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Santa Clarita Group To Host Talk On Preferential Treatment In Public Education

A Santa Clarita meeting will discuss ways to defeat a proposed amendment to allow preferential treatment of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in Californian public education.

Santa Clarita Valley residents will have an opportunity to speak out on an effort to provide preferential treatment in public education at a Valencia meeting this weekend.

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SCV Against SCA-5 intends to hold the meeting Sunday in Santa Clarita from 2-3 p.m. in opposition to Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 in the Albert Einstein Academy’s multipurpose room on 28141 Kelly Johnson Parkway.

SCA-5 proposes to allow preferential treatment in public education based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin, and was passed by the state Senate on Jan. 30.

It has not yet been acted on in the Assembly, according to the California Legislative Information website.

If passed by the Assembly, SCA-5 would be put to California voters as a referendum in the November elections.

Assemblymen Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita

38th District Assemblyman Scott Wilk, R-Santa Clarita, said he’ll oppose the bill when it comes to a vote.

“I’m opposed to (SCA-5) because I think entrance into college should be based upon merit, not based upon quotas,” Wilk said. “The global economy is shrinking because of technology, and we need to make sure the best and the brightest are getting those (university) seats so America can generate the technology we need to stay competitive.”

24th District Sen. Edward Hernandez, D-West Covina authored the effort and said the amendment will promote diversity in public education and create new opportunities for disadvantaged groups in California.

For more on Scott Wilk, click here

“We have nearly 20 years of history showing our campuses have become less diverse, and qualified high school graduates are being overlooked and ignored as a result of the failed experiment that is Proposition 209,” Hernandez said in a news release. “SCA 5 will give voters the opportunity to have a new discussion about how we best ensure our colleges and universities reflect the diversity of our state.”

Sen. Edward Hernandez, D-West CovinaIn 1996, Proposition 209 prohibited the state of California from discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting, according to the Secretary of State’s website.

The bill aims to amend the state constitution and eliminate the prohibition on discrimination or preference in the operation of public education, according to the bill’s legislative counsel’s digest from Dec. 3.

Sen. Steve Knight, R-Antelope Valley, voted no on the amendment, according to the California Legislative Information Website.  

The amendment won’t pass through the Assembly as easily as it did in the senate, Wilk said.   

 “It is a constitutional amendment that requires a two-thirds vote to pass, and I’ve gotten scores and scores of letters in opposition to SCA-5,” Wilk said. “There was no pushback on the Senate side, but there will be on the Assembly side.”

SCV Against SCA-5 hopes to expand its ranks this weekend and further develop their goals for combating the bill, said Jinghong Li, the group’s coordinator.

“This weekend we hope more people will join us to discuss the status of SCA-5 and to remind people to take action because this bill is not dead, yet,” Li said. “ The best thing we can do is contact Assembly members, especially Asian-American democrats, because the bill is going to the Assembly and if we can have several democrats voting ‘no’, it will fail.”

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Santa Clarita Group To Host Talk On Preferential Treatment In Public Education

