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CHP Officer Greengard speaks to 'Safety Town' campers

‘Safety Town’ Kids Summer Camp Hosts CHP Guest Speaker

Over 30 children participating in the camp Monday morning at North Park Elementary School explored a police cruiser and heard from an officer of the California Highway Patrol.

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Officer Joshua Greengard, PIO for the California Highway Patrol, spoke to the campers about the importance of personal safety, as well as the role of law enforcement in local communities.

“If you get a good (trusting) foundation with the kids, they trust the police that are in their area, and it just builds upon that,” Greengard said. “Hopefully, we continue with (Safety Town) for years to come.”

Hosted by the Santa Clarita Optimist Foundation, Safety Town is a five-day safety education and awareness summer camp for young children ages 4 and a half to 6 years old, according to the Foundation’s website.

“We really want to empower our young friends… to not be afraid of an emergency and to stay calm because they have already practiced what to do in the event of an emergency,” said Carrie Celaya, director of the Safety Town program.

The camp stresses the importance of practicing what to do if a child is in an emergency situation.

“We work on practicing their phone numbers, address, name, how to call 911, and what to do in emergencies,” Celaya said.

Children in the camp have the opportunity to to play, learn, and practice essential safety skills.

“Every day, along with watching our (professional) visitors, we have Smokey the Bear come, we play with the fire hoses, see the sheriff cars, have an American Red cross puppet show that’s comes and talks about earthquake safety,” Celaya said. “Then the campers do two arts and crafts activities everyday relating to the topic of safety for the day.”

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There is also a miniature, fully functioning city called “Safety Town.”  

Built to the scale of children, the model town features crosswalks, stop signs and a variety of other real-world structures.

The camp is run by credentialed teachers, staff and volunteer teen counselors.

To learn more about the Safety Town experience, click here.

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‘Safety Town’ Kids Summer Camp Hosts CHP Guest Speaker

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