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Carl Goldman Reflects On Experience After Over Two Months Of Quarantine: Part 36

After more than two months of quarantine — some on a cruise ship, some in a CDC hospital, and some within his own home — KHTS co-owner Carl Goldman is back with another installment of his Coronavirus Journals. The Guinness Book Of Records For Quarantines – DAY 68 (Sunday,  4/12/20) I’ve been quarantined for 68 days. The coronavirus stayed with ...

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April Fools’ Day Postponed To A Later Date

Carl Goldman’s Journal – Day 56 The coronavirus, COVID-19 has taken another toll. April Fools’ Day is officially postponed to a later date. With so many of us quarantined, businesses closed and over 2,500 deaths in the United States, April Fools’ would be in poor taste. In the past, KHTS has made April Fools’ Day an annual tradition. You may ...

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Carl Goldman Shares Coronavirus Story On ‘60 Minutes’ As Longest Quarantined American

Carl Goldman shared his coronavirus, COVID-19, story on “60 Minutes” as the longest quarantined American at over four weeks. 60 Seconds On “60 Minutes” – DAY 49 (Tuesday) On Sunday my CBS “60-Minute” interview with Anchor Bill Whittaker aired. It’s a good thing I didn’t have any popcorn by my TV. One kernel and I’d be done. The CBS crew ...

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9 Things Not To Do In Coronavirus Quarantine, Shared By Carl Goldman: Part 33

Carl Goldman - In Quarantine with his Pets

After more than a month in coronavirus quarantine, KHTS Co-owner Carl Goldman is offering Santa Clarita Valley residents some advice on what not to do during their quarantines. Back In The States With The Coronavirus – DAY 46 (Saturday) I now carry the record for being the longest American in quarantine with the coronavirus, COVID-19. I’m on day 46. We ...

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Carl Goldman Released After Another Negative Coronavirus COVID-19 Test: Part 30

Carl Goldman Coronavirus COVID19 Santa Clarita

Carl Goldman has tested negative once again for coronavirus, COVID-19, and is expected to return home to Santa Clarita. Back In The States With The Coronavirus – Day 40 (Sunday) I’m going home tomorrow. On day 40 of my coronavirus, COVID-19, quarantine, my doctor knocked on my door.  “It’s not the grim reaper,” my doc gleefully shouted. He smiled as ...

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Carl Goldman Receives First Negative Test For Coronavirus In COVID-19 Quarantine: Part 29

031520 Carl Coronavirus part 29

After nearly six weeks of quarantine in both Japan and  Omaha, Nebraska, KHTS Owner Carl Goldman has finally received a negative test for COVID-19 after nearly 30 days of positive tests. Back In The States With The Coronavirus – Day 38 & 39 (Friday/Saturday) On Saturday evening I received a blue Post-It Note. My first negative. Hallelujah! One down, two ...

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Carl Goldman Tests Positive Once Again For Coronavirus In COVID-19 Quarantine: Part 28

As coronavirus begins to have more of an impact on the day-to-day lives of Santa Clarita residents, KHTS Owner Carl Goldman has received yet another positive test for COVID-19 as he enters week six of quarantine. Back In The States With The Coronavirus – Day 37 (Thursday) “It’s the grim reaper.” My doctor handed me yet another positive Post-It Note. ...

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