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Teenagers Are Finding Needed Support At Elevations RTC

A challenge that many family members face when looking for a residential treatment center for teenagers involves finding the right fit. So many places look great at first glance but don’t provide well-rounded support in all aspects of life. Elevations RTC, a residential treatment center with a campus located in the greater Salt Lake City area, has shown in recent years how beneficial the right fit can be for struggling teens.

More and more families are counting on trusted residential treatment centers that can help get their loved ones on the right track. It can be challenging to say goodbye temporarily to a loved one as they travel to the campus in Utah but getting the needed support from experts as well as peers is greatly beneficial in the end.

Experts in the industry

Every student arrives on campus with their own set of emotional and medical challenges. In a traditional educational setting, there might not be people on staff capable of handling these unique situations for students. Everyone on the staff at Elevations RTC has the students’ care and comfort in mind. Students must trust the staff surrounding them to make progress towards a better life. Elevations RTC is full of approachable teachers, specialists, and others that are ready to help by providing quality care and assistance.

The first step upon arrival is an assessment during admissions. This is to set a baseline for where a student stands, and what type of treatment makes the most sense during the following months. A weekly follow up with each student helps track progress. Having this level of support and striving for certain goals can be the exact thing missing in a traditional educational format.

For any out of the ordinary situations that might pop up, there is access to nursing twenty-four hours a day as well as a PA and the psychiatric team including Child Adolescent Psychiatrist and Psychiatric APRN. They are aware of the unique needs of certain students, allowing for quicker treatment and results if support is needed.

A traditional school might claim to offer this type of attention, but only a residential treatment center works with every single student like this. Having staff members with years of experience makes them invaluable in getting each teenager what they need.

An additional family

The goal at Elevations RTC is never to replace the traditional family, but rather to create a new one within the campus. To do this, there is a balance of allowing students to interact and learn from each other while also keeping the family back home engaged.

Class sizes at Elevations RTC are kept small, teacher instructed and also able to offer individual support. Working in small groups allows for more attention from teachers. Stronger bonds are formed between those who match up well and are close to the same level from an academic perspective. Creating social bonds goes beyond the classroom, as everyone on campus retires to the residential halls and takes part in activities around campus that allow for socializing.

Every person enrolling is striving for positive results, and there are few better to bond with than someone else of the same age who is also going through challenges. Having the opportunity to create real friendships in a short time is possible thanks to the campus atmosphere. Students get the chance to work on school projects together, pursue a passion outside the classroom, and talk about life in general during downtime with their peers. Graduates often stay in contact with those they grew close to during their time at Elevations RTC. Creating a bond that can last a lifetime can help in ways teenagers can never understand at the time.

While students are fully immersed in campus life, there is still an opportunity for family back home to stay engaged. Families have the chance to talk with their teens weekly, giving them the chance to be hands-on from far away. Every teacher is open to phone calls and video chats to provide detailed information on progress and other important updates. There are even opportunities for the families of current students to get together in video meetings to talk to experts and get a better idea of everything happening on campus. This roundtable type of discussion is an excellent way for families to connect with others who might have similar questions or concerns.

Getting ahead instead of falling behind

Where a lot of residential treatment centers fall short is on the academic side of campus life. The focus at Elevations RTC is going beyond the minimum effort, getting teenagers ready to transition back home after their time on campus. It is one thing to make progress while on campus, but if that progress goes away shortly after returning home to a traditional school setting, it is not an effective method.

From the very first week on campus, it is all about creating healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Being on campus means that days are structured and school schedules mimic traditional ones. Students have their own set of responsibilities as part of the community to make their contribution. If they fail to come through with their tasks, they are letting the entire community down.

Outside of the classroom, there are numerous extracurricular activities for students to pursue passions that might potentially lead to career opportunities. Getting a chance to pursue a passion and not be intimidated in doing so helps out tremendously.

How the little things add up at Elevations RTC

Small factors are what make a big difference at Elevations RTC. Having that extra bit of support might not seem like much initially, but graduates have pointed out that they felt confident and fully supported while on campus. Just a bit of a boost can go a long way towards students making the progress they want. Ultimately, that is the goal of any residential treatment center, and that certainly is the case at Elevations RTC.

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Teenagers Are Finding Needed Support At Elevations RTC

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