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Santa Clarita Pest Control Company Offering Free Beehive Removal Inspection

The Santa Clarita pest control company Unipest is offering free beehive removal inspections as warm weather returns, bringing with it an increase in the number of bees around homes and businesses.

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Bees can not only be a nuisance, but they can be potentially dangerous as well, with 80 to 90 percent of the feral hives in Santa Clarita estimated to be Africanized, according to Unipest officials. 

“‘Killer’ Africanized bees rank in the top three of North America’s most dangerous animals,” the Santa Clarita pest control experts said. “Thousands of people, pets and livestock have died or been injured from stepping into the wrong territory of an Africanized bee hive.” 

Unipest offers eco-friendly beehive removal options tailored to the type of hive, with live removals available for European Honeybee hives and extermination options for Africanized hives.

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“There is a lot more to eco-friendly beehive removal than just showing up and spraying,” Unipest officials continued. “The name of the game is hive removal and locating the exact area the hive is in. To do this, we have all kinds of tools at our disposal.”

Experienced and knowledgeable Santa Clarita pest control experts from Unipest can often locate a hive through a simple visual inspection or by using a visual scope, while hives hidden behind walls can be located using thermal imaging scopes.  

“Once located, we will cut the stucco or the drywall around the hive, remove it and then patch the area back together so you couldn’t even tell we were there,” Unipest officials said. “It is really that simple.” 

Those in need of beehive removal can contact Unipest for a free inspection today by calling 661-284-7575.

Ed. Note: This article is a KHTS Community Spotlight for Unipest.

The Santa Clarita pest control company Unipest is the premiere residential and commercial pest control company for Los Angeles County. If you’re looking for pest control in Santa Clarita or surrounding areas, Unipest prides itself on being your one-stop solution, and offers orange oil treatments, bee hive removal, fumigation, escrow inspections, removal of bed bugs, organic pest control and more. Unipest offers termite control in Santa Clarita as well. Residents and business owners looking for “pest control near me” or “termite control near me” are encouraged to call Unipest for immediate assistance.


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Santa Clarita Pest Control Company Offering Free Beehive Removal Inspection

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