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‘Pest Talk’ With Unipest: Catching Coyotes With Fried Chicken (VIDEO)

On a recent “Pest Talk” radio show with Cardon Ellis from Unipest, a wildlife removal expert shared the story of the most aggressive coyote he’s ever encountered, and how using fried chicken in traps works wonders.

Frank Ortiz of Advanced Wildlife Removal noted that coyotes tend to be very submissive once they feel overpowered, making it relatively easy to use a snare pole to transfer them to a cage. 

“They just give up, lay on the ground and you can move them into a trap,” Ortiz said. “Except for one that I’ve encountered.”

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This particular coyote was stuck in a storage shed at a woman’s house, so Ortiz and his wife expected the call to be business as usual as far as coyotes go. 

“I’m talking to my wife, and I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this shouldn’t be too difficult,’” he recalled. “He was the baddest coyote I’ve ever come across.”

Ortiz continued, “We get this snare around him and he fought me for like 15 minutes while I tried to get him inside the cage, which has never happened, and I’ve used a snare pole on coyotes 20 different times that we’ve done. Every single time, they lay on the ground and give up.”

However, this coyote bit the snare, tried to bite Ortiz and was bracing its legs and back to stay out of the cage.

“This thing was strong, and it’s a large cage that we put them into, fairly large, and he just wouldn’t go in,” Ortiz said. “I had to literally force him down into the trap to get him inside of the thing.” 

When it isn’t possible to snare a coyote, Ortiz noted that putting fried chicken inside a trap has proven to be much more effective than using raw meat.

“I’ve caught more off of deep fried chicken than I have anything else actually,” Ortiz laughed.

When Ellis asked him why he thinks this is, Ortiz replied that it probably has to do with the smell.

“They’ve gotten so accustomed to living around us, like they are around us, our food, our trash, our smells,” he said. “And the cooked chicken here in California puts off such a strong smell that they’re used to that they’re more drawn to it. This is what I believe and what has worked more than raw chicken ever has.” 

To watch the full episode of “Pest Talk” with Unipest, click here for the extended YouTube video. 

Ed. Note: This article is a KHTS Community Spotlight for Unipest.

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‘Pest Talk’ With Unipest: Catching Coyotes With Fried Chicken (VIDEO)


  1. Just leave them alone. They were here before us and trapping them to relocate is dumb. Keep your small pets inside and deal with it. I have seen coyotes right outside my fence. Most are very small and looking for food. Just leave them alone.

  2. I’ve personally witnessed an attack of a coyote on a pet dog ON THE LEASH while it’s owner was just walking him down the sidewalk! The dog was bitten badly, as was the owner while trying to get her pet out of the coyote’s jaws! I tried to help and kicked the animal in it’s ribs and hindquarter as hard as I could, and I’m a big guy! Still, I’ll never forget the look on its face as it looked at me and seemed to be saying, ‘is that all you got’? I couldn’t believe it! I had to make a police report because I was shocked at how brazen the coyote was in broad daylight! I certainly don’t want MY dog attacked this way, as she is small and might not have survived considering how vicious that was! Ya da, ya da, I know they were here before us, blah-blah, but sorry! We’re here NOW and won’t stand for that! I’m all FOR relocating them, and if they kill ‘em, too bad! I could care less! Leave ‘em alone, my ASS! 🙄

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