live in fear every single day. And you don’t want them to pursue the American dream.”

The residents against the motion cited the potential social and economic impacts the action might have on the city including tourism, filming and attracting new business.

Other people against the motion discussed the “family” environment Santa Clarita has fostered, and urged the city council to be “welcoming of all families.”

The speakers were interrupted with both boos and cheers by the vocal crowd, as the mayor attempted to keep control of the room.

“This behavior is not going to help us solve the problem,” said Mayor Laurene Weste, pausing the meeting to tame the crowd. “I want everyone to have their opportunity to voice their opinion.”

Some of the speakers called out the council members during the meeting, stating their vote will be a deciding factor in the upcoming election in November.

“It’s not about elections,” said Councilman Bill Miranda. “It’s about doing the right thing. Illegal immigrants have affected the Latino community more than anyone else.”

Councilman Cameron Smyth spoke on the narrow focus on the action which was “not about immigration,” but more about SB 54.

“The federal government has failed us on their constitutional requirements,” said Smyth. “We need an immigration system that is fair. It now trickles down to the local level.”

PART 2: Residents continue to voice their opinion about SB 54, the "Sanctuary" law, after a break.

PART 2: Residents continue to voice their opinion about SB 54, the "Sanctuary" law, after a break.See more here: https://www.hometownstation.com/santa-clarita-news/politics/sanctuary-state-law-to-be-discussed-by-santa-clarita-city-council-232182

Posted by KHTS Radio on Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Smyth also noted the council received 442 emails and written correspondence in favor of joining the federal lawsuit, with only 63 against the action.

Mayor Pro Tem Marsha Mclean declined to comment during the vote.

SB 54 became effective on January 1, 2018. The legislation made changes to state law related to the involvement of state and local law enforcement agencies relative to federal immigration enforcement.

“I have no difficulty on this issue,” said Bob Kellar, who motioned to add this item on the agenda. “We got a message for Sacramento, there is one town in this state that doesn’t agree with you.”

Among other provisions, Senate Bill 54 repealed state law requiring law enforcement agencies to notify federal immigration authorities of a drug-related arrest involving a non-United States citizen, according to the text of the bill.

In recent weeks, several counties and cities in California have considered challenging or supporting the “Sanctuary State” law.

The United States is seeking a preliminary injunction that would prohibit enforcement of the new laws while the case is pending. The hearing on the preliminary injunction is currently set for June 20.

The deadline for filing a brief in opposition to the federal lawsuit is May 18, but the deadline to show support for lawsuit has passed, according to court documents.

If the case continues after the preliminary hearing, there will be another round of briefs submitted for the trial, and it is likely that the judge will set a schedule for submitting briefs in support of either party for the trial on the permanent injunction, according to city officials.

The city attorney is now expected to file the brief in support of the federal lawsuit, at the direction of the council.

Santa Clarita is now the only city in Los Angeles County to formally oppose the “Sanctuary” law.

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Santa Clarita City Council Votes To Oppose ‘Sanctuary State’ Law


  1. I was there last night and I am damn proud to see my city council stand up to Jerry Browns leftist Marxist regime and Vote UNANIMOUSLY to opt out of SB54. I never got to speak but that is ok since there were so many voices that echoed my speech. The marxists were even bussed in from out of town to muddy the issue with their fake made up data, their calls for racism and their name calling. But we showed up in force and drowned out their liberal tears with the truth. You see, there are only two sides to this. The Left….And the Truth!!!

  2. Very proud of our city council showing leadership. Me, my family and friends will support this brave council. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Santa Clarita is showing leadership on this issue and history will be on its side

    • Kuddos to the SC City Council for reinforcing the principle of a city that respects the rule of law in this country. Sanctuary Cities are just another excuse legitimize illegal immigration into this country without any fear of identification as a criminal guilty of breaking existing federal statutes. These people are provided a pathway to legal citizenship which they are just too lazy to comply with. They should devote their energies to comply and become legal citizens instead of ways around existing laws and hiding in the shadows and hoping that American citizens to feel sorry
      for their lot in life. Nothing is free in life you need to work for it.

