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Deputies Investigating Alleged Assault Involving Hart District Students

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station deputies are investigating a reported assault after an online video showed a group of alleged Hart district students beating up another student on the Valencia High campus Friday.

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The video of the alleged incident shows as many as seven high school-aged boys punching and attacking another student.

The video was posted on social media shortly afterward, prompting concern from community members.

“It’s an active investigation that we have been working on for a few days,” said Deputy Josh Dubin of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station. “The school resource deputies are aware of the situation and the investigation is ongoing. At this time, we are not releasing any further information.”

Hart district officials said they could not comment on any specific details of the fight or if any disciplinary action had been taken, but did confirm no students were seriously injured in the attack.

School district officials released the following statement regarding the incident:

“Valencia High School and district officials are aware of the alleged fight that took place after the football game on Friday evening at VHS. The district takes alleged incidents like this very seriously and the safety of our students is our number one priority. This case is currently under investigation by school and district officials, as well as local law enforcement, and any students determined to be in violation of district policies or Education Code will be disciplined appropriately.”

A petition called “Remove the assailants from the team,” was posted after the incident, and had collected more than 1,100 signatures by Wednesday afternoon.

The author addressed the petition to Valencia High School and Valencia Baseball, “because they assaulted my good friend, who is also a kindhearted and upstanding citizen.”

School officials said privacy concerns prevented them from commenting on any of the allegations made.

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Deputies Investigating Alleged Assault Involving Hart District Students


  1. Get the facts before continuing spreading rumors…it was never 7-1 and you don’t have the original video of how this started…the “attacked” student was actually instigating a brawl…get your facts!!!

    • I agree with you on the last post. Just like “Bryan Stow’s” beating at Dodger Stadium he got what he deserved for instigating a fight. “Right?”

      • Ok so if this was your child you would be fine with it? Rumor? There was video. Regardless of who started this…get real…..I’m guessing you are a Valencia parent…way to go….you guys should be proud.

        • Hey there, I think you missed the point. I referenced Bryan Stow’s case as an example of what should not be tolerated! We should not wait to do something until someone gets seriously hurt..these teenagers should be held accountable for their actions.. No matter who they are …

    • Really
      The video clearly differentiates a “rumor” from a “fact”, no matter what the student(s) said to instigate this attack as you put it. It does not change the fact that 7on1 or 3 on 1 they were still COWARDS. They deserve to get kicked out of Valencia and go to Bowman to show just how tough they really are.

    • Are you all that out of touch with reality? Were there no fights when you were kids? After it was over, each went their own way. nowadays you get an out of context clip and everyone wants to cry “victim”. welcome to the sorry state of our country. In actuality, when put in context, the Valencia guys were outnumbered. In addition, it was not the JV Team. 1 player involved was. It just doesn’t show on the video. Neither side is right, however, the kid is not a victim. he and his friends had been bullying the younger sophomores for a week. leave it to the media to sensationalize something that isn’t what it appears. shame on his dad for going to the media. wait until he finds out what his own kid was doing and was up to. he had already been told to leave the football game because he was either drunk or high, but instead he waited with his friends to confront the baseball teams that were cleaning up after the game…he swung first and his great “buddies” ran.

      • Oh, and FYI…there are tweets from the “victim” threatening the baseball kids saying he and his friends will be there Friday night to kick their a$$e$…”victim” really??

  2. This is all false evidence. Noone knows the full story of what happened other than people in the office. Baseball has recieved many death threats and was basically ganged up on at the game friday night. So i can honestly say that unless you know the full story you dont need to put anything on social media where anyone can see it and then judge others. We are all student athletes and this is affecting every single one of us.

    • I was a student athlete and played in college as well. Playing on a team is a privilege not a right. If death threats were received then that should have been addressed by the school and police. If you were ganged up on then you should have called the police. Assaulting this young man was a bad choice and a crime. Losing your privilege of playing on a high school team seems like a minimum punishment.

      • Agreed to this post immensely. You should know better than to assault another kid on or off camera. It doesn’t matter who started the fight. The school board and the police, who I know are almost ALWAYS on campus, should have been there to control the matter.

      • The police did become involved .

      • Well said, I fully agreed, wearing your school colors is an honor and must be earned. Bad choices are and will be bad choices anywhere and anytime. I see some parents here that don’t really see much wrong or inappropriate behavior. That is concerning but it does explain the actions of some of these young adults.

  3. I am under the impression that no one in this town has confidence in the Santa Clarita police department as well as the administration of the Hart School District . If for one second there was any indication that there was bullying going on it would have been identified by now. The schools have cameras the videos had to have been reviewed probably by several attorneys that are involved with the district. I think the truth will surface and there will be several people that will be unpleasantly surprised.

  4. Um, yeah, I call BS on “Team Pink”. Regardless of harassment or instigation; you don’t gang up on someone, beat them down and then post it online before you cry “victim”. If the these students felt that uncomfortable and harassed, then why were no other instructors brought in or charges filed? It kind of erodes the foundation of “your side of the story”.

    Moreover, if so many of you defending these punks are willing to go on to other media sites and say that “only part of the story” is known, then why aren’t you trying to post the whole story, or at least contact law enforcement or a supervisor at the high school in order to provide an account?

    You know who uses that same kind of logic and rhetoric to justify violence? Woman beaters, bullies and thugs. If you’re so interested in defending these guys, be adults and go to a supervisor or a police officer to give a statement.

    Otherwise, shut up and stop defending a group assault on an individual teenager. Maybe it isn’t the whole story, but that’s the video posted, and none of those little cowards is stepping up as of yet to provide solid info.

    Simple as that.

  5. Why can’t some people just cool their jets and wait for ALL the facts before makingjumping to conclusions?

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