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Congressman Mike Garcia

Santa Clarita Congressman Garcia Urges Vice President To Provide Update On Border Crisis

Congressman Mike Garcia, R-Santa Clarita, along with other Republicans, sent a letter to the Vice President Friday urging her to update congress on the crisis of the southern border.

On Friday, Garcia joined House Committee on Appropriations Republican Members, including Republican Leader Kay Granger (TX-12), in sending a letter to Vice President Kamala Harris urging her to provide Congress an update on the crisis at the southern border, according to officials.

“We are alarmed by the staggering number of migrants that have been apprehended while illegally crossing the southwest border during this Administration’s first 100 days. As the President’s designee to address the flow of migrants at our border, we are writing to seek an update on the results of the 60-day pause and review of border wall construction contracts and to insist that funds appropriated for border security be used immediately to address this crisis,” the lawmakers wrote.

On the first day of President Biden’s administration, a 60-day pause and review was placed on the border wall construction, according to Garcia.

The Biden administration has yet to provide Congress with any information regarding the status of the funds that were appropriated by Congress to build the border wall.

“We are concerned that taxpayer funds are being wasted while this pause continues. Making matters worse, the Administration proposes to cancel any unused border wall funding at the end of fiscal year 2021, just five months from now, while refusing to make such funds available for obligation in the meantime,” the lawmakers wrote.

In the letter, the lawmakers urged Vice President Harris to provide the results of the administration’s review, including the metrics that are being used to determine whether continued construction will occur.

“Border wall construction funds were appropriated by the Congress as a result of bipartisan, bicameral negotiations and should be spent as provided in law. As you can see by the unprecedented number of apprehensions reported by Customs and Border Protection, we are in a state of emergency that requires action, not delay in spending the funds Congress has already made available,” the lawmakers wrote.

Click here to read the full letter.

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Santa Clarita Congressman Garcia Urges Vice President To Provide Update On Border Crisis


  1. We already have a supposed housing, drought, climate, racist, traffic, institutional Racism, food, underserved, disenfranchised, education, mass violence, etc. crisises—-how can we take in 100,000s more uneducated, low skilled, language resistant, dependent poor people?!?! Shouldn’t we care for Americans, especially Vets first?!?!

  2. The only crisis Kamala thinks exists at the border is that there are not MORE immigrants flooding through unimpeded by border agents. They are now housing them at convention centers around not only border towns but all the way into LA and now Pomona fairgrounds. Many others are simply flown to other cities and dropped off in parks with no notification to local officials. Her only goal is to deliver millions of dollars to latinx countries to keep the flow coming.

  3. Think of a solution instead of your rhetoric . Republicans would rather kidnap the kids from their parents To keep the them out. Oh that’s right they think that did not happen. So Mike Garcia (Q-CA) what is your solution, or will you just continue to be an obstructionist .

  4. Jim the condoner: The above posts are solutions! When you excuse/confuse/ignore, the sheeple, you’re part of the degeneration of America! By your Rhetoric, you’re allowing bad behavior which makes it easier to Continue bad behavior! Build the wall to slow/stop ILLEGAL behavior/lifestyles!

  5. I appreciate Congressman, Garcia paying attention to the Southern Border Crisis creates 100% by the Biden / Harris / Pelosi / Susan Rice Administration. The only reason they are letting these people into the country illegally is to increase their voter base. With no I.D. required to vote the new immigrants will vote Democrat for sure. Newsom will continue to give all free healthcare, free schooling for their 4 – 6 kids per family (go to Newhall and see for yourself), and into he fave then $75 million in taxpayer funded Stimulus Checks.

    As for Kamala has we all know she has ZERO experience at handling this border crisis. She took the job as V.P. onky to seek fame and fortune. I have yet to see her hold a press conference on any matter related to U.S. National Security. She is a phony.

  6. Rufus, as usual words well, truthful, factual spoken! Unfortunately Kamala is just another Token of the puppet masters waiting on Biden’s upcoming demise! The Liberals engineering Biden to allow the chaos on the border not only hurts the illegal alien children who have been abused by the parent(s) Sent alone 1,000s of miles away for the families hope of handouts from the gullible/conniving USA Liberals, not for so called compassion, but for more USA degeneration Voting by the heartless Demonic Liberals!

  7. It is disheartening to see what is supposed to be a news organization, spewing nothing but radical right wing propaganda. Garcia is just trying to deflect attention from his treason and sedition. He is a disgrace and embarrassment to every true patriot in CA 25.

  8. Albert Dullstone, Please take advantage of the many great mental health workers in town!! Use your area code(666) first!

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