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Pest Control In Santa Clarita: Treatment Of Drywood Termites Without Fumigation (VIDEO)

An expert on pest control in Santa Clarita is talking about a cutting-edge tool that allows for the treatment of drywood termites in hard-to-reach places without the need for fumigation.

When drywood termites are discovered coming out of a small hole in drywall or stucco, it can be difficult to know the extent of the infestation behind the wall, according to Cardon Ellis of Unipest. 

“You know that little kickout hole is just the tip of the iceberg,” Ellis said. “In the past, fumigation for infestations in inaccessible and invisible areas was the best and most common practice, but fumigations weren’t always possible in duplexes, in apartments, in hotels, in attached structures or even in sensitive living situations… So localized treatment became necessary.”

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Ellis went on to describe the difficult process of these localized treatments, which required the drywall and insulation to be torn out and each beam be individually tested. Then the infested areas would be treated, a preservative would be sprayed, and new insulation and drywall would have to be installed. 

“It was brutal,” Ellis said. “All of that drywall removal is now rendered completely unnecessary because of … the XT-2000 Borascope.”

Similar to the digital scope used to find bee hives and rodents behind drywall, the XT-2000 Borascope has a much higher resolution because it is 100 percent optical, according to Ellis. 

“This is actually the exact same technology that doctors use in order to peer through your stomach into your belly or into your abdominal cavity whenever they’re performing some kind of surgery,” he said. “This thing is crystal clear and it’s pretty easy to use.” 

Once the location of the termite infestation is discovered through a kickout hole in the wall, Ellis noted that a stud finder is used to mark the studs and a half-inch hole is drilled at the base of the wall at an angle so the Borascope can be inserted into the wall.

The studs can then be examined to determine which ones are infested and which ones aren’t, Ellis continued.

“Having an optical Borascope is so helpful, because the digital ones were low enough resolution that it was easy to confuse cricket feces with termite pellets, or sawdust from roofing with termite pellets,” he said. “You might unnecessarily treat a wood beam. With this thing, let me tell you, it’s crystal clear and you can totally see what’s going on behind that wall.”

After the infested studs are marked, Ellis explained that an extension tip on the Borascope can be used to inject termiticide through the drywall into the studs, and then the holes that have been created can be sealed with spackle. 

“The customer won’t even be able to tell where you did the treatment,” he concluded, “and you can walk away confident that you have exterminated all of the drywood termites in that wall.” 

Ed. Note: This article is a KHTS Community Spotlight for Unipest.

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Pest Control In Santa Clarita: Treatment Of Drywood Termites Without Fumigation (VIDEO)

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