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Senator Scott Wilk Calls For Audit Of California EDD Unemployment Agency 

Senator Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, announced Thursday he and legislative colleagues are calling for an audit of the California Employment Development Department (EDD), officials said. 

The audit is to clarify what is causing the “inexcusable delays” in distributing unemployment benefits to people who, in some cases, applied months ago. The legislators submitted a request for the audit to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, according to Wilk’s office. 

“My staff has been working round the clock to help constituents navigate a completely broken system. These delays are jeopardizing millions of Californian’s ability to put food on the table and a roof over their heads,” said Wilk. “I am personally tired of bureaucratic excuses and want to find out exactly what the heck is going on over there.”

Back in April, Wilk and Senate Republicans submitted a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom requesting immediate steps be taken to drastically improve EDD’s claim time. By all reports, the situation has actually gotten worse.  The agency is months behind processing claims, according to the Senator’s office. 

“There have just been too many missteps from misleading information on extended phone times, to computer problems that have plagued the agency for twenty years without resolution,” said Wilk. “This has been incredibly frustrating. I can’t tell you how many calls and emails we get from folks who literally don’t know where their next meal will come from but have been waiting months to hear from EDD.  EDD’s response to legislator complaints has been completely tone-deaf. This audit will shed some light on what is going on.”

The audit request includes questions on technology updates, statistics on pending vs closed cases, length of time cases have been open, status of $30 million technology upgrade.  Recent news reports, as well as what legislative offices are experiencing, have cast doubts on EDD’s claims that processing times and customer service is improving. 

Read the full audit request here.

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Senator Scott Wilk Calls For Audit Of California EDD Unemployment Agency 


  1. Probably the applicants inability to navigate the online registration process.

  2. If the employees at the EDD were paid by the paid out claim rather than by the hour they would get more claims out. Make sure there is a clause in the contract that docks them severely for mistakes intended or not. If you put a person on hold for more than five minutes without checking back with them you will be fired.
    Also do an audit on WHY a computer system costs thirty million dollars. That seems pretty steep by itself.

    • Smart, caring, efficient government workers! Scam overtime, can’t get fired unless they kill, great pensions, etc. all run by the USA caring Liberals! More degeneration in all the Liberal cities!! You can’t find out/get the facts/truths from the biased lying Liberal media!!

  3. The EDD is doung the best they can I have confirmation that a small percentage of those applicants who Clog the system are the Protestors Looters and Vandals that are LAZY and are trying to take advantage of the system!!

    • That’s a stupid comment

    • You can always point a racist out. How in the heck do you even say that protesters which are mainly black are the ones trying to take advantage of a system when the dang virus put thousands of people out of work. You are an idiot and hopefully you will feel the pain of not knowing where your next meal is coming from. You need to unpack your racist ways and have compassion. This epidemic is the fault of no one.

    • How about you make yourself known to the protesters, and looters tell them how you feel and see how that works out for you. Then take a grow up pill because your statement is Not A Good Look

  4. The Edd is doing the best they can. The people who are stalling the system are the Lazy looters vandalizers and protestors. They do not deserve to file a claim since They never worked a day in their lifes

    • Wrong. I belong to a group of professionals who all have been displaced due to Covid-19 and we all make above $100k. Speaking for myself, I have not been out of work since 2006 when I was on extended maternity leave.

      Take your displaced anger and ignorance somewhere else.

  5. I am one of those ppl who have been waiting since march 17th. I filled out an sent back all forms. Last email contact from EED was may 16th which said I would receive something in the mail in 10 days.. my account shows how much Im getting weekly but also shows they haven’t paid out any of it so im still waiting. I’ve sent 4 emails that have not been acknowledged as well. I did how ever email them for my account number an was able to aquire that. I’ve also started working again an cant get in touch with anyone via phone or email to adjust my claim.

  6. I think Wilk is still trying to collect UI from the last time he lost an election. The EDD website is not at all difficult to use. The problem is RECORD NUMBERS OF UI CLAIMS DUE TO COVID-19. Go audit that Wilk!
    Better reduce THAT backlog before the NEXT election.

  7. I applied since April i call edd like 1000 of times email them like 20 times ..Edd said that I had a case since 2010 . And then they send me a letter about identity verification which i never made a change. And supposedly a phone call appointment i never got the call. I received a card with 0 balance. Edd just giving me the round and round..Something need to do something about it

  8. I was waitkig since March 3rd they only send me 4 weeks to certify but the answer was discualification w/no reason nothing else so far few e-mails plus 12 in edd contact textmessages on phone hundreds of calls don’t know what else I can do

  9. Glad for this auited Now maybe once and for all we can get answers and speed up the process time even for those such as myself waiting for answer weither being a letter a phone call or just waiting on a debit card or check these issue should be addressed

  10. I have been working my whole life. This is my first time ever applying for unemployment. I filed in March and nothing yet. The people I work for are still afraid to go out and most not making enough money to pay me. I have a family to feed and this is way pass stressful.

  11. I have been waiting for a response about my claim since the first of June! I sure could use the help. Thanks for looking into this problem!

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