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Amazing Facts About Natural Crystals

Crystals have long been the object of amazement of mankind since the dawn of civilization. Crystals are now part of our daily lives –  from sugar, salt, snowflakes, to gemstones. Crystals are valued for their beauty and luster in jewelry and are prized for their role as components in many electronic devices. Crystals have a discernable pattern and order that makes them a marvelous nature and science. Aside from being used as body ornaments, crystals are also believed to have spiritual and healing qualities. We’ll discuss more amazing facts about natural crystals as we go along.

Natural Crystals Come from the Ground

Natural crystals are extracted from the ground, where they are formed from the high temperature and pressure beneath the Earth. Advances in science and technology have allowed for crystals to be created under controlled conditions in laboratories.  Quartz, ruby, and diamond are crystals that many people know. These crystals can come in different colors, depending on chemical impurities in them. Table salt, though not formed underground, is another natural crystal that forms from two chemicals, sodium, and chloride and comes in a cube-shaped crystalline structure.

Natural Crystals Can Have Effects on Health

Quartz, amethyst, and citrine are commonly used as crystals for healing. Healing crystals are believed to have a calming, soothing and healing effect on the body. They are also believed to have a spiritual effect on some people. Amethyst has a soothing effect on the mind, can help relieve hangovers and also helps enhance your spirituality. Topaz is a popular healing crystal due to its many positive effects on the body. It helps aid in proper digestion, enhance metabolism, aid in stabilizing emotions and more. The color of the topaz crystal can also vary the healing properties of the crystal. Yellow topaz is associated with enhancing body processes while blue is associated with stress relief and mental clarity.

Crystals Have Extensive Use in Electronics and Medicine

Quartz is one of the most valued crystals in the manufacture of watches, radio equipment, and video equipment. It has a natural property called piezoelectricity, which is the ability to generate an electrical field.

Another valuable property of quartz as a piezoelectric crystal is its ability to produce sound waves. This property is much today in the field of medical imaging, particularly ultrasound. When pressure is applied to a quartz crystal, it generates an electrical field. Using the opposite application, applying electricity to a quartz crystal It will shift on its own and generate sound waves. These sound waves are at a higher frequency than audible sound which can go through the body and take images inside of it.

Natural Crystals Can be Found In Some Underwater Creatures

Woman holding crystalYes, you heard it right. Some creatures underneath the ocean are bearers of natural crystal. Aragonite is naturally produced by most mollusks and corals as a shell or endoskeleton. This natural crystal formation is the result of evolution and adaptation to living deep underwater and as a means of protection from predators. Aragonite is also used as a healing crystal to help improve memory, mental acuity, concentration and as a spiritual crystal for focus and meditation.

Crystals have been with us for a very long time. Their value and use have evolved over the years and improved many aspects of our lives. Not only are they used as fashionable and timeless jewelry they are also important parts of electronic and medical devices. Their natural tendency to react with chemicals in our body is one of the reasons why they are also treated as healing crystals. There is much to be discovered about crystals and they will be staying with us for a long time.

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Amazing Facts About Natural Crystals

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