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The Senior Hour – Proper Hydration – June 24, 2020

Senior Hour Podcast

If you or a senior you know needs help during this time, please do not hesitate to call the SCV Senior Center at (661) 259-9444. You can also visit their website by clicking here. They remain dedicated to doing everything they can to help while following the latest guidelines from the CDC and LA County Officials. Hosts: Dr. Gene Dorio ...

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Telemedicine Coronavirus Survivors’ Blood Used For COVID-19 Treatment

Carl Goldman - Polucki

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Quarantined for weeks, while more and more people on the ship became infected… Eleven of the passengers on the Diamond Princess died but our Carl Goldman and Jeri Seratti-Goldman survived. Carl Goldman 67 years old, with pre-existing conditions only had a fever for one day and a persistent cough for two weeks. But then he recovered ...

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Feel The Power Of PULSE Electromagnetic Field

PEMF stands for the PULSE Electromagnetic Field a new therapy to support injury repair and performance recovery. Recharge your life with PEMF.

Pulse Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise For Your Health. PEMF stands for the PULSE Electromagnetic Field that recharges cells in our bodies, and PEMF is now seen as important as eating raw foods and drinking water spiked with electrolytes. By Dr. Thomas Polucki With a pulse or short burst of PEMF, chronic pain and fatigue can finally be treated simply, ...

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How Santa Clarita Doctors Helped Reverse My Hearing Issues

I am completely deaf in my right ear. It’s not the best thing for a career radio guy. My hearing had been terrific for the first sixty-three years of my life, although if you asked my wife, Jeri, she’d say my listening skills have needed improvement for quite some time. Don’t miss a thing. Get breaking KHTS Santa Clarita News Alerts delivered ...

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Chiropractic Manipulation Scary But True

When pain is bad, a pretty smile can go a long way towards making you more comfortable about trying chiropractic for the first time. By Dr. Thomas Polucki Of course you want a doctor with confidence and good “bed side manner”. But if you still have the same problem after insurance or the pre-paid visits run out…Regardless of how much ...

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Medical Tourism: Get Better And A Vacation For Less

Medical Tourism is a growing trend of seeking medical attention in foreign countries while vacationing there. Actually it refers to going somewhere else for treatment for a lot less with the vacation as a bonus. By Dr. Thomas Polucki But this trend serves as yet another alarming development in the devolution of our healthcare system. Change can happen but it ...

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Exercise And Diet Could Not Move Fat On Thighs, But Fat Freezing Did

Exercise and diet could not move fat on thighs for KHTS owner Jeri Seratti-Goldman. But Fat Freezing Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki helped her lose inches. “Listen in” on a recent conversation. By Dr. Thomas Polucki Ever since I’ve known you, fifteen plus years, you always come to my exercise classes. Always doing my diets and yet you still have some ...

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Santa Clarita Chiropractor’s Confession: Don’t Get Your Neck Cracked

Santa Clarita Chiropractor’s Confession: Finally an insider’s look at chiropractic’s dirty little secret. First of all, you should not get your neck and back twisted and cracked regardless of how many of your friends think your chiropractor is dreamy. By Dr. Thomas Polucki Of course these inflammatory remarks fuel the fire for so many chiropractic haters. But some chiropractic prejudice ...

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Priorities – August 28, 2017

Get Better with Dr. Polucki

Hosts: Dr. Thomas Polucki and Toni Polucki Guest: Ellen Como Topic: Priorities Click Here to Listen! Get Better With Doctor Polucki – August 28, 2017 “It’s about priorities and making yourself a priority.” – Dr. Polucki Often times people make critical mistakes after being involved in serious things such as car collisions (“accidents” is not a term that even the LA County ...

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