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The Grocery Outlet Opens In Santa Clarita

The Grocery Outlet opened its first location in Santa Clarita early last month in Saugus on Plum Canyon near Whites Canyon Road. William Montona and his business partner, who happens to be his nephew, Alex, are the independent owners of the Santa Clarita store. “Grocery Outlet buys surplus items and passes it on to our customers,” explained Montona. There’s no ...

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Editorial: Very Little Known About New Stimulus Money For Santa Clarita Small Business

Income tax papers and calculator on desk

The Biden administration is expending major resources to get the word out on the COVID-19 vaccine, but little is known about additional protection for Santa Clarita small businesses. Starting July 1st, the Biden administration approved new stimulus funding for small businesses. Small businesses who were in areas of the country, such as Santa Clarita, where government orders affected business operations, ...

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Significant New Tax Breaks For Small Businesses

Santa Clarita business owners may be entitled to new stimulus money that is outside the PPP assistance and SBA loans. The American Rescue Plan (ARPA), passed in March 2021 and taking effect July 1, 2021, instructed the Secretary of the Treasury to issue refunds on payroll to businesses who have paid employees during periods their business operations were impacted by ...

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Editorial: Antisemitism In American Mainstream Media

A new low has hit our mainstream media and it is very frightening. Physical violence by American supporters of the Palestinians has broken out against American Jews this week in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and even Salt Lake City. Here’s the headline and story on the Fox news website. What is very scary is there is absolutely no mention ...

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Carl Goldman Reflects On Experience After Over Two Months Of Quarantine: Part 36

After more than two months of quarantine — some on a cruise ship, some in a CDC hospital, and some within his own home — KHTS co-owner Carl Goldman is back with another installment of his Coronavirus Journals. The Guinness Book Of Records For Quarantines – DAY 68 (Sunday,  4/12/20) I’ve been quarantined for 68 days. The coronavirus stayed with ...

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April Fools’ Day Postponed To A Later Date

Carl Goldman’s Journal – Day 56 The coronavirus, COVID-19 has taken another toll. April Fools’ Day is officially postponed to a later date. With so many of us quarantined, businesses closed and over 2,500 deaths in the United States, April Fools’ would be in poor taste. In the past, KHTS has made April Fools’ Day an annual tradition. You may ...

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Carl Goldman Shares Coronavirus Story On ‘60 Minutes’ As Longest Quarantined American

Carl Goldman shared his coronavirus, COVID-19, story on “60 Minutes” as the longest quarantined American at over four weeks. 60 Seconds On “60 Minutes” – DAY 49 (Tuesday) On Sunday my CBS “60-Minute” interview with Anchor Bill Whittaker aired. It’s a good thing I didn’t have any popcorn by my TV. One kernel and I’d be done. The CBS crew ...

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9 Things Not To Do In Coronavirus Quarantine, Shared By Carl Goldman: Part 33

Carl Goldman - In Quarantine with his Pets

After more than a month in coronavirus quarantine, KHTS Co-owner Carl Goldman is offering Santa Clarita Valley residents some advice on what not to do during their quarantines. Back In The States With The Coronavirus – DAY 46 (Saturday) I now carry the record for being the longest American in quarantine with the coronavirus, COVID-19. I’m on day 46. We ...

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