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Get A Cartoon & Plant A Tree

A group of artists and designers from Seattle, WA have found a unique way to personalize gift giving. Kustom Gifts is a web-based shop that has dedicated its entire business to creating thoughtful and well-designed gifts by turning personal photos into intricate and entertaining cartoon drawings. Customers make their selection from a variety of popular cartoons such as Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, and Bob’s Burgers to name a few. Once an order has been placed on their website, buyers receive an email from the Kustom Gifts team to which they can reply with their own photo. The artists will then reference the photo you provide them with to create a digital custom cartoon portrait. With the holiday season quickly approaching, these portraits would make an amazing gift for someone – they are fun, well-drawn, and are guaranteed to be a hit, especially with cartoon fans!

The whole premise of the shop alone is already very unique but, what makes this specific shop even more special is their social mission: one cartoon, one baby tree. Kustom Gifts has partnered up with an environmental non-profit organization called One Tree Planted that focuses on global reforestation. For every cartoon sold on the Kustom Gifts website, a  portion of the customer’s money is donated to this non-profit organization. On their website, Kustom Gifts creators highlight the importance of becoming agents of change within our own communities. What may seem like a small donation is actually an important catalyst for change.

Contributing to such an important cause is such a valuable and essential message to be leaving your customers with. By partnering with a non-profit organization with such an important global mission, not only do they provide feel-good gifts but, Kustom Gifts also involves its customers in creating a positive impact on the world. It opens up valuable and essential conversations such as climate change and the significance of taking action before it’s too late. It empowers people to make a change and educates them on important issues that sometimes don’t get enough attention from the media.

The designers at Kustom Gifts have mentioned on their website that reforestation is an integral part of their business model. They have chosen to partner with one of the largest and most recognized tree-planting organizations to raise awareness on the importance of restoring our trees and forests around the globe. Sometimes, it seems like people need to be reminded that trees are a vital part of our planet. Trees clean the air that we breathe, help filter our water, provide habitat for millions of animals, and most importantly, they help cool our planet. Due to deforestation and disasters like forest fires, the number of trees has started dwindling compared to the numbers from just a few years ago. Now more than ever, reforestation initiatives like One  Tree Planted have become a crucial part of saving our planet from an imminent decline and restoring what we have lost.

It’s so important for small businesses like Kustom Gifts to be spreading a positive message to their buyers. They are proof that no project is too big and no donation is too small if we all band together and work to achieve the same goal. Back in 2014 when One Tree Planted was born, its goal was to be able to plant 20,000 trees. Now, with the help of many businesses around the world just like Kustom Gifts, One Tree Planted was able to get 4 million trees in the ground in 2019. They were able to plant trees in 18 countries across 4 global regions and were able to restore over 30,000 hectares of land.

If you are in need of a one-of-a-kind gift to give to your family, friend, or significant other this holiday season, consider getting your picture drawn by Kustom Gifts artists! Not only will you be getting a vibrant and beautiful piece of artwork, but you will have also contributed to a mission to save the planet. This special and unique piece of art will show your loved one that you’ve put a lot of thought and personal touches into their gift and it will be a memento that will last you both a lifetime!

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Get A Cartoon & Plant A Tree

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