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Fatal Collision

One Killed, One Injured In Head-On Sierra Highway Crash

One person was killed Tuesday morning as a result of a head-on Sierra Highway crash, officials said.

Around 6:20 a.m. Tuesday, first responders received reports of a head-on traffic collision on Sierra Highway near Penman Road in Acton, said Officer Eric Priessman with the California Highway Patrol Newhall Area Office.

“It came out as a traffic collision with persons trapped,” said Austin Bennett, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

When crews arrived on scene, they reported that one person was trapped, Bennett said.

“Two trauma patients were transported to the hospital,” Bennett said.

However, one of the parties transported, described as an elderly male, later died at an area hospital, Priessman said.

As of Tuesday morning, the fatal crash is still under investigation and the identity of the decedent is unknown, according to CHP officials.

Ed. Note: This is a breaking news story, more information will be added as it becomes available.

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One Killed, One Injured In Head-On Sierra Highway Crash


  1. I see this everyday going to work from SCV to Palmdale . Drivers from the AV area not respecting the rules of the road and crossing over double yellow lines. I have had to go into the dirt on the shoulder to avoid a head on due to an a$$hole doing a unsafe pass. Hopefully the deceased caused the accident and if not then the other driver should be held accountable after this investigation. Glad I went into work early today

    • Totally agree with everything you had to say Trevor, I myself was driving over Davenport road on my way to aqua dulce when some idiot past me throwing about I’d say 70 miles an hour and honest to God right before a curve so thankful no one was coming our way! Not sure what is up with those AV drivers but have had a lot of instances on Sierra highway as well. I have lived here for over 45 years and still am not used to all this traffic and crazy crazy drivers! Thank you for your comment and stay safe!!

      • State route 14 is bad as well. Some of those drivers feel they’re entitled to drive as fast as they want, no matter what the road conditions are or traffic. I drive down to the SFV once every two to three months and those special drivers are driving at unsafe speeds that puts others around in grave danger as well as themselves. Some of them speeding anywhere from eighty to ninety mph. All it takes is that person to shut the 14 down.

        I worked 32 years in law enforcement and issued a lot of citations for unsafe driving even as a supervisor as well.
        I remember one stop of young driver coming off the 105 near LAX and speeding over 100 mph. It took me about a minute to catch up to her, when I did I couldn’t pull in behind her because my vehicle hadn’t slowed enough. I got her stopped and excuse was I’m late for work. I cited her for unsafe speed and sent her on her way.

  2. I hate reading stories like this…it seems that they are becoming “the norm” and it breaks my heart.

    • Unfortunately Shelly our state slaps people on the wrist even when they kill someone in a car accident. I lost a friend due to a unsafe driver. This person had a long history of tickets(cell phone, speeding ,moving volitions) in my opinion they should have had their license revoked. Crossing over double yellow lines going into on coming traffic is NO ACCIDENT it’s wreckless. I aspect bad drivers to continue as well as victims of bad drivers. The only way to solve this issue is to actually enforce law breakers and hold them accountable. I understand that people will still drive even if their license is revoked but at least the system is working to some point. Driving is a privilege its not a Right.

  3. The sheriff’s should be patrolling the “danger” areas more around Davenport, etc., but instead they sit behind the Backwoods Inn sign for easy pickings of COC students, etc. More cell phone tickets need to be issued all over!

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