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Sunday Program Schedule

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12 AM to 5 AM

Red Eye Radio
Join hosts Eric Harley and Gary McNamara every night on Red Eye Radio. Each morning the hosts cover topics such as current world/national events, trucking regulations, preventative truck maintenance, driver safety issues, and geo-targeted local/regional news and weather.

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Speaking Out America5 AM to 6 AM

Speaking Out America
News and commentary on culture, race, sex and politics. The Host “JR” is an independent one-time idealistic John Kennedy little “D” democrat with strong conservative opinions based on Jesusonian values and principles.



6 AM to 6:30 AM

The Most Music Hour
All of your favorite music from yesterday and today.


Film Center 1256:30 AM to 7 AM

Film Center
In a world of celebrity gossip news, Film Center is a weekly podcast that’s about the facts. Hosted by writer-director Derek Johnson II (@derek.johnsonii) and actor Nicholas Killian (@nicholaskilliann) they talk about movies and TV in a way that’s informative and entertaining.


Rabbi And Reverend7 AM to 8 AM

The Rabbi And The Reverend
The Rabbi and The Reverend are Rabbi Daniel Cohen and Reverend Greg Doll. Two religions and two sometimes different approaches to everyday life, this one-hour program is a free-flowing, lighthearted conversation and call-in mixed with humor and wisdom on faith, family, life, and current events.


8 AM to 9 AM

Faith & Freedom Hour
Join Pastor Jerry Cook every Sunday morning for the Faith & Freedom Hour.


9 AM to 10 AM

Grace Baptist Sermon


Eric Metaxas Show10 AM to 12 PM

The Eric Metaxas Show
The Eric Metaxas Show offers compelling perspective on American culture, political life, and stories making news around the corner and across the globe.



12 PM to 2 PM

The Todd Starnes Show
Todd Starnes has revolutionized conservative talk radio. He’s an award-winning broadcaster and best-selling author. Todd’s three-hour show is a fast-moving combo platter of A-list guests, Calls from listeners, and compelling commentary.


2 PM to 4 PM

The Most Music Hour
All of your favorite music from yesterday and today.


WallBuilders Show4 PM to 6 PM

The WallBuilders Show
Join Tim Barton, David Barton, and Rick Green on The WallBuilders Show where they examine today’s issues from a Biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective.



6 PM to 7 PM

The Most Music Hour
All of your favorite music from yesterday and today.


Wayne Allyn Root Show7 PM to 9 PM

The Wayne Allyn Root Show
Wayne Allyn Root​, conservative media dynamo, best selling author, and a relentless patriot is bringing his popular talk program to USA Radio Networks and now your station.

Coast To Coast9 PM to 12 AM

Coast To Coast AM
Get news about the weird and bizarre on Coast to Coast AM from radio host George Noory.

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