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Six Flags Magic Mountain Hosts Second Annual Holiday In The Park

For the second year, Six Flags Magic Mountain will be hosting the Holiday in the Park event, bringing holiday decorations and food to the park.

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This year, the park has expanded the festivities, adding more lights and activities to the seasonal lineup.

The park’s holiday attractions will be open to the public on the weekend of Dec. 12-13, 2015 and will be open every day from Dec. 19 through Jan. 3, 2016 except for Christmas day.

The park square, located just inside the main entrance, is the first area to be lit up for the season, with lights strung up in every tree and snow being blown down for guests to enjoy.

Other areas of the park have also undergone holiday decoration.

“The entire DC Universe area is lit up,” explained Sue Carpenter, spokeswoman for the park. “The lights are synced to music as well.”

In the comic book themed zone, there are 48,637 lights, according to contract light designer Zach Moore.

These lights blink on and off to music throughout the area, which plays every few minutes.

Below is a video of the DC Universe lights in action.

Moore said that this year’s decoration was a large step up from last year.

“We have meetings where we just come up with ideas to make it bigger and better,” he said. “The holiday cheer is great here.”

As well as the decorations, new food and beverage items have been prepared for the event.

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Patrons can enjoy new food such as the mac-n-cheeseburger, which contains bacon and mac-n-cheese, or try out the “holiday in a dog”, which combines a turkey hot dog with stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Holiday mugs are also returning, and guests can purchase a mug for the night that will allow them to fill up with hot chocolate throughout the park for the duration of their stay.

For adult guests, the Full Throttle Sports Bar has special holiday offerings as well in the form of holiday eggnog and a special on-tap brew from local brewery Wolf Creek.

In front of the Cyber Cafe, there is another new attraction in the form of marshmallow roasting pits, where guests can make their own s’mores to stave off the winter nights.

Park publicist Connie Lujan is excited by the new culinary additions to the festivities.

“It’s a new event, so we’re starting to make it bigger every year. This year we added some more fun foods,” she said. “It’s something that we want to grow every year.”

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Six Flags Magic Mountain Hosts Second Annual Holiday In The Park

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