      • I completely agree with Gary Duffy. I’m amazed at how many people actually buy the leftist narrative and rhetoric that illegals are hiding in the shadows when in fact they are out, loud and proud. They throw it in your face every chance they get. Who do they think they are to criticize our immigration laws and policies? If they were hiding in the shadows, as the Democrats would like us to believe, would they (illegal aliens) be demonstrating, blocking the entrances to Disneyland or be on TV DEMANDING amnesty? Illegal aliens are not the same as those who waited in line and followed our laws to become legal residents.

        This issue HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COMPASSION – but everything to do with what’s right, what’s good for American citizens and our country.

        Now, if we can just get the AV to join in.

  3. My faith in my City has been renewed. I am so happy to read that Santa Clarita has stood up to the socialist State Government! VOTE IN NOVEMBER SANTA CLARITA!

  4. Bill Miranda…what did you mean by your statement, “It’s about doing the right thing…Illegal immigrants have affected the Latino Community the most.” Can you clarify if you were saying this in support or against the measure and how Illegal immigrants have affected the Latino community the most? As well as which Latino community you are referring to? Ie. The downtown Newhall Community or the Puerto Rican community you grew up amongst in New York? Your statement was very obscure.

  5. Should be an obvious vote, but living in backwards CA you never know.
    Time for the rule of law to come back to this rogue state!

  6. To whom it may concern, I am not Bill Miranda but I am a naturalized citizen born in Mexico and can honestly say that growing up in primarily Hispanic/Latino communities, I did see firsthand how illegal migrants impacted the community. You can be proud of your heritage but at the same time not blind yourself by ignoring the truths. My father immigrated to the U.S. in the early sixties and worked hard to be able to become legal so he could bring his family. Now it’s all about just wanting to be legal and get handouts at hardworking Americans backs. And Yes, I as well as family and friends witness that many times over…… If illegal immigration was so good for the Hispanic/Latino community then why was one of the biggest celebrated Mexican icons Cesar Chavez so opposed to it. My father was a Democrat back then which in today’s standards is a Republican. I myself am more Conservative. Santa Clarita is primarily run in a Conservative standard and that’s why it is a thriving beautiful city and I want to keep it that way. If you want to live around high crime and graffiti all you have to do is get on the 5fwy and head south believe me I know………………………

  7. Shame on Santa Clarita. My family moved to this community in 1959 and my father established the first hospital and medical office in the area along with his partner. The country living and small town friendliness helped raise me and teach me that compassion is the very first ingredient in any decision. What I saw here was grievance and greed.

    Laws are important to keep a society running fairly for all, but then, forgetting that the benefit should accrue to all, too many of us decide to use laws to benefit ourselves. Santa Clarita just voted to benefit the few with the loudest voices, angriest hearts, and least compassion. I have lost my love for this city and its rampant self interest.

    • Well stated, Lorene. Can’t help but notice how those in support of the bill need to resort to degrading and disparaging remarks about those who disagree and the hispanic community. very sad.

  8. With all due respect Lorene, I find it amusing how the word “compassion” amongst other words are used very loosely to make a blanket statement of how persons like myself think and feel about social issues affecting lives today. I am not angry or looking for any self interest and I am positive that the people who had the courage to show themselves in such a public forum which today can cause some backlash just for personal views spoke up. I encourage you to spend some time and do the research which shows that persons like myself a conservative give and contribute more to social causes. It’s real even if you don’t agree. Angry is when you are not open to views that don’t align with yours. I learned that personally growing up as a Hispanic who went through the “proud to be Mexican” phase as a teenager and thought the system was fixed. Once I outgrew that and made my own decisions in life and decided to move here, I lost friends and close family members because of trying to be and think “white”. I really hope none of you who read these comments have gone or are going through that. I’ve only lived here 10 years and know that Santa Claritians are very giving but don’t want to be taken advantage of. Shame on you for judging….


  9. Sounds like a lot of self-loathing going on from you Rick. Surely you must realize that you can only speak of your personal experience and cannot nor should presume to speak to the Latino/Hispanic experience as a whole. By the way, how sad for you that you attribute feeling proud of one’s heritage as a passing phase in your teen years!

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