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The Great California Shakeout Drill Prepares Millions

Millions of Californians, including Santa Clarita residents, participated in the annual Great California Shakeout drill hosted on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 10:17 a.m.

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The largest earthquake drill in America was given quake safe tips prior to the drill and communities statewide took cover under a table or desk and held on during the shakeout.

Since earthquakes are common in California, practice drills and safety tips are important to know in order to reduce serious injuries and devastating results due to a natural disaster.

Statewide precautions included the drop, cover and hold on drill along with other quake-safe tips that could save lives during the event of an earthquake.

In order to prevent an earthquake from causing major devastation, millions of residents and workers in California must be aware of the potential hazards and how to react quickly.

Over 37 million Californians are at risk of being affected by an estimated two to three minute long earthquake.

The more prepared people are the less catastrophic an earthquake would be in this state.

Great California shakeout drills are held annually to prepare people in their homes, schools and organizations.

Preparations and awareness gave Californians the opportunity to practice and improve their reactions during an earthquake.

Educating residents on preparedness reminds people that California is at high risk for the quake to happen within their lifetime.

The shakeout drill was based on the original shakeout scenario from 2008 based on a possible 7.8. magnitude earthquake.

According to Shakeout.org,

“the ShakeOut Scenario estimates this earthquake will cause over 1,800 deaths, 50,000 injuries, $200 billion in damage and other losses, and severe, long-lasting disruption. The report has regional implications and is a dramatic call to action for preparedness.

Unless we take action today, there will be major losses of life and property. The ShakeOut has been organized to help raise awareness as well as help Californians prepare for the big earthquakes in our future.”


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Quick Quake-Safe Tips

  • Practice the “drop, cover and hold on” earthquake safety action with children. By getting under the nearest table or desk or against an interior wall, covering your head and neck and holding on (even if it is just to your head and neck), potential earthquake victims can reduce their risk of injury.

  • Prepare a 72-hour emergency kit that includes food, water, first-aid supplies, a battery operated radio, prescription drugs and a flashlight. This is a good idea for any disaster.

  • Ensure your house is bolted to its foundation and have your chimneys, roofs and walls checked for stability.

  • Secure your water heater and major appliances, including any tall or heavy furniture, mirrors, bookcases, computers and picture frames.

  • Know the safe areas in each room, such as under a sturdy table or desk or against interior walls.

 Hear the podcast with Mayor Bob KellarNeighborhood Watch – October 17, 2013

Go to http://shakeout.org/california/whyparticipate/ to watch a video on the drop, cover and hold on drill.

For 7 steps on how to prepare before, during and after an earthquake visit http://earthquakecountry.org/sevensteps/.

The Santa Clarita community should tune-in to KHTS AM 1220 on a battery powered radio for help as emergency personnel will be in contact with valley residents.


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The Great California Shakeout Drill Prepares Millions

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