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  1. UC Berkeley simply has too many Asian students. The city is forting the bill and the University is allowing too many Asian students on its dime. I think most Asian students see the problem and know that at some level they are stealing the education of a native Californian’s but out of greed and fear they just want to push it to the max. It’s not rocket science. Berkeley has a safe shelter and laws that protect political asylum, so if you come from China which 90 percent do, they will never be deported so they work like war criminals to gain Cal entrance and citizenship. High school is not teaching real life misery like China. Most Californian students and American applicants are not aware of this political problem with immigration. Stanford and Harvard and NYU have fair demographics. Meaning, it has a handle on Asian admissions and the community. Most schools have a medical school so foreign students can give back. UC Berkeley rarely gets donations from the Indian and Asian students who graduate. I see them mostly taking from America, and Berkeley until the school goes bankrupt. There are so many homeless American’s since Ive moved from back here from NYC and I really do not see Asian builders supporting the hundreds of thousand Asian students who get the low income housing or out bid the original citizen’s of Berkeley or rather displace them on the street. While there are many great Asian students, staff and people in SF Bay Area, the problem is way out of control and it is clear why they left China. But why do we have to live like this because of UC’s lack of control and understanding of this matter? Harvard does not have large 30,000 or more Chinese students taking most of the campus resources. Why is Cal allowing this now? It can no longer be tolerated and ignored. We just can’t afford anymore Asian students at Berkeley because its just too un American and bad for the community to do so. The other problem is why American’s cannot compete with student’s fleeing from China’s human rights issues. College students in America don’t have to live like most really poor Asian in China who see Cal as hitting the lotto. Some applicants who escape could get shot from Chinese police for small infractions. And finally, UC Berkeley needs a medical school. We can’t compete or help the community or do great stem cell and Stanford type experiments and Billion dollar fundraising if we don’t have a medical school on Berkeley’s campus or a music performance based medical therapy unit. We are lacking in schools and closed so many of UC Berkeley’s schools like the Dental School which did serve the community. If the community within Cal and outside of Cal saw Asian students really giving back to the community instead of exploiting a broken admissions office, then maybe things would be less tense. But it is a huge problem having the ratio of Asian students and so few other cultures around. It is far worse than the media describes or Cal statistics show. Growing up in Berkeley and attending UC Berkeley pre-school and mostly Berkeley schools and UC Berkeley undergrad, I see there is an unnatural amount of Asian students and it is really Un American and hurts the system because they didn’t grow up here but latched on to a sick admissions policy that waivers and can’t really function like Harvard’s. UC Berkeley and the city are very far off and the only bridge I see being built to help these huge problems are to build a Billion dollar medical school and try to change the demographic back until we can handle the problems China is throwing on our city. We cannot solve China’s population problem and really need to change the amnesty and illegal immigration laws and deport a lot of these illegal immigrants that Cal cannot afford to house. If other Asian students and staff or faculty want that then they need to see how it is hurting the families who are now displaced in the Bay Area and go to fight China. Because of this controversy and really greedy Asian influx of militant Asian networks we have to act fast to divert more illegal and undocumented student rally’s. I don’t know any Berkeley students who want to go to China or Mexico and live there. It is an unequal exchange. I also question how much the Chinese alumni or Indian really give back to Cal. Most of them hang up when I ask for money or say they give back to China. So we really can’t ignore this anymore and I like a lot of Chinese visitors and people but what’s really going on here is not Rockefeller’s International House it’s just Asia House! Its a super crowded University with mostly Asian students and its getting worse. Its just not the place I grew up, there’s little peace here and its too challenging having an American identity in the midst of 30 million Asian students to 1 American. They mostly speak Chinese and withhold clubs and jobs from the American students. It is beyond disappointing, and while I do not advocate Cal to never admit anymore Asian’s, this is not working, we have to draw a moratorium on Asian admissions now and get tough there is a problem and its getting worse by the second, and have the system needs to make sense and heal its community again. Most of the buildings are paid for so why can’t we start interviews and raced based decisions. Sorry but there’s abuse here so I think every applicant should be federally audited until Cal is back to a middle ground demographic of at least 50 percent American non -Asian and 50 percent International where Asian countries are allotted zero until the campus diversifies with non-asian applicants, imposters, etc. This is just bad policy propositions and wild California leadership. I know deep down many Asian students know that there making unfair loophole. They sense that something wrong is happening but they don’t care and can’t care. They do not have empathy for the American Cal non-Asian applicant when millions of dollars and power stems from Cal. Here at Cal they feel a false sense of entitlement. They know its going to change and they will have to leave Berkeley because China would never do anything for America like Berkeley has done for China. Meaning, its clear American students would never be allowed to take over a Chinese University and town if China was the UC Berkeley admissions office and China is not
    like silicon valley and we don’t want to live there or raise one child. China would probably have its military launch on us if all American’s in great numbers went there and tried to beat the system of education and immigration. China would never tolerate this and would quickly deport. Why is it so difficult and how did we get this far out in admitting so many foreign students over California residents?? I really am having an identity crisis from this backward lash of student body. While nobody wants a show down what can we do besides vote for Trump and send them back? It is soon out of reality here at Cal!Worse is people are afraid to talk about this issue. Its really raw for me because I see Berkeley in a real rut with all the excuses of why this happened to Cal, and why its going on and on. I am not complacent on this issue because i have fresh eyes and I hope you out there can think of a humanitarian way to build Berkeley up and use some of this for change. I don’t see why Asian democrats would fight the change, clearly they see the greed and disservice Cal has been to its own people by allowing so many Asian’s in. Again its really simple. You admit one by one and no more Asian students at Cal until whites and blacks return to the campus, graduate and have their chance now that Asian came and evaded the colleges and city. It not up for debate. Any fair Chinese or Asian person sees the same problems and if they are honest won’t fight this because they too can see the problem and know there’s too many Asian’s at Cal and its unfair and not right. I can feel that they know they got over and there’s a loop hole and we want our campus back and for seats to be numbered for various other white and black and hispanic and non-Asian, Indian groups because my founding fathers created Berkeley not for Asian’s but for whites and blacks who built America. We tried allowing so many Asian’s because of test scores or what ever and its not working for the American system now so its going to stop and we will have to vote for measures that restore our communities and defeat the problems that exist with way too many Asian’s who shouldn’t be just coming to America at age 9 and trying to dominate our top public schools and cities. We have to reserve spots like Harvard does and other private schools because this is a bad example over the last 25 years of changing cities like Berkeley and its educational institutions to all Asian. My physics instructor at Berkeley High said if all Chinese people decided to jump it would tilt the earths axis. He was really old but right. China has a huge population problem and Berkeley activist wanted to bring poor Asians into Cal to save them but it just went to far and now those mostly white activists are getting computer hacking problems and turned on by Asian networks who don’t give back but probably give our secrets to China and or just don’t care about American’s and they propagate lies about how much smarter they are when its much more than that when their entire village survival depends on UC admissions. We just can’t act like we can afford other countries to sell us out and beat us out of our land. We need stronger anti-drug laws and anti-UC policies that allow millions of Asian’s instead of White and Black Students. And these students need to feel organized and supported like the Asian’s who have been here now for 3-10 years. I want to be Asian too if I can fool and pool resources from UC and avoid a worse country. But reality is every one has to give back and protect education for the citizens who are generations of Berkeley and they should get a leg up because their families either US military or generations of tax payers lived here before admissions were radically pro Asian. and gives to new Asian comers even if they work harder or establish military tactics because of escaping forces in China. Its not our kids or communities fault so why is UC not getting the message sooner before all this need based and pro this or anti race that… the bottom line is Asians’s are steeling the system and it needs to stop and go back to the 1960’s or 70’s where lots of students mostly American were putting in dues for their kids.